Hunter Orders Slaves Freed at Fort Pulaski and Cockspur Island

General Orders, No. 7. Hdqrs. Department of the South...April 13, 1862

All persons of color lately held to involuntary service by enemies of the United States in Fort Pulaski
and on Cockspur Island, Georgia are hereby confiscated and declared free, in conformity with law,
and shall hereafter receive the fruits of their own labor. Such of said persons of color as are
able-bodied and may be required shall be employed in the quartermaster's department at the rates
heretofore established by Brig. T. W. Sherman.
By command of Maj. Gen. D. Hunter:
Assistant Adjutant-General

* * *
This will be the first proclamation by General Hunter, Head of the
Department of the South on slavery.
It is a very local proclamation that followed the capture of Fort Pulaski. This proclamation would be
more in line with General Butler's proclamation declaring escaped slaves within Union lines
contraband. It would be a proclamation with a larger goal in sight. (
See General Order 11, Freeing
Slaves in Dept of South)
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Slaves Freed at Fort Pulaski and Cockspur Island
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