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Petition Seeking
Arrest of Randal, Ivan
and Stephen Merritt
Free Men of Colour
St. Augustine Florida
To the Hon the Mayor and corporation of the City of St. Augustine:

We the undersigned inhabitants of St. Augustine, being aware that there is often a want of
sufficient legal authority to enforce all the precautions necessary to his observed for the Safety of
Communities, in a time of public danger; and convinced from recent occurences sufficiently
notorious, that the free colored persons known as Randal, Ivan and Stephen Merritt --
heretofore indited by a grand jury of the county for the offence, and fully convicted in the opinion
of the community, of having held a tratorous intercourse with the hostile Indians, have with
reckless deprevity, again engaged in this daring and criminal with our Savage enemies --- do
therefore recommend to your honorable body, that the above named persons be fortwith taken
into custody and that they be imprisoned and strictly guarded until they can be sent out of this
country a measure which we deem due to justice, and the safety of the city.

St. Augustine, 14 September, 1838

(More names than listed below but VERY difficult to read:)

Mr. Graham
M. Hanson
Andrew Anderson
John M Fontane
WH Withant
Antonio Alvarez
Ambrose Cooper
M. F. Johnson
John C Cleland
Pedro Benet
Edwin F. Sanchez
D. R. Dunham
Buckingham Smith
James Hernandez
Pedro Capella
John A Cavedo
Matthew Solara
Roger LEonardy
A. W. Andrew
Antonio Hernandez
Bartolo Solana
Joseph Llambas
John Hather
A J Noda
Philip Weademann
Michael Usina
John Dick
Antonio Ponce
Vicenti Pacetty
Antonio Bayer
Jose Benet
Edw Wise
Albert Rogers
Francis Gue
Andrew Papy
Philip Solana
John Usina
Edmond Walters
P. B. Dumas
Lawrence Andrew
Gasper Pappy
\George Creer
William Davis
Joshua Joyner
James Hurlbert
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