Some of the Civil Rights Records of people who were arrested or marched in St. Johns County and St.
Augustine Florida:

Florida Memorial Students who participated in fall 1963 demonstrations:
Ruthenia Hemingway        Marvin Gaines
Andrea McNeil                 Joe Swain
Shirley Williams               Luther Oliver
Juanita Montgomery         Alphonso Redmond
Evelyn Wright                  Jacob Chatman
Joyce Baker                     James Hale
Joseph Carl DeVine
Marvin Gaines

Arrested 1964
Baines, Geraldine B.
Bancroft, Peter
Fentress, Kathryn
Fleming, Harry Jr.
Harper, Elnora
Johnson, John T.
Riley, Beatrice
Thomas, Audrey L.
Thomas, Edna B.
Clay, Joanne
Sanders, Dorothy M.
Brown, James C.
Lingo, Charles Allen Jr.
Thomas, Julia Lee
Vivian, C. T.
Young, Andrew J.
Boyle, Sarah Patton
Chalmers, David
Clarke, Benjamin Van
Edwards, Audry Nell
Fentress, Kathryn
Halyard, James J.
Jackson, Marva
McNab, Brian
Simpson, Robert
Swan, Richard Dana
Daniels, Carolyn
Harris, William
Jackson, Tyrone
Taylor, Lavert
Abney, Roland
Alexander, Barbara J.
Brand, Francis C.
Brown, Eddie
Butler, Katherine
Coley, Raymond
Daniels, James
Darten, Brenda
Dorsey, Elouise
Ford, Mamie N.
Grant, Gertrude
Hodges, Vina
Johnson, John T.
Jones, Danella
Lingo, Charles Allen Jr.
Kendrick, Thelma
Mathis, Johnnie D.
McKenstry, Frenetta
Middleton, James C.
Miller, Katherine Ann
Mitchell, Joanne
Mosley, Willie
Phoenix, Harriet S.
Reddick, William E.
Sanders, Deborah
Sanders, Dorothy
Shider, Jerome I.
Shiras, G. Peter
Tukes, John
Utley, Sherman
Victory, Solomon
Vivian, C. T.
Wallace, Barry J.
Wells, Samuel B.
Wiles, Nancy
Woods, Eugene E.
Zellers, Isiah

J. Lawrence Burkholder, professor at Harvard University in 1964
Janie Price
Marvin Davies
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Some Civil Rights Workers Arrested or
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