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General David Hunter - Surrender Demand, Fort Pulaski
War of the Rebellion Records
The Surrender Demand
Tybee Island, Ga., April 10, 1862.

To the COMMANDING OFFICER, Fort Pulaski:
SIR: I hereby demand of you the immediate surrender and restoration of Fort Pulaski to the authority
and possession of the United States. This demand is made with a view to avoiding, if possible, the
effusion of blood which must result from the bombardment and attack now in readiness to be opened.

The number, caliber, and completeness of the batteries surrounding you leave no doubt as to what
must result in case of your refusal; and as the defense, however obstinate, must eventually succumb
to the assailing force at my disposal, it is hoped you may see fit to avert the useless waste of life.

This communication will be carried to you under a flag of truce by Lieut. J. H. Wilson, U. S. Army, who
is authorized to wait any period not exceeding thirty minutes from delivery for your answer.

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,

DAVID HUNTER, Major-General, Commanding
General David Hunter