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General Rufus Saxton to Colonel Thomas Wentworth
Up the St. Johns
March 5, 1863
War of the Rebellion
Headquarters, Beaufort, S. C.
March 5, 1863

Colonel,-- You will pleas proceed with your command, the
First and Second Regiments South
Carolina Volunteers, which are now embarked upon the steamers
John Adams, Boston, and
Burnside, to Fernandina, Florida.

Relying upon your military skill and judgment, I shall give you no special directions as to your
procedure after you leave Fernandina. I expect, however, that you will occupy
Jacksonville, Florida,
and intrench yourselves there.

The main objects of your expedition are to carry the proclamation of freedom to the enslaves; to call
all loyal men into the service of the United States; to occupy as much of the State of Florida as
possible with the forces under your command; and to neglect no men as consistent with the usages
of civilized warfare to weaken, harass, and annoy those who are in rebellion against the Government
of the United States.

Trusting that the blessing of our Heavenly Father will rest upon your noble enterprise,

I am yours, sincerely,
R. Saxton
Brig-Gen, Mil Gov. Dept. of the South.

Colonel Higginson, Comdg. Expeditionary Corps.
General Rufus Saxton
Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson
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