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The Fame of the Ponce de Leon Hotel and
Henry Flagler
July 4, 1889
Flagler City, Kansas

Dr. Andrew Anderson in a recent letter to this partner. Dr. F. F. Smith says that he has just returned
from a western trip with
Mr. Hm. Flagler. Dr. Anderson says that while traveling through western
Kansas they came across a town bearing the name of Flagler. The town consisted of about 1 dozen
houses, a railroad depot and a big hotel. In front of the hostery was paited a sign in letters 12" high,
bearing the inscription, "
PDL". The tourists wer somewhat surprised to find such a forcible reminder of
St. Augustine in the far, far west.
(There is no record of a Flagler City, Kansas but there is a Flagler, Colorado - editor)
see Flagler, Colorado)