Joseph Pearson Greaves
Alcazar Hotel Manager
St. Augustine Florida
Joseph P. Greaves born in Brooklyn, New York and was eight years old when his parents moved West
and four years later he returned with them to New York. He attended public schools.

He began his career as a clerk in a broker's office on Wall Street, and afterward engaged for several
years as a traveling salesman for a New York house. He then became associated with the Manhattan
Beach Hotel Company of Long Island, controlling the Manhattan Beach and the Oriental Hotels, and thus
gained his first experience in a line of business in which he has since won distinction. After two years he
was made general auditor of the company.

Florida East Coast Homeseeker, 1908
To Joseph P. Greeves, manager of the popular Hotel Royal Palm, the whole trip was not only a delight,
but one of instruction. For years Mr. Greaves has been the popular manager of the Alcazar at St.
Augustine. He has been in Miami several times and has always had a kind word to say regarding the
Magic City; but this was his first visit to the country districts. From the time we crossed the Twelfth street
bridge until we crossed the Avenue D bridge on our return, it was a series of surprises, surprises, which
impressed his mind with the wonderful futre that awaits this southern part of the United States.

Joseph Pearson Greaves - Joseph Pearson Greaves was killed in an accident on Lexington Avenue
subway train in New York in July of 1928. The doors of the train had closed when Mr. Greaves toppled
from this seat. Passengers pulled the emergency cord and the conductor, Edward Vaugh, reopened the
doors. The motorman, John Fredericks, and the station master, Edward Durian carried Mr. Greaves to
the platform.

At the time of his death he was the manager of the Royal Palm Hotel in Miami. He had been connected
with the Flagler Hotel System since 1892. From 1897 to 1902 he was the manager of the
Alcazar Hotel.
. In 1907 he was appointed manager of the Royal Palm. During the summer he also managed the
Oriental and Manhattan Beach Hotels, at Manhatten Beach, until they were demolished. Lately he had
managed the Hotel Champlain, Buff Point, N. Y. during the summer.

Mr. Greaves was an enthusiastic yachtsman and sailed his own sloop, the
Osana (a 25  foot yacht), with
the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. He was also a golfer winning
a silver cup in 1900 in St. Augustine at a
"Links" tournment. He had a country home at Spring Valley N. Y., bought with a legacy from

Joseph Greaves got his start at the
Ponce de Leon hotel as an assistant cashier.
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