Minorcan Folk Song
"At sundown we stopped at a small village, which was as clean as a new pin, every house whitened to the last degree, and had a lunch of
bread, cheese, oranges, cherries, and native wine---all the house afforded. As we rode along through the hills by the light of the pale new
moon, I sang to the drive the "Fromajardis," as sung in St. Augustine. He ssemed pleased and surprised, and said that he did not know that
any foreign gentleman knew that song. I told the interpreter to tell him that over a hundred years ago that song was carried over the ocean,
and now I brought it back among its native hills. He said it was not sung as much now as it was twenty years ago. Thus are old customs
dying."  Andrew Anderson (From the
1892 Standard Guide St. Augustine.)

Index: Fromajadas, Minorcan Folk Song, Howard Manucy, L. Hosmer, A. Anderson, Minorca, St. Augustine, Easter
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