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Henry Flagler Statute
St. Augustine Florida
Statue was made in Italy in 1906 by an unknown artist. It was not commissioned by Henry Flagler and
was not unveiled until three years after his death. The only clue to the origin of the statue is on its base:
C. J. R. Rome 1902.

This statute has seen the sites of St. Augustine. It was originally a statue that was made to
commemorate the building of the
Florida East Coast Railroad and was in front of the old St. Augustine
Union Station. Later it was moved in front of the Alcazar Hotel, then in front of the old Ponce de Leon
or Flagler College where he finally rests today.

The statue was brought to St. Augustine from Palm Beach by James Ingram who was serving as the
President of the Florida East Coast Railroad. On January 2, 1916 at 3 pm the statue was unvelved by
Kathleen Maria Gibbs Ingram's granddaughter.

In 1961 the statue was moved to the front of the Alcazar Hotel (then Lightner Museum) Edward Ball
wrote that the railroad was giving the statue to be put on permanent display.

In 1972 the statue was moved to Flagler College where it currently rests.

The base of the statue reads: Henry Flagler, Born Jan. 2, 1830 Died May 20, 1913. "In recognition of
the achievements in railroad development in the state of Florida and the overseas extension to Key
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