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Deposition of Daniel J. Mickler
Pension of Adam Floyd
January 17, 1889
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is the deposition of Daniel J. Mickler, son of the former slave owner, for the pension of Adam Floyd given on January 17, 1889. Adam Floyd was a
veteran of the 33rd USCT Company I. Daniel J. Mickler was a member of the Confederate army  (St. Augustine Blues) who left March 10, 1862 (at the surrender
of St. Augustine)  and did not see the claimant again until 1865. He stated that he was in good health and worked all sorts of jobs in slavery days. He saw him
again in June 1865 but he didn't have much to say to him (Mickler). He saw him with a cart that he thought he was using to haul flour. He always had assistance
with the loading and unloading. Sworn before James Dujan, January 17, 1889. Note in this deposition how many times Mr. Mickler says that Adam Floyd didn't
talk to him since gaining his freedom.