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Dr. Woodward
St. Augustine Florida - Spanish Captive
Dr. Woodward was born in 1646 and was one of the original settlers in the Carolina settlement. He went
south from the Charles River settlement to stay with Indians at Port Royal. He was captured by Spanish
at St. Helena.

His objective was to learn the language and ways to encourage trade between the English and the
Indians. He was held captive in St. Augustine until the Searles raid. He was taken to the West Indies,
then back to the Carolina settlements. He had extremely valuable information about both the Indians and
the Spanish.

Later he married Mrs. Mary Browne. He had three children: John Feb 19, 1681, Richard June 9, 1663,
Elizabeth Feb. 11, 1681. Dr. Woodward died between 1686-1690.

His descedents include three Governors of
South Carolina, 4 U. S. Senators, 6 Representatives, 4
Judges, 3 Attorney Generals, 2 Generals, including John Barnwell of the Revolutionary War and Stephen
Elliott of the Confederacy.
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