DeMesa-Sanchez House
The Old Spanish Inn
St. John's House
43 St. George Street
St. Augustine, Fl

Library of Congress
HABS No. FLA. 135
1st Spanish
Address: 43 St, George Street,, St, Augustine, St, Johns County,, Florida

Present Owner: Mrs. Marguerite Phillips, 125 West Perm Street, Philadelphia  Pennsylvania

Present Occupant: Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Bath (lease with option to buy)

Present Use: Historical house museum with name "Old Spanish Inn"

Statement of Significance: The lower masonry sections of the main structure probably date from the latter part of the
first Spanish period of St, Augustine (mid eighteenth century), and are therefore of considerable archaeological interest.

A. Physical History:
The Delfesa-Sanchez House can be identified on both the De la Puente (1764) and De la Rocque
(1783) maps of early St, Augustine, On the former it is represented as a small rectangular house with its long side
toward the street; this corresponds very well to the vestibule and front rooms of the present structure. On the Rocque
Map it has acquired an addition on the east (rear) and a separate structure - probably a kitchen. Additional building in
the rear probably incorporating the kitchen into the main body of the house was done c. 1857 when Mary Stryscka made
it into a rooming house. Juan Sanchez probably added a second floor c. 1791. (
Escrituras. 1791 - Dec. 1792)

1, Original and subsequent owners: 1764 Antonio de Mesa (Juan Elixio de la Puente Map - photostat in
St, Augustine Historical Society library)

1771 Joseph Stout by British government grant.(
Escrituras 16, July 1784 - Feb. 1787)

1784 Juan Sanchez (
Escrituras 16, July 1784 - Feb. 1787)

1788 Juan Sanchez (Mariano de la Rocque Map, 1788 - photostat in St. Augustine Historical Society library)

1791 Juan Sanchez  (
Escrituras, 1791 - Dec. 1792)  

1800 Juan Sanchez (.Appraisal c. 1803 - copy St. Augustine Historical Society)

1808 Marie del Carmen Sanchez (widow of Juan Sanchez) (Will,
Escrituras, Jan. 1807)

1832 Lewis G. Milizel and John Milizel

1832 James C. Lisk

1837- Gifford to Bedell to Hurlbert

1851 Mary Allen (wife of Darius Allen)

1857 Mary Stryscka (known as "St. Johns House")

1885 B. F. Oliveros

1886 Elizabeth Wallace

1887 Susan Meyers

1886- Mayers, Sulsner, Grossman and others

1913 Margaret Mullaney Butler

1949 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wiles

1952 Mrs. Marguerita Phillips

NOTE: All of the above chain of title is based on a report made in 1938 by Mrs. Albert Johnson for "the St, Augustine
Historical Society. After c. 1840 the records are contained in the St. Johns County Records.

2. Date of erection: Originally before 1764*

3. Architect and builder: Unknown.

4. Original plans: None known, unlikely of recovery.

5. Notes on alterations and additions: There have been a number of additions to the original house of 1764? and
some of these are clearly evident in the existing structure and can also be documented with some degree of assurance.
The vestibule and two front rooms constituted the original house, which was probably one story (internal evidence in
building, also De la Puente Map). Juan Sanchez probably built a second floor with an outside stairway in the rear
(evidence of stair in present structure). Mary Stryscka built further additions when she transformed the building into St.
Johns House. The building was restored by G. H. Bath (1959), but the restoration did not destroy any of the additions.

6, Important old views: View of St. George Street (n.d.) showing original balcony (St. Augustine Historical Society

B. Sources of Information:
Juan Blioo de la Puente Map, 1764 (photostat in St. Augustine Historical Society library).

Mariano de la Rocque Map, 1788 (photostat in St. Augustine Historical Society library)..Appraisal c. 1803 (copy in St.
Augustine Historical Society).

Report by Mrs. Albert Johnson, 1938 (MS in St. Augustine Historical Society library),

Mrs. Doris Wiles (Secretary, St. Augustine Historical Society), 1961.

Mr. G. H. Bath, 1961.

A. General Statement:
1. Architectural interest and merit:
Although the structure has been greatly restored and much extraneous
detail has been added, the restoration has, in general, been a sensitive one and the basic eighteenth- and
nineteenth-century fabric is largely intact.

2. Condition of fabric; Restored and well maintained,

B. Description of Exterior:
1. Number of stories
: Two.

2. Number of bays; Five-bay front.

3. Over-all dimensions: 37'-10 1/2« (front) x 92'-3".

4. Shape; Rectangular with rear ell.

5. Foundations: Coquina block (except rear addition). (Note: "Coquina11 is local shellstone quarried on
nearby Anastasia Island and used for construction in St. Augustine since 1580.)

6. Wall construction: Coquina masonry (rectangular blocks laid in roughly horizontal courses). Coquina exposed
on front (St. George Street); other elevations plastered.

7. Porches: Restored wooden "balcony at second-floor level along St. George Street. (Note: Based on early
photograph, but only about half the depth of original due to city ordinance.) Rear: arched loggia with porch above
(south elevation).)

8. Chimneys: Two coquina chimneys (Note: A third brick chimney about midway of ridge seems to have no flue opening
below (a result of restoration?).)

9. Openings:
a. Doorways and doors:
All paneled wooden exterior doors restored replacements.

b. Windows and shutters: Windows mostly have twelveover-eight-light and six-over-six-light, doublehung
wooden sash (some with stained glass) and are all replacements. No exterior shutters.

10. Roof:
a. Shape
: covering: Gable roof on street front; gable roof on rear ell; whose ridge is perpendicular to that of the front
gable. The covering is standingseam sheet metal.

b. Eaves: Exposed projecting rafters; open eaves,

e. Dormers: None,

C. Description of Interior:
1. Floor plan:
Modified central-hall plan with rear ell addition.

2. Stairways; A three-run (two-landing) stairway is of wooden construction. (Note: In upper closet there is evidence of
former stair that probably was outside a former rear (east) -wall of the house,)

3. Wall and ceiling finish: Floors generally concrete on lower floor,, with some tile; second floor has restored
wooden board flooring throughout. Walls are plaster except Room 109 (see HABS drawings), where coquina stone is
exposed. Ceilings have exposed "beams on first floor, plaster on second (all restored).

4. Doorways and doors: All interior doors have "been replaced (based on Spanish,, not Colonial, types).

5. Hardware; Much reproduction of Spanish hardware, wrought iron grilles, etc.; all put in place c. 1959-

6. Trim: All replaced based on Spanish precedent.

7. Lighting: Electric.

8. Heating: Central.

D. Site:
1. Orientation:
House faces west, directly on sidewalk line of St. George Street,

2. Enclosures: Patio to south of rear (east) ell; north wall of adjacent building encloses this patio.

3. Landscaping: Patio designed along Spanish lines; brick paved with semitropical planting. Antique Spanish wellhead.

Prepared by Henry C. Edwards, Architect
National Park Service
August 1961
Historic American Buildings Survey
Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer
August 1961
De Mesa-Sanchez House,
43 Saint George Street,
Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
The following eight pictures
are from
Francis Benjamin Johnson
February 1965 FIRST FLOOR, EAST ROOM -
De Mesa-Sanchez House, 43 Saint George Street,
Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
Photographer: Jack E.  Boucher
Historic American Buildings Survey
Prime A. Beaudoin, Photographer
August 1961
De Mesa-Sanchez House,
43 Saint George Street,
Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
De Mesa-Sanchez House,
43 Saint George Street,
Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
Photographer: Jack E.  Boucher
February 1965
De Mesa-Sanchez House,
43 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
Photographer Jack E. Boucher
February 1965
De Mesa-Sanchez House,
43 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
Photographer: Jack E. Boucher
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