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Circular Number 7
Col. Thomas Osborn -
School Information
October 26, 1865
Freedmen Bureau Records
Office  Assistant Commissioner, Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, And Abandoned Lands,
Tallahassee, Fla., October 26, 1865.

I. Chaplain H. II. Moore, 34th United States colored infantry, having been assigned by Major General
Foster, commanding department of Florida, as superintendent of instruction for the Bureau Refugees,
Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, all officers acting under instructions of the assistant commissioner
will report to Chaplain Moore the following items of information in regard to their respective localities:

1. The number of children, white refugees and black, between the ages of, five and fifteen years,
residing in their place and vicinity.

2. The number and character of the schools now in operation, if any.

3. The school-house accommodations the place affords.

4. The convenience for boarding teachers.

5. The disposition of the people in regard to the establishment of schools among the colored children.

6. The ability and willingness of citizens to pay teachers, in whole or in part, for teaching schools of
white children.

7. Is there any call for schools for colored children on plantations.

8. Any information which can be given in regard to the wants of the people concerning education is

II. Officers are requested, without delay, to secure all the school rooms needed, and a suitable place for
boarding teachers, and report the facts at once; and the fact may be communicated that we shall
probably be able to furnish paid teachers where schools are opened.

III. Circular No. 1, from the office of the superintendent of instruction at Jacksonville, having been
issued through a misapprehension of instructions, is recalled.

                          T. W. OSBORN, Col. and Ass't Comm'r Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, & etc.,
Col. Thomas Osborn
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