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Options on Dealing with St. Augustine Local Government

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
If the officials of St. Augustine refuse to take the above Mentioned steps, a variety of avenues are open to the Federal

1. Department of State
a. The Department could suspend its efforts of encouraging foreign governments to locate exhibitions in St. Augustine
and to otherwise participate in the Celebration. The Department should advise the Quadricentennial Commission that it
is not in the best interest of the U. S. to encourage international participation.

b. The Department could advise representatives of OAS, Spain, Mexico, Columbia and of other countries now planning
to participate in the Celebration that the Department is suspending further support of the Quadricentennial pending
elimination of racial discriminatory practices. In the face of continued demonstrations it may even be advisable for the
Department to encourage the foreign governments not to participate.

2. Post Office Department
a. The Department could remain in the present Federal Building or not plan to vacate the building until ultimate facilities
are readily available. The prospects of losing a new Post Office building may be even greater leverage than the failure
to secure the existing building for the Celebration.

 b. The Department could withhold its approval of a commemorative stamp.

3. GSA
Should the Post Office Department vacate the Federal building, GSA may find other use for the building rather than to
turn it over to the Quadricentennial Commission.

4. Interior Department
The National Park Service could withhold its approval of the use of park facilities for any of the Celebration.

5. Quadricentennial Commission
a. The Presidential appointees could resign from the Commission noting that every effort to persuade the community to
comply with Title II of the Civil Rights Act had not been successful.

b. The Commission could suspend the expenditures of any funds that may be appropriated by Congress
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