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Family Circular
Adam Floyd
National Archives - Pensions
This document is a circular sent to pensioners to give family information. This was used to jump start widows and survivors pensions that may come later. It lists
Adam Floyd and the certificate number. It gives his current wife's name as Jane Gaithers or Jane Floyd.  It lists his marriage date to here as July 15, 1879 in St.
Augustine by Rev. J. Felders. The record of the marriage is in the county court house. He lists a former five as Rines Dupont who died January 3, 1879 and
states that no children are living (however, we are given no names of children although we know that no child is living past the date of April 27, 1895. Notice that
this document is not notorized or witnessed. Adam Floyd was a member of the 33rd USCT Company I.