No. 2. An Ordinance,
For the Preservation of health
in the City of St. Augustine,
by Major General Andrew Jackson,

Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas,
exercising the powers of the Captain-General
and of the Intendant of the Island of Cuba,
over the said Provinces,
and of the Governors of said Provinces respectively.

Ordinances, by Major General Andrew Jackson

Section I
That every vessel arriving between the first day of June, and the last day of October, in each year, from any port
between the Equator and thirty-three degrees North latitude, shall be brought to at such point as the Board of Health
may direct, and there perform a quarantine of twenty-four hours at least, and as much longer as the Health-officer and
Board of Health may deem necessary; not exceeding forty days.

Section II.
That there shall be established a Lazaretto, at such point as the board of health may direct, for the accommodation of
the sick, under such regulations as the board of health may from time to time establish; and that until the Government of
the United States shall establish a public Ware-house at such Lazaretto, the cargoes, or such part thereof, as the
Health-officer and Collector of the port of St. Augustine may deem necessary, shall be stored under the direction of
such officer as the board of health may direct.

Section III.
That the Quarantine Grounds shall be established within such limits as the board of health may direct; and that any
person or persons belonging to, or having had communication with any vessel or vessels under quarantine, who shall
pass those limits, without permission first had and obtained from the resident Physician, or health officer, shall forfeit
and pay the sum of one hundred dollars, and be imprisoned in the common jail for a term not exceeding six months.

Section IV
That for the more effectually guarding against the introduction of disease, there shall be established a Board of Health,
which for the present shall consist of an officer to be appointed and called the Resident Physician, and the Mayor and
Aldermen of St. Augustine, (over whom the Resident Physician shall preside,) who are by this Ordinance authorized to
make, and from time to time alter, such laws and regulations as they may deem necessary to ensure the health of the

Section V.

That there shall be a Health-Officer appointed, and stationed at such point as the Board of Health may direct, whose
duty it shall be to board every vessel bound inwards, to see that the provisions of this Ordinance, and all such
regulations as the Board of Health may make, are strictly complied with; and to report from time to time, as occasion may
require, to the Board of Health.

Section VI. That such allowances shall be made to the Resident Physician and Health-Officer, (all their services
included) as shall not exceed one dollar and one half for each person on board of each vessel, to be regulated and
determined by the Mayor of St. Augustine, who is authorized to receive from every vessel, the cargo of which it may be
necessary to land and store, such other, and further sums, as may be necessary to cover all expences incident to the

Pensacola, July 19, 1821
Andrew Jackson
Governor of the Floridas, &c. &c. &c.

W. G. D. Worthington,
Secretary, & c. for East-Florida,
St. Augustine, August 20, 1821

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