Telegram from Lee White
to Wyatt Walker
June 10, 1964

Lyndon Banes Johnsons Library
The White House

June 10, 1964

Mr. Wyatt Tee Walker
Executive Director
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Atlanta, Georgia

This is in reply to your telegram to the President regarding the visit to St. Augustine of Martin Luther King, Jr.   I have
this afternoon been advised that State Personnel adequate to maintain order in St. Augustine have been sent to that
City. FBI agents on the scene are under continuing instructions to provide up to the minute reports and any additional
information that you may have should continue to be made available to the Justice Department.

Lee C. White
Associate Special Counsel
to the President

cc: James Kynes, Attorney General, State Capitol, Tallahassee, Florida
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Wyatt T. Walker
Lee White
Counselor to
President Lyndon Johnson
James Kynes
Florida Attorney General