Letter to Lyndon Banes Johnson
from Robert Hayling and
Dr. Martin Luther King
June 10, 1964

Lyndon Banes Johnson Presidential Library
June 10, 1964 11:08 PM

St. Augustine Florida

The President

The White House

Dear President Johnson St. Augustine Florida Police stood by and watched as negroes marching peacefully were
brutally assaulted by white hoodlums this was the most complete breakdown of law and order since Oxford Mississippi
continous shootings received no attention from local state or Federal investigators negroes here live under constant
oppression and terror this situation deserves the full attention of your office America’s oldest city should not so pervert
the image of democracy before the world may be remind you of your promise to St. Augustine negro citizens during your
visit as Vice President to arrange some channel for redress of grievances this is needed now more than ever we merely
seek 1 desegration of public accommodations 2 hiring of policemen firemen and office workers by the city 3 a bi-racial
committee to meet continuing problems of the negro community 4 dropping of charges of unconstitutional arrest 5 hiring
through the city’s business life on the basis of merit not race we urge you Mr President to personally intervene in this
city to prevent possible loss of life and needless destruction of property.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Martin Luther King Jr
President Robert B. Hayling President of St. Augustine Chapter.
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