Letter from Butler to Coppinger
June 22nd 1821

Reply by Coppinger to Butler
June 23rd 1821

Territorial Papers of Florida
St. Augustine June 22nd 1821
Sir Before answering the particulars of your note of yesterday, I beg leave to inform you that I have given to Major Cross
and Lieut. Baird the necessary orders as contemplated in your letter of the 19th and they will wait on your Excellency
accordingly. In answering that part of your note aforesaid which relates to the Archives or records of individual property,
I take for granted that we understood each other in that respect, fully in our conference yesterday, and will remark
accordingly, that as there appears some doubts on your part, you are desirous to await the decision of the Cap Gen of
Cuba on the subject, at the same time you are disposed to give me an official assurance that they shall not be removed
from the province until such decision is received. Your motives cannot be otherwise than approved on my part, and as
Adeline Schooner will return to this port from the Havana, a favorable opportunity offers for the conveyance of the
Cap Gen answer. You will permit me to hope that you will embody my sentiments as expressed to you on that subject in
your letter to the Cap Gen as I deem it of the utmost importance for the security of the titles to the property owned by
the inhabitants of this province, that the only evidence (which is the records) that will be recognized by my government
should remain a permanent basis of security to them in their possession. I will now take up the subject of your
Excellency's note of yesterday---and will inform you that the Sloop
Endeavor of 40 tons has been procured for the
purpose of affording additional accomodations to the families of the officers, and also to transport the ammunition and
stores contemplated by our mutual understanding , and which I have deemed sufficient from the official estimate
furnished me by your aid de Camp, and examination. the Cap o this vessel will be instructed to report to you early on
tomorrow and take your orders. Enclosed your Exc will ind an estimate of the provisions to be furnished on my part
embracing also their kinds and component parts, which will afford you the information desired. You will also receive a
memoranda of the accomodations afforded by the transports, and I am persuaded that you will discover the propiety of
placing the military officers who have families on board the
 Meteor, as the accomodations are entirely private, each
stateroom having a Venitian door, and unconnected with each other. The Cabin accomodations of the Sloop also afford
much convenience, as you will readily perceive. As you were pleased to express yourself satisfied with these
accomodations in our conversation yesterday I shall be gratified to know that you continue so. It may be of some
importance to the officer commanding the U. S. convoy to have completed at an early day the arrangements necessary
for the government of the fleet. I hope you will afford the information on that head as soon as possible. After expressing
my thanks for the exertions you are daily making to facilitate my wishes, I conclude with a hope that you will make a
request of the Cap Gen that the transports shall enter Havana, and disembark free of duties.
(signed) Robt Butler. U. S. Commissioner.
H. E. Gov Coppinger.

* * *
Governor Coppinger to Robert Butler

St. Augustine June 23rd 1821
In answer to your esteemed note of yesterday, assuring Y. E. as I mentioned in my letter o the 19th that until I received
the answer of my government on the doubts arising on the delivery of the public Archives relating to the individual
property of the inhabitants of this province and on which I have on this date wrote for information, they shall not be
removed from this place and they shall remain precisely as they are. I shall likewise remain here until this point is
decided as well as that on the Artillery, on which I have made my report and in the mean time I will have formed an exact
inventory of the documents contained in those Archives---I will inform H. E. the Cap Gen of Cuba, of the sentiments Y. E.
has expressed respecting the rights of the inhabitants holding property holding property here; and I will likewise lay
before him the question embraced in the last paragraph of Y. E. letter: -- Whether the American transports entering the
port of Havana, shall be free of duties. I have noted the object to which your E has destined the Sloop endeavor, and will
give orders that her loading shall be entered on as soon as possible; but the article of Powder will be reserved until the
last moment in order to diminish the danger of accidents, and for the same reason it appears to me a matter of
prudence that no other person should be entered on board of her than the necessary crew---and that the families of the
civil officers may not thereby be cramped in their accomodations, I will distribute them in the vessels freighted on my part
or the transportation of the Cannon, bombs &c. if Y.E will have the goodness to cause them to be supplied with the
rations &c for the Voyage; and with this view I will give you timely notice of the distribution I make --- The conveniences
of the
Meteor will be appropriated to the military but as we have separately agreed the colored troops will be shipped in
the transports I have freighted and for which I hope Y.E. will be pleased to order rations in proper time. I appreciate the
Statement that accompanied your letter for my information, and adverting to that of rations, which is calculated for a
voyage of twenty days Y. E. will pardon my making the observation, that in the present season of the year they
frequently extended to thirty days, and more. Experience affor no examples of vessels having to return here after being
twenty five days at sea; and for this very reason the packet Schooner of this Government
Barbarita, when sailing to the
Havana in these months, is supplied with rations for forty days---I have conceived it proper to state these circumstances
for Y. E has expressed -- and I have much pleasure in assuring you of my particular respect and consideration -- God
preserve Y. E. many years.

Jose Coppinger

By order of H. E. Don Jose Coppinger --- Geo J. F. Clarke
H. E. Robert Butler. U. S. Com

Statement of the vessels freighted by the Spanish governmentof this place for the transportation of the Cannons, balls,
bomps, and grape shot, to be removed to the Havana; and for which convoy is requested.

American Schooner Adeline       Capt. I. Israel
                              Florida        Capt. Charles Johnston
                              Alexander   Captain Silas Rogers

Signed Jose Coppinger

St. Augustine E Florida 23rd June 1821  
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