Henry M. Flagler, The Oil Magnate, Takes Third Wife
The San Francisco Call
August 25, 1901
Closely Following the Divorce From His Insane Second Spouse the Florida Millionaire Is Married to Miss Lily

Wilmington, N. C., Aug. 24 -- The marriage of Miss Mary Lily Kenan to Henry M. Flagler, the Florida multimillionaire and
Standard Oil magnate, was solemnized at 10 o'clock this morning at Kenansville, N. C., at the old country home of the
Kenan family. There were present to witness the ceremony only a few friends and relatives of the bride and groom.

Rev. Dr. Peyton H. Hoge, pastor of Warren Memorial Church, Louisville, Ky,, but formerly Miss Kenan's pastor at the
First Presbyterian Church, this city, officiated. The old home, colonial in architecture, was profusely decorated with a
wealth of plants and flowers and presently a scene of grandeur. Selections were played by the orchestra from
Wilmington before and after the ceremony. Hundreds of costly wedding presents were in evidence and telegrams of
congratulation were showered upon the couple. Among the telegrams was one from Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Jones,
dated from Newport.

Immediately upon the conclusion of the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Flagler left on a special train. They are bound for
Mamronicu, on the Hudson, via New York.

Guests on a Swift Special.
A special train bearing Mr. Flagler and the wedding guests left this city at 7 o'clock this morning and arrived at Warsaw,
a distance of fifty-five miles, in sixty minutes. The party from Wilmington consisted of Mr. Flagler and his attorney, Mr.
Ashley of New York; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dick, Captain and Mrs. E. W. Van Court Lucase and Miss Hannah Bolles, all
from Wilmington. From Warsaw the party proceeded to Kenansville in private carriages. Dr. Peyton H. Hoge of Louisville,
the officiating clergyman, arrived at Kenansville Friday night. The bride accompanied by her father, Captain W. R.
Kenan; her brother, W. R. Kenan Jr., and her sister, Miss Sarah Kenan, arrived at Kenansville yesterday, the bride's
mother and another sister, Mrs. J. C. Wise of Macon, Ga., having preceded them by several days.

Divorce From Insane Wife.
About a week ago Henry M. Flagler secured a divorce in Florida from his second wife, who had been an inmate of an
insane asylum for several years. His third marriage following so closely after the divorce causes considerable comment.

Edward C. Foote, the agent of an office building in New York City, recently sued Henry M. Flagler for $100,000
damages, alleging that by his attentions and liberal presents of money Flagler has won the affections of Mrs. Foote. The
complainant alleged that Flagler has given his wife shares in the Standard Oil Company to the value of $400,000, and
that it was in consideration of this that she discarded Foote.

Comes From Humble Stock.
Henry M. Flagler, like many American millionaires, has achieved success and risen to great wealth from humble
beginnings. Born in Canandalgua, N. Y., in 1830, he became clerk in a country store, went to Saginaw, Mich.,
manufactured salt, removed to Cleveland, becoming partner in Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler oil refiners, who were
succeeded by the Standard Oil Company, with which he has been continuously and prominently identified since. Flagler
is also connected with nearly a dozen other corporations, and owns hotels and about 600 miles of railroad in Florida.
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