Return to St. Augustine Civil Rights
December 16, 1963

Dear Mr. Hunter:

On behalf of the President, I welcome the opportunity to reply to your September 27 letter and clear up what appears to
be a misunderstanding regarding the Florida State Advisory Committee’s report to the United States Commission on
Civil Rights on the Advisory Committee’s August 16 open hearing in your community.

Public Law 87-586 did not provide for Federal appropriations for the work of the St. Augustine Quadricentennial
Commission. No such funds have been appropriated to date. In the event that Congress should authorize the Executive
Branch to use such monies for the Quadricentennial Commission’s work, we would of course be mindful of our duty to
follow the safeguards provided by the Constitution of the United States. This would be true even without the reminder
from the Florida State Advisory Committee that “The Federal Government should closely scrutinize any expenditure of
Federal funds that may tend to support segregation, discrimination and repression in St. Augustine.”

Your own expression of friendship for the Negro citizens of your city is heartening.


Lee C. White
Assistant Special Counsel to the President
Connie H. Hunter to President John F. Kennedy
September 27, 1963

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
Files of Lee White Box 6
President John F. Kennedy
Connie Howard Hunt - (September 24, 1928 - Sept 13, 2009) He was president and manager of Builders' Service
Company, president of H & H Contracting, co-owner of Anastasia Realty Company. He was the District Commissioner for
the Osceola District Boy Scouts of America, a member of Ashlar Lodge No. 98, the Rod and Gun Club, the Ponce de
Leon Golf Club, Scottish Rite Bodies, St. Augustine Shrine Club, and First United Methodist Church.
Connie Howard Hunter
Lee C. White
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