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GAR Officers
Chatfield Post, St. Augustine Florida
Col John Lyman Chatfield (September 13, 1826 - August 9, 1863) was the Colonel of the 6th
Connecticut Regiment. He was mortally wounded in the battle of Fort Wagner, South Carolina.

George Atwood , Commander
Frank Greatorex, Senior Vice Commander
A. W. Dunning, Junior Vice Commander
Dr. Garrison, Surgeon
S. Anderson Quartermaster
Rev. Dr. Pittner, Chaplain
Sgt. George Brown, Retiring Commander
Death of William F. Armstrong, captain 74th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, senior vice commander Chatfield
Post No. 11 Department of Florida, G. A. R., who died at St. Augustine, Florida on Tuesday December
21st., 1907, enlisted at the first call for troops in April, 1861, in the 6th Ohio, and was mustered out at
the expiration of the three month service, and enlisted in the 74th Ohio, Colonel Granville Moody for
three years. Was elected First Lieutenant at the organization of the company and promoted to Captain at
the battle of Stone River. Participated in the battles of Stone River and in the pursuit of Bragg to
Chattanooga. Was taken prisoner at the battle of Chickamauga. Spent six months in Libby prison in
1863 and 1864. Was exchanged in time to take part in the campaign from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Was
in the several engagements at Kennesaw and in the siege of Atlanta and Battle of Jonesboro. Resigned,
on account of disability, in November, 1864. Served under Generals Buell, Rosecans and Thomas --
under the latter in the Army of the Cumberland.

He was buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery with Rev. Mr. Hindry officiating.
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Col John Lyman Chatfield
6th Connecticut Regiment