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Assorted Slave Movement Restrictions
St. Augustine Florida
Isaac Walker
Taken in the street 3/4 after 9:00 by the patrol. Found in a lie.

Mr. Gold will you please to permit Scipio Turcker to have a prayer meeting on Tuesday night
Christmas Eve.
Yours Respectfully,
Mrs. Keogh

St. Augustine Nov. 28th 1850
My servant Daniel has permission to sleep with his wife Myla, Mrs. Jenkes woman where as she
may be, at the house of Mrs. Jenkes
H. Putnam
Hannah B Jenkes

2 Sept 1840
Dear Sir
I have consented to become the guardian of Moses a free man of color you will please if there is no
objection register me as such in a oblig.
J. S. Sanchez

The subscriber agrees to be the guardian of Jacob Bork a free boy of colour for one year.
Andrew W. Anderson
October 24, 1838
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