Deluded Girl
Hopkinsville Kentuckian
February 15, 1908

Crime Stories
Deluded Girl

Found Out What's the Matter with Hannah.

Danville, Ky. Feb 13 -- Francis William Hannah, who married Miss Margaret Connelly, of this place on January 22, is now
under the charge of bigamy, and the police officials of St. Augustine, Fla., where he is now spending his honeymoon
with the last wife, have placed him under arrest and will hold him until requisition papers can be got for his return. He
has a wife and two children in Indianapolis.

Hannah is a handsome fellow of thirty-four years, and his latest bride, to whom he has been showing attention ever
since coming to Danville, is a handsome young woman of the highest character.

Her brother left for St. Augustine, Fla., to advise his sister of these developments and to bring her home.

Married a Kentucky Girl, Faces Extradition in Florida Resort (Mount Sterling Advocate, February 19, 1908)
Sheriff G. W. Coulter left Danville, Feb. 14. for St. Augustine, Fla., with requisition papers for Francis Hanna, the young
man who came here six months ago and courted and married Miss Maggie Connelly, one of the most popular young
ladies of the city.

After an elaborate church wedding the young couple left three weeks ago to spend their honeymoon in fashionable St.
Augustine. It is alleged that Hanna has a wife and two children in Indianapolis, Ind., living on Menges street.

Officers in St. Augustine were notified and immediately arrested Hanna. Hanna is a dashing fellow, took three baths a
day and parted his hair in the middle. He formerly lived in Ludlow, Ky.
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