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Confederate Notice of
Capture of Col Nobel
and other matters
January 11,1865.
Lieut. Col. T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant- General:

COLONEL: During the time of Sherman's advance, the line of communication with department
headquarters being cut, I thought it proper to send my communications directly to Richmond. I
herewith enclose copies of such communications for the information of the lieutenant-general
commanding, with the hope that the course taken will meet his approbation. I have the honor to
report that the Live Oak connection has been delayed by the sinking of the temporary work across
the Suwannee, but that the bridge is completed, and the road will be finished in twenty days. I have
continued the construction of this road in order to save the iron and rolling-stock of the Savannah,
Albany and Gulf road to the Confederacy. You will find an explanation of the design in the enclosed
letter to General Cooper.* At a meeting of the directory of the Savannah, Albany and Gulf road they
directed the president to take up this road from the Altamaha River to the Live Oak connection, at
Lawton, and the laying of this iron from Thomasville to Bainbridge or to Albany. From Thomasville to
Baimibridge the road bed, thirty-seven miles long, is graded, and the iron could be laid in three
months. The Live Oak road is too near the sea-board, however, to be safe; and if the Florida roads
are to be connected with this line a new road should be built from Monticello to Thomasville,
twenty-one miles. You will see, also, from the letter to General Cooper, the proposed extension from
Quincy to Appalaga, on the Chattahoochee. This last has been laid before the Secretary of War, by
Mr. Hilton, and is also approved by the governor of Florida. If any of these plans are to be carried
out prompt action is necessary, and with a view to this I am hurrying the conscription of the negroes
for the engineer corps of this State. Under the late legislature we shall probably get 1,000. In order
to establish telegraph communication from here to the forces on the Altamaha River I shall send
Lieutenant-Colonel Beard to get the wire necessary, if possible, beyond that river. Twenty-five miles
of wire is necessary to make the connection. In the meantime I have established a line of couriers
from Madison to Quitman. My information is that the enemy (10 not amount to more than 700 at
Jacksonville, mostly blacks, and half as many more at Saint Augustine. They do not come out on this
side of the Saint Johns River. Two scouts between Jacksonville and Saint Augustine captured
Colonel Noble, Seventeenth Connecticut Infantry, commanding at Saint Augustine, and a Lieutenant
Rice, assistant provost-marshal at Jacksonville. The prisoners were forwarded to Columbus. during
my command here Tallahassee and Marianna have been fortified, and such other fortifications as
are considered necessary are in course of construction. As our line of supplies is now by the
Chattahoochee, I have put 100 hands on the road from Chattahoochee to Quincy to put it in order. I
am using my best efforts to discipline the troops of this command, but the extent of territory and the
large amount of guard duty and coast to be defended, prevent the concentration so necessary to
discipline. In order to effect this concentration I have called on His Excellency Governor Milton for
militia to do guard duty at posts.

With the hope that these measures will be found judicious by the lieutenant-general commanding, I

Colonel, & c., W. MILLER,
General Commander
Col Nobel, 7th Connecticut
Commander at St. Augustine
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