Deposition of Thomas Hernandez
Case of Hester Lancaster
November 21, 1908
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is a deposition given in the case of Hester Lancaster widow of Abram Lancaster veteran of the 33rd USCT Co F. Thomas Hernandez was a veteran of the 33rd USCT
Co. B. He knew that he was married to Jane Nattiel. He said that they lived together for a while after he came home from the war. (Note that he uses the death of President Garfield for
dating when he last saw Jane.) He said that Abram and Jane had two children one of whom was named John. He stated that Abram and Jane were married by Father Aubrey in
Augustine's cathedral. His mark was attested by J H Jones and Philip Crosby and the deposition was sworn before J A Davis, the Special Examiner.
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