Inspector's Report of Schools for the Freedmen's Bureau, No. 22
War Department, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands
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January 1, 1866
Freedmen's Bureau Records
Other slave states:   Delaware and West Virginia - In Delaware slavery would not end until the
passage of the 13th amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Delaware would not formally recognize the
end of slavery until 1903. West Virginia abolished slavery on February 3, 1865. The Freedmen's
Bureau would help in the establishment of schools in Delaware and West Virginia but as in the case of
Maryland and D. C. their charter was limited to: ""all subjects relating to refugees and freedmen from
rebel States, or from any district of country within the territory embraced in operations of the army."

Index Terms:
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, District of Columbia, Louisiana, transportation of teachers, school
furniture, military protection, Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia, Richmond, American Union Commission,
General Winder, Petersburg, Fredericksburg, Newbern
Department of the South
Port Royal Experiment
USCT Bounties
Freedmen's Aid Societies
Freedmen's Bureau Assorted Documents
Freedmen's Bureau
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