Alexander Darnes
and General Kirby-Smith (CSA)
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This sculpture is located at the St. Augustine Historic Society Research Library.  It is the only sculpture
of a specific African American in St. Augustine. The bronze monument to Darnes and Kirby Smith was
dedicated in 2004

Dr. Alexander Darnes
Dr. Alexander Darnes was a slave of Kirby Smith who served as Kirby Smith's valet from 1855 through
the Civil War. After the Civil War, Kirby Smith provided funds so Darnes could go to Lincoln University,
then secure a medical degree. He began practicing in downtown Jacksonville in 1880 as Florida’s
second African-American doctor.  After the Dr. Darnes graduated he  became a medical doctor who
practiced in Jacksonville.

General Edmond Kirby Smith (CSA)
Edmund Kirby Smith was born at St. Augustine, Fla on May 16, 1824, the son of Joseph Lee  and
Francis Kirby Smith.. His boyhood house is the site of the St. Augustine Historical Society Research
Library. Confederate General Edmond Kirby Smith  was a West Point graduate (
military statue in the
U. S. Capitol). His early training was at Hollowels Preparatory Academy in Alexandria, Va. The
Floridian West Pointer (1845) nicknamed "Seminole" at the academy-had been posted to the
infantry upon his graduation and won two brevets in the Mexican War. He was breveted first
lieutenant, and captain for gallantry at Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo and at Contreras-Churubusco.

After the war (from 1849 -1852)  he was an assistant professor of Mathematics at West Point.

In 1855 he transferred to the cavalry and served until his resignation as major in the 2nd Cavalry on
April 6, 1861. He was wounded in 1859 fighting Indians in the Nescutunga Valley of Texas. When
Texas seceded, Smith refused to surrender his command to the state forces under Ben McCulloch.

He was made a CSA brigadier-general on the 17th of June 1861, and was wounded at the battle of
Bull Run. In command of the Confederate forces in the Cumberland Gap region Kirby Smith took
part in General Bragg's invasion of Kentucky in the autumn of 1862, and inflicted upon the Federal
forces a severe defeat at Richmond, KY, on the 30th of August; and was present at the battles of
Perryville and Murfreesboro (Stone River.)

He commanded the Trans-Mississippi Department after the fall of Vicksburg. He defeated Union
General Nathan P Banks in the Red River campaign. He was the last major army to surrender his
troops. It occurred on May 26, 1865 to Union General E.R.S. Canby.

After the war, he was from 1866 to 1868 president of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph company,
from 1868 to 1876 president of the Western Military Academy, from 1870 to 1875 chancellor of the
university of Nashville, and from 1875 to his death professor of mathematics at the University of the
South, Suwanee, Tennessee. He died at Suwanee on the March 28,  1893 and was buried on the
Photographer: Gil Wilson
Dr. Alexander Darnes
General Kirby Smith
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Dr. Alexander Darnes gravesite at
Jacksonville Old City Cemetery
Washington and Union Street
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