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Capture of Col Noble
Union Commander
of St. Augustine
Captain BURGER,
Jacksonville, Fla.,
December 27, 1864.
Assistant Adjutant- General, Department Headquarters:


I regret to inform you that on the 24th instant Colonel Noble, Seventeenth Connecticut, Captain
Young, One Hundred and Seventh Ohio, and Lieutenant Rice, Thirty-fifth U.S. Colored Troops, were
captured by three of the enemy's scouts while in route from this place to Saint Augustine. Colonel
Noble was here as a witness before a general court-martial, and was to have returned before Monday
9 a. m. When I gave Colonel Noble permission to go to Saint Augustine I cautioned him especially in
reference to the necessity of being always armed, of not traveling without escort, & c. As far as I can
learn neither of the parties captured had arms with them. Captain Young was permitted to go at large
on the ground of ill-health and retirement from service about to be consummated. Every practicable
effort is being made to rescue these officers, but I have very little expectation, notwithstanding the
hopes held out by scouts, & c., that they will be successful. I trust that the cavalry force destined for
this district may be sent as soon as practicable, and that the infantry, temporarily withdrawn, may be
also returned.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, & c.,
E. P. SCAMMON, Brigadier- General, Commanding.
Col. William H. Noble
17th Connecticut
Commander of St. Augustine
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