Clarence B. Knott
(October 17, 1861 - July 11, 1931)
Born October 17, 1861  to James Reynolds Knott and Eunice Blossom Turner Knott. Clarence
attended Roxburg Latin School and later Stratton Commercial College.He married Caroline M. Snow
and they had three children Arthur R. Knott, Gertrude Knott and Edith S. Knott.

Recovered from Typhoid Fever.
1882 cashier at the Magnolia with
Cashier at Ponce de Leon from 88 forward (6 years)
Designed the dish washing machine at the Ponce de Leon Hotel.
89 summer
Alcazar cashier
Edited hotel newspaper in Fort William Henry.
Worked at Hotel Champlain with Seavey
Harry Harkness Flagler offered the position of manager to Knott.
On May 1893 he married Miss Carrie M. Snow, daughter of late Frank Snow of Boston.

He became the manager of the Ponce de Leon on January 16, 1895 after serving as manager of the
Cordova for one year.
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