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Hunter to Lincoln
Assassination Plot
October 20, 1860
Library of Congress
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,

Oct. 20th 1860.--

Private and


Dear Sir: Your success and safety being identified with the great Republican cause, the cause of peace, union and
conservatism; must be my apology for addressing you.--

On a recent visit to the east, I met a lady of high character, who had been spending part of the summer among her
friends and relatives in Virginia. She informed me that a number of young men in Virginia had bound themselves, by
oaths the most solemn, to cause your assassination, should you be elected. Now Sir, you may laugh at this story, and
really it does appear too absurd to repeat, but I beg you to recollect, that on "the institution" these good people are
most certainly demented, and being crazy, they should be taken care of, to prevent their doing harm to themselves or
others.-- Judicious, prompt and energetic action on the part of your Secretary of War, will no doubt secure your own
safety, and the peace of the country,2

I have the honor to be,

Very Sincerely,

Your mo. ob.

David Hunter,

U. S. Army--

P. S.

I had the pleasure of meeting you in early days at Chicago, and again at the great Whig Convention at Springfield in
President Abraham Lincoln
General David Hunter