Robert Butler to Governor Coppinger
July 18, 1821

Territorial Papers of Florida
No. 12
St. Augustine June 18th 1821

Sir, I received your note of the 16th inst on that day, in answer to mine of the 15th, the promised translation was handed
me this morning. After duly examining the documents you were pleased to have me furnished with, in relation to the
Stores, Artillery &c; and after a careful examination of my instructions touching those points, I find that I cannot meet
your proposition. While I sincerely regret the difficulties, which we are from our respective instructions placed in, I feel
extremely desirous, to place the subject happily at rest between us. And therefore respectfully propose the following
arrangement, in addition to that given in my note of the 15th which is, that you will consent to leave all the Artillery, with
their implements, and a proportion of ammunition & c, for which I will give a corresponding receipt, placing the proper
construction of the treaty, in the hands of our respective governments. And to facilitate as much as possible the
contemplated exchange, I will engage to furnish transportation for the ammunition and stores, save that of the Cannon
balls, bombs, and grape shot, which you can have transported. And in like manner, the transportation furnished on my
part, as well as the provisions consumed on the voyage, and the ammunition which may be left with me, shall be subject
to a similar adjustment, on the part of our respective governments. Should your instruction, in conjunction with your
sound judgment authorize you to adopt this proposition, I shall be more than pleased, as I am constrained from a sense
of duty to say, that it is the only arrangement on this subject which I feel at liberty to enter into. But should your views not
correspond with mine, whilst I regret the circumstance, I must refer you to the sentiments of my former note, in which is
embodied my protest, for your final decision thereon. It is now proper that I should inform your Excellency that the United
States is prepared with escort, transport, provisions and water, to accomodate the Spanish officers and Troops to the
Havana, and that I am prepared to enter immediately into the general arrangement for the reception of the province
which you have been selected by your Government to deliver. I have designed Major Cross as a fit and proper person
to receive the Archives which relate to the sovreignty, and individual property of the province. And Lieu Baird of the
Corps of Artillery to receive the inventories, plans &c  and to take possession of the islands dependant, public Lotts, and
squares, public ideficies and other buildings which are not private property, and have therefore to request that you will
give the necessary orders in good time, as you were leased to signify in your note of the 11th inst I must advert for a
moment to the expression in your last note which implies a waste of time in the explanations, which I gave in my note of
the 15th --- with these sentiments I beg leave to differ, as I deem it an essential duty to correct misunderstandings, or
incorrect quotations on important subjects. I need not urge upon your Excellency how desirable it is that the
contemplated exchange, should be speedily effected, as well on account of the situation of the troops laying off this City,
as the accumulating expence daily arising from our state of preparation under the treaty. Permit me to hope however
that I may be furnished with Your final decision on the subject of the Artillery at as early as hour as possible.

(Signed) Robt. Butler

Governor Coppinger.

* * *

Colonel Robert Butler
Butler was Andrew Jackson's divisional adjutant. Col. Butler would receive the transfer of East Florida from Governor
Coppinger. Butler was appointed the Surveyor General in Florida in 1825. He had a plantation of 900 acres around
Lake Jackson, which includes what is today the Lake Jackson Mounds State Park.
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