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Col Bell Receives an Order to Deport
St. Augustine Citizens not
Taking the Oath of Allegiance
War of the Rebellion Records
Lieut. Col. Louis BELL, Commanding Post, Saint Augustine, Fla.

SIR: In reply to your letter dated June 1, relative to the case of William Keyes and three other men
who had taken the oath of allegiance, and who nevertheless were guilty of harboring a sergeant of
the Confederate Army and supplying him with information, I am instructed by the major-general
commanding to advise you that the prisoners in question are to be heavily ironed and sent to these
headquarters, with a statement in writing, and as full as possible of their offense. Your action in the
case of Mr. Steubenmeyer, the Episcopal clergyman, is approved.

In reference to your letter dated May 29, relative to the hanging and persecution of loyal citizens by
roving bands of Confederate guerrillas, the major-general commanding desires that you shall take
the most rigorous and prompt measures for the suppression of such practices. All guerrillas caught
you will iron heavily and send to these headquarters, with written charges accompanying them. You
will also threaten to arm, and if necessary arm all negroes and Indians who may be willing to enter
the service.

You should also at once drive out of your lines all persons, without reference to sex, who have not
taken and shall refuse to take the oath of allegiance.

The general commanding, reposing much confidence in your judgment, gives you a large and liberal
discretion in reference to all acts that may be necessary for the vindication of the laws within your
district, and guarantees you a frank support in any acts within the limits of a reasonable discretion.

It is not his wish, however, that the death penalty should be inflicted on prisoners captured without
-express orders from these headquarters. The better way will be to iron all malefactors and send
them here for disposition tinder the necessary guard.

You will report frequently and fully all action taken by you under the terms of these instructions.

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your most obedient servant, CHAS. G. HALPINE, Major
and Assistant Adjutant- General.
Lieut. Col Louis Bell
Major Charles G. Halpine
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