Kirkside - Henry Flagler's House
38 Valencia Street
St. Augustine Florida
It's a good thing we don't throw away everything from old houses.  Unfortunately Kirkland was tore
down in the 1950s. The home was designed by Carerre and Hastings and built by McGuire and
McDonald. The home was built for
Henry Flagler and his second wife Ida Alice. The columns in the
picture are part of the Kirkside Apartments today in St. Augustine. However the name "Kirkside" lost
its importance with the placement of the columns.

Next to a scottish church ---- the house was beside
Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Kirkside was designed  
Carrere and Hastings and McGuire and MacDonald built the English
Renaissance (Georgian) Colonial home started in July 1892 and completed in March 1893 as a home
for Flagler and his second wife Ida Alice. It was a fifteen-bedroom home. Rooms were well furnished
and the salon was modeled after Versailles. The house was two stories painted white with green
blinds. The east wing of the house served as offices. The house was equipped with electric lighting.

Int the 1940s the home was leased to the University Foundation for night and correspondence courses.

Today the Corinthian Columns grace Kirkside Apartments.
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