Rev. Joshua Nichols Glenn
(July 11, 1799 - 1879)
Methodist Missionary to St. Augustine
A Diary of Joshua Nichols Glenn gives a glimpse of the early history of the Methodist church (Bethel which later became
Trinity United Methodist) in St. Augustine

Rev. Glenn was a missionary to St. Augustine from April 8, 1823 through part of 1824. It is not know if he helped
organize Bethel or he had already found an established congregation in the city.

People he came contact with:
Thomas H. Penn
R. D. Jourohman
Squire Streeter
Dr. A. Guthrie
Sarah Gereez Green
Parson Andrew Fowler
Parson C. Feltch
N. Laney
Revd Mr. Frey
Capt Erving
Rev. J Summerfield
Dr. Richard Murray
Sr. Streeter
Eleazar Lathrop (organizer of the Presbyterian Church)
Rev. Wm. McWhir (organizer of the Presbyterian Church)
Wm G. Davis, St. Augustine City Marshal
James Riz, President of Board of Aldermen
Sarah Elvyra Davis
D. Floyd, U. S. Land Commissioner for East Florida and Treasurer of Territory of Florida
Waters Smith, U. S. Marshal and Mayor of St. Augustine
Judge William W. Blair, Superior Court of Florida and U. S. Land Commissioner
Mr. Elias Wallen, merchant and trustee of the Presbyterian Church, City tax collector and treasurer
Parson Mellis J. Motte, Episcopalian minister and missionary
Capt. Wm Levingston, Board of Pilotage and operated Union Hotel,
Dr. Wm McCoskey, physician and President of St. Augustine Board of Health
Dr. Wm Robinson

White Baptisms in St. Augustine performed by Rev. Glenn
April 10, 1823 Sarah Terecy Green, age 1
June 15, Jane Terecy Newcummer, Age 3
June 29, Sarah Elvyrah Davis, Age 1
July 12, Mary Ann McRay, Age 1 6/12
Sept 28, Emely Ann Garey, Age 7
Sept 28, Samuel Ann Garey, Age 4
Sept 28, Elizabeth Ann Garey, Age 2 6/12
Sept 28, Margaret Ann Garey, Age 1
Dec 19, Susannah Brown, Age 35
Dec 21, Margaret Lidia DuBose, Age 8
Dec 21, Elizabeth Dick DuBose, Age 5
Dec 21, James Lawrence DuBose, Age 5
Dec 24, Polly Lewis McRay, Age 28
Dec 24, William Lewis Simpson, Age 3
Dec 31, Sarah Ann Beal, Age 2/12
January 18, 1824 Robert Waterson, Age 1/12

Africian American Baptisms performed by Rev. Glenn
May 28,  Hannah. Age 45, Owner Burnell's - Penns
June 5, Hariette Ann Roberts, Age 4, Garey's - Gildy
June 5, Sarah Ann Roberts, Age 2, Garey's - Moses
July 20, Monday, Age 45, Smith's - Betty
July 20, Becky, Age 30, Smith's
Oct 5, Jack, Age 30, Smith's - Free
Oct 22 Tyrah, Age 28 DuBose'es - Ann
Dec 21, Adam, Age 40, Cook's
Dec 21, Amy, Age 25, Cook's
Dec 21, Hyder, Age 20, Campbell's
Dec 21, Harry, Age 30, Campbell's
Dec 21, John, Age 25 Campbell's
Dec 21, Cloe, Age 45, Campbell's
Dec 21, Judy, Age 20, Smith's
Dec 21, Lucy, Age 40, Ferrah's
Dec 21, Nancy, Age 30, Ferrah's
Dec 21, Rommanah, Age 25, Ferrah's
Jan 11, 1824, Jacob, Age 3, Ferrah's
Jan 18, Aley, DuBose's
Jan 18, Dolly, Age 14, DuBoses
Jan 18, Issac, Age 10, DuBoses

Marriages Performed by Rev. Glenn
July 7, David Ackley to Sally Hughes, St. Augustine
July 17, John Newcumer (
Picolata) to Francis S. Morgan, St. Augustine
December 24, William Allen to Ann Simpson, St. Augustine

Funeral Services Performed by Rev. Glenn
May 8, Colonel Charles W. Bulow
Sep 30 Dr. William Robinson (Masonic services)

Money Support Received from
The Young Mens Missionary Society of Savannah
Moses E. Levy
Hon J. L. Smith
Mr. Wm Smith
Mr J. Y. Garvey
Mr. S. Streets
Mr. J. M. Hanson
Mr. William R. Tabor
Mr. W. Levingston
Mr. W. G. Davis
Mr. Reuben Loring
Rev'd A. Turner, The P. E.
Mrs. E. Penn
Hon Wm P Duval
Mr. Robert D. Jourolman
Mr. John Drysdale
Mr. Gabriel W. Perall
Mr. Andrew Storrs
Mr. James P. Cotter,
Mr. J. DuBose
Benjamin Chaires
Dr. R. Murray
Mr. Dirk Fleischman
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