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AMA Teacher's Cottage
June 23, 1876

Rev. Geo Whipple Sec.
My Dear Sir,

Have B. F. Oliveros, member of our County Board of Education, presented a letter from you at the
last meeting of the Board to which I was directed to make reply. It is the desire and request of the
Board that the $200 now in your hands be paid, by draft to J. W. Allen Treasurer of our Board to be
used for the purpose of repairs and painting on the School House No. 2 (Colored) as there is said
need of such work.

Second,, it is the desire and request of the Board that the entire care and management of the dwelling
house built by Dr. O. Bronson for the use of the teachers of said school be committed to the Board
to be used for the purposes designed by him. The Board being ready at all times to report to the Am
Miss Assoc. and acting simply as its agents for the gread? of all concerned.

C.O. Reynolds
County Supt.

Office of Supt Schools
St. Augustine, Fla
Oct 1st, 1877
Edgar Kitchum, Esq
Treasurer of the American Missionary Association of the City of New York


Will you be kind enough to inform me who is the proper person to take charge of and control the two
story frame building on the Government Lot in the City of St. Augustine, near the colored school
house? By reference to the Deed on file in the Clerks office of this County, I find that the late Dr.
Oliver Bronson deeded to Edgar Ketchum to the effect "that the said house shall be forever used as a
residence for the teachers of the free colored school of St. Augustine, or that it shall be used for the
use and purposes of said school, such School being in conformity to, and under the Laws of the State
of Florida, in regard to Public Schools and in case said House shall cease to be used for such
purposes as above it shall thereupon revert to and become a portion of my Estate (Bronson).

I am the Superintendent of Schools for the County of St. Johns, duly appointed and commissioned by
the Governor of the state and am now officiating as such; and am desirous of taking care of all school
property, and see that "matters and things in general" be properly cared for. I have never been placed
in possession of the keys of the building in question. The Building has been unoccupied since the
closing of the school on the 28th inst last.

An early reply is solicited.


Thos L Russell
Supt of Schools

Office of the Supt of Schools
St. Augustine FL Nov 5, 1877
Rev. M E. Strieby

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 26th ult. to hand In reply, would state that the dwelling house referred to, is a small
cottage built by the late Dr. Bronson upon the lot of land owned by the U. S. Government in the City
of St. Augustine, upon which said lot stands a large and commodious school house, built by General
O. O. Howard of the Freedman's Bureau for the education of the colored children. The Cottage was
for the use of teachers selected for the colored school, to reside in. This cottage is only a few yards
from the school building and is now closed as the teachers now in charge of the school house, have
their own residences in the city. This cottage building was designed by the late Dr. Bronson for the
residence of teachers or to be rented and the rental to go towards sustaining the Colored School
either in repairs of building or paying salaries of teachers, etc.

All the public schools of this county are under my immediate supervision as Superintendent of
schools, commissioned by the Governor of the State.

My only object in writing is to know who has charge of the cottage in question, and who has the
keys. The Cottage is upon the lot of which I now have control, and am desirous of doing what I can
to forward the interest of Education.

Very respectfully
Thos P Russell
Supt Schools