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Memorandum for Lee White from Clifford Alexander
St. Augustine Quadricentennial Celebration
April 6, 1964

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
Files of Lee White Box 6
April 6, 1964

Memorandum for Mr. Lee White
Subject: St. Augustine

The $350,000 appropriation for the celebration of the Quadricentennial before the Congress is at present dormant. The
only commitment we have so far from the National Park Service is that all activities on park property will be integrated.

There was some talk of a Post Office building being turned over to the Commemoration Committee for use as a
historical landmark. This, and the other porposed activity already outline in your files, seem to be the extent of Federal
involvement via Interior. State of course is involved and Battle has supposedly sent a cheery letter commenting the
Committee on undertaking this celebration. Bill (Taylor) also said that he had heard that a meeting of the OAS is
planned for St. Augustine.

Bill said he would be in touch with you about calling a meeting of his Commission here in Washington within a month. He
would expect to have representatives of the various Federal agencies involved explain their participation in the
Quadricentennial and how they plan to maintain the Federal Government’s position on equal access and opportunity.

Bill thought it might be worthwhile if a White House person attended the meeting called by the Commission. He is also
weighing the pros and cons of holding a Commission meeting in St. Augustine.

Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.
Lee White
Clifford L. Alexander
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