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The Almost Rebuilding of
Trinity Episcopal Church
January 3, 1888 Florida Times Union

This morning we called upon Mr. E. L. Dunn, rector of the Episcopal church, and were shown plans of
the new church and the parsonage to be built upon the site of the old church. The old church was built
about fifty years ago and is noted for the beauty and taste of its front. This front is to be entirely
preserved. The new church to be joined to this will be in the shape of a Greek cross, with the arms of
the cross even. The new church will have a seating capacity twice as great as the old building, and will
be lighted from an open latern roof. The probable cost will be in the neighborhood of $25,000. T%he
plans were drawn by Messrs.
Carrere and Hastings of the Ponce de Leon. The beautiful garden on the
corner of St. George and King streets, in which flourish so luxuriantly the tropical date palms, will be
preserved intact. The rectory is to be on St. George street back from King Street, and will contain ten
rooms. The old rectory will probably be used as chambers for the heating apparatus to be introduced
for the heating of the new church. The estimate given does not include the furnishings, which are to be
of a beautiful and massive character appropriate to the architecture of the building. Concrete is the
material to be used in the construction of both the church and rectory.
Mr. Flagler, when he saw the
plans, said the building would be one of the handsomest in the old city. The church, rectory and
furnishings will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000. A steeple of impressive design, tall and beautiful;
will surmount the whole. Much credit is due to the indefatigable energy of Mr. Dunn for the raising of
the necessary funds for this building.