Lee G. White to President LBJ
July 15, 1964

LBJ Presidential Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
July 15, 1964

Memorandum for the President

Subject: St. Augustine

Burke Marshall reports that the situation in St. Augustine has become very tense. Establishments which admitted
Negroes following enactment of the Civil Rights Bill have been subjected to intimidation by white hoodlums believed to
be Ku Klux Klaners. For example, of seven restaurants retested on Monday of this week which had previously served
Negroes, five refused service claiming that they were afraid to do so.

An unconfirmed report received via the Civil Rights Commission indicates that Martin Luther King has called for a mass
testing in St. Augustine tomorrow night (Thursday).

Apparently only two State Troopers remain in St. Augustine, and requests to local police authorities by business owners
have gone unheeded.

Governor Collins does not wish to be involved in this problem because he has not been confirmed yet.

Burke has suggested that because of the contact I have had with Governor Bryant in the past, it might be well for me to
check with the Governor and express the concern that has been created. I believe that it is worth a call, but did not want
to do so without clearing with you first.

Lee G. White
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Lee White
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