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General Rufus Saxton
Assistant Commissioner, South Carolina and Georgia
Circular No. 4
October 12, 1865
Freedmen Bureau Records
This document, Circular No. 4 was written by General Rufus Saxton then Assistant Commissioner for the
Freedmen's Bureau of South Carolinia and Georgia. The first purpose of the document is to give a form of
indenture provided by the statutes of South Carolina for orphan apprentices. The second section is the
discouragement of idleness and vagrancy (with protection for people who are idle by necessity.) The third
point was the non extablishment of poor houses by the Freedmen's Bureau. In St. Augustine Florida it
would be the
Buckingham Smith Association that would take that role as a private institution (as opposed
to the payments the City of St. Augustine made from a poor fund before the War of Rebellion.)
General Rufus Saxton