Thro: Gen-in Chief Quarter Master Genl: Office 15 Oct: 1828. Brig Genl T. S. Jessup by Major T. Cross
D Q Master Reporting the withdraw of the attachment of the 4 Infy: from the construction of the Bridge
across the St Sebastian River near St. Augustine. Encloses the letter of the Mayor & proceedings of
the City Council on the subject & asks for instructions. Oct 16. 1828

John Drysdale to the Quartermaster General

St. Augustine 30 July 1828

Sir: I beg respectfully to ask your attention to the accompanying resolutions of the Board of Aldermen
of this City--In the discharge of the duty which these resolutios impose upon me little more is necessary
on my part than to lay them before you.

The deep interest which this City has in the expeditious and substantial construction of the Bridge in
Question and in the faithful application of the means appropriated by the Government for this purpose
will it is not doubted be appreciated by you as a just cause for the present claim upon your

The great diminution of the force originally employed in this work by the removal of twenty four men and
one officer from a detachment consisting of ninety men, which took place about three weeks since, was
seen by the inhabitants of this City with much regret, as tending materially to retard its progress, while
the current and continuing expenditures to be met out of the appropriation for the work were
understood to be very immaterially, if at all, reduced by this reduction of force--But now that the work is
entirely suspended, and, as it is understood, will continue so until the month of October, the City
authorities have felt they would be wanting in duty, if they refrained from soliciting your
interference--The suspension of this work is alleged to have taken place under a general order having
in view the preservation of the health of the troops in warm climates--Though this climate be a warm
one, it is respectfully suggested that, in this particular part of the Country, it is not only an innoxious but
an extremely salubrious and healthful climate; and that during no part of the Summer are the ordinary
labors of those whose avocations expose them to its unmitigated influence, abandoned or
suspended--It is therefore believed that the troops engaged in this work might labor with entire security
during seven or eight hours in the day; yielding to their unclimatized constitutions, if indeed they be
unaccustomed to a warm climate, repose during the extreme heat of the day; --- thereby saving very
considerably of the limited appropriation allowed for the construction of this Bridge and the necessary
Causeways--The Causeways designed to connect the Bridge with the main land being left in an
incomplete state, with several unfinished sluices through them, cannot it is believed be thus subjected
to the ordinary action of the tide without suffering very material injury; and much fear is entertained that
if this work be allowed to remain in the condition in which it is at present until the month of October, it
will not only be much impaired, but will in all probability--be wholly destroyed by the equinoxial storms of
the approaching autumn, from which we are rarely entirely exempted--

These considerations together with the resolutions on which they are founded are submitted to you
very respectfully, and under a perfect conviction that you will not only see the reasonableness of the
anxiety of the municipal authorities of this place on the subject to which they refer; but that you will by
every means in your power promote and secure the inhabitants of this part of the Territory the benefits
designed by the Government in the appropriation of the public money for the object in question---I have
the honor to be respectfully Sir Your Ob' S'

Jno Drysdale Mayr St Augustine
Brigr Genl Thomas Jessup Qr Mas. Genl

Resolution of the Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Augustine
Council Room July 26th 1828

Whereas the appropriation lately made by the General Government for Constructing a bridge over the
St. Sebastians river being too limited for the purpose; Lieut. Harvey Brown was authorised in aid of said
appropriation to construct said Bridge, with the assistance of a detachment of U.S. Soldiers, previously
employed in opening public roads, and then under the Command of Said Lieut. Brown; And where as
even with this additional aid of the U.S. Soldiers, said appropriation may be insufficient unless said work
be conducted without any unnecessary obstacles thrown in the way to its completion; And whereas sa
work is necessarily retarded by the removal of a Number of the Soldiers who have been employed on it.
And whereas it is at present entirely stopped, and said bridge left in an unfinished State, in
consequence of Same Order to the Officer now Commanding Said detachment of Soldiers--that the
Said Soldiers discontinue the work until September of October Next. And whereas said appropriation
now Small is consuming away by the heavy expenses necessarily incurred during the Suspension of
said work. And whereas these circumstances not only prevent a speedy completion of Said bridge, but
may eventually defeat it altogether, Therefore,

Resolved that the construction of Said bridge is a matter of deep interest to the Citizens of this place,
and they view with concern any unnecessary interruption in the work which tends to delay, and may
eventually prevent the Completion of so desirable an object.

Resolved that a representation be made through the Mayor to the Quarter Master General, of the
present condition of Said bridge and the circumstances which delay and will probably prevent its
completion--and that he be respectfully solicited to permit the number of soldiers already removed, and
such as may be hereafter removed, to be replaced by an equal number of others; and that the said
Lieut. Brown be permitted to proceed with the Soldiers to finish and complete said bridge.

Territory of Florida City of St. Augustine

I S, Streeter Clerk of the City Council of St. Augustine, hereby certify that the above preamble and
resolutions is a true and correct Copy of the Original on file in my office.

Witness my hand at the City of St. Augustine this 30th day of July A. D. 1828.

S. Streeter Clerk of the City Council

(Endorsed) Mayor of St. Augustine, St. Augustine (Flo) July 30th 1828. These proceedings were had
on the troops being temporarily withdrawn from the work during the hot months by the officer in their
immediate command--Since their date--namely on the 14th of August--the troops have been entirely
recalled, by an order from Maj General Macomb. It is in reference to this recall, that Mr. White writes.
QM General off. Oct 13, 1828 Recd. August 14, 1828.
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Brig Genl T. S. Jessup

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