Alcazar Hotel
St. Augustine Florida
NRHP 71001013
Alcazar Hotel opened by Henry Flagler on December 25, 1888. Building designed by Carrere and
Hastings. Constructed by McGuire and McDonald. Supervising Architect -- J. W. Ingle. Today's St.
Augustine City Hall and Lightner Museum.

In the beginning....Olivet Methodist Episcopal Church, North was removed. The San Marco
roller-skating-rink building was demolished and the Maria Sanchez Creek was filled in.

Fact Sheet
May - concrete pouring for the foundation begins.

December 25th - first guests registered
Tropical Tennis Tournament begins would later be played on the four asphalt courts behind the Casino.

February 22 - Casino opens.
March -
Alicia Hospital Fair and Ball
rover Cleveland pays second visit to St. Augustine views Casino.
Secretary of State
Thomas Bayard swims in pool.

40 rooms added
Greenleaf & Crosby jewelers
Alcazar gets own electricity with the addition of two Edison direct current dynamos.

H Tumlinson - steward
F. W. Prior - clerk
A. Bagley - bell boys
Angell - superintendent
E. J. Morrill - Register

January 24 - Casino partially destroyed by fire
Joseph Fleck - Chef pastry chef
E J Morrill - room clerk
E K Thom - assistant clerk
Mrs. Price - housekeeper
Harvey Tomlinson - chef
Steward Barker
William Crawford superintendent
Count Favelle - Piccolo
Al Volkman - clarinetist
A. Laurendean - oboe
Harlem Cordes - cornet
Stewart Ripley, flute
Kolterman - pianist
W. H. Smith - double bass

Rooms $3.50 per day American Plan
Imperial Hungarian Gypsy Band
Opened for rooms only
Dr. and Mrs. Fremont Smith occupy rooms in the Alcazar Towers

C. W. Barker, general superintendent
C. B. Knott manager of all three hotels
E. Barron chef, French
Mrs. Eaton, housekeeper
Mr. J. Robertson, night clerk
Edward Grabon - night clerk   
Jessie Harris, head waiter

48 bathrooms added to Alcazar
J. P.  Greaves, manager
Asa Loomis - room clerk
Mrs. Twombley, Housekeeping
Ernest Slenker, band director also violin
Henry Heildelberg, flutist
Garfond Mercadante, pianist
Harry Koop, cellist
William J. Henry, Superintendent Casino
F Allen - Riding Academy

J. P. Greaves manager
Ernest Slenker leader of hotel band, violinist composed a march to honor Greaves
Slenker's Orchestra (five members)
Asa Loomis - room clerk
Arthur Marsh, cashier
Mrs. Twombley, Housekeeping
Café expanded

J. P. Greaves, manager
Asa Loomis, room clerk

J. P. Greaves, manager
James C. Gray, Night clerk

City Council Ordinance for a span over Cordova Street with an elevated bridge
Large concrete-walled dining room built   

Mr. Anderson, manager

Manager Wm. McAuliffe, Chief Clerk, Frank T. Kealing; cashier and bookkeeper, H. G. Loud; mail
clerk, H. A. Brooks; night clerk, W. E. Wilson; chief steward, Stephen C. Meigher; chef, Frank C.
Travers; housekeeper, Miss Margaret Crocker; assistant housekeeper, Miss Fannie C. Augur; head
waiter, W. H. Wilkinson; head bellman, Geo. W. Boykin; head porter, Daniel L. Reardon. Wine
Steward S. P. Sheridan,. Prof. E. W. Prouty, leader of the orchestra, Prof. John F. Conroy  the
Casino, The barber shop in charge of Geo. W. Murray.

Mr. William McAuliffe, manager; Mr. F. T. Keating, the chief clerk; Mr. H. G. Loud, the cashier; Mr.
H. A. Brooks, the assistant cashier;  Mrs. Brooks, who has had charge of the newsstand; Mr. Frank
Ames, the night clerk; Miss M. A. Bigelow, the stenographer; Mr. S. C. Meagher, the steward; Mr.
F. C. Travers, the chef; Mr. Dan Reardon, the head porter; H. W. Wilkinson, the head waiter; G. W.
Boyies, the head bell man. Alcazar orchestra under the direction of Mr. E. J. Quiry. Prof. John F.
Conroy Casino.

Shaw's Boston orchestra

William McAuliffe, manager

J. B. Lockwood as tennis professional

Hosmer's Boston Orchestra, Franklin Charles, director

Wm. McAuliffe, manager

Wm. McAuliffe, manager, Hosemer's Boston Orchestra, Franklin Charles, director

1925 and 1926
Amateur Athletic Union Women's National Swimming Championships in Casino pool.

February 3 Will Rogers on stage in Casino Ballroom.

Hotel Closed

City of St. Augustine takes 3 year lease with option to buy.

July 7 Otto C. Lightner buys building from Florida East Coast Hotel Company and turns it over to the
City of St. Augustine in trust.

City Commission turns Alcazar into City Hall.

Opening (Tatler, 1893)
The announcement of the opening of this popular hotel was received with many expressions of joy by
a large class of its former patrons, and although dinner was served for the first time Monday night,
several pages of the register are now filled with names of guests. As will be remembered by habitures
of St. Augustine five years ago, the experiment of keeping a large hotel open all the year, was tried
two summers, attracting a number of visitors who with townspeople who made it their home, enjoyed
its good far, beautiful rooms, cool court and general good cheer. It was an expensive experiment for
Mr. Flagler, and was discontinued.

During the season, however, the Alcazar continued to be the home of many of the most exclusive
visitors to the city who appreciated its air of quiet elegance. The house is now under the able
management of Mr. C. B. Knott, who is making a splendid record for himself as the manager of the
sister hotels, the Ponce de Leon and Cordova. besides the dining-room of the Alcazar. Steward
Barker and Chef Baron -- prepare the orders for the restaurant of the Casino where a number of the
guests of the house dined and supped before the dining-room was ready to serve meals. The Alcazar
contains about two hundred and fifty rooms, every one a front room, either looking into the court or
onto the beautiful boulevards that surround the house, every room is large, handsomely furnishedand
has a good closet. A number of the rooms have baths--there are public bath rooms on each floor.
Many of the rooms communicate adding to their comfort and convencience. The parlor is a spacious
beautifully furnished room, with an entrance from the court and from the office, and is supplemented by
a large writing-room for ladies opening from it. On the south of the main dining-rooms is the officers
room and children's ordinary, and beyond this a gentlemans' writing-room fitted up with writing
materials, newspapers, etc. The dining-room appointments are extremely beautiful, handsome china,
silver and linen especially woven for it.

The Alcazar (The Tatler, Jan. 16, 1897)
There is probably no hotel in the country enjoying a greater degree of popularity than the Alcazar. Its
large, beautifully furnished rooms, broad halls, steam heated, the imposing restaurant and commodious
parlor, handsomely furnished, contributing greatly to secure a strong place for it in the affections of its
patrons. Its popularity is not, however, confined to its guests, every visitor to St. Augustine delights in
an hour spent among the palms and moving cocoanut trees that add so much to the charm of the
rotunda, where twice every day Stenker's orchestra renders music of a high order in an artistic
manner. Indeed, the orchestra is one of the best in the city, although consisting of but five musicians.

During the past summer a new elevator was placed in the house, the floors of the halls have been
polished and new carpets rich in color and of effective design laid through the centre, imparting an air
of elegance and comfort.

Mr. Joseph P. Greaves, who successfully managed the Alcazar last season, is again at the head,
cordially welcoming guests, who return and who come for the first time. Previous to Mr. Greaves
management of the Alcazar he was cashier of the Ponce de Leon, filling the position two seasons.
Through the summer he fills the important position of auditor at Manhattan Beach, for the Hotel
Manhattan and the Oriental.

Mr. Asa Loomis, who has been connected with the East Coast Hotel system for the past four years,
serving at the Cordova and the Alcazar as room clerk, presides over the register, and with the aid of
Mr. Arthur Marsh, cashier, has entire charge of the office. Mr. Loomis was for a long time with the
Kenilworth Inn, and has a fund of anecdote gathered over the register. Mr. Arthur Marsh, the cashier,
has grown into his present position with the Hotel system and is thoroughly identified with it. Mrs.
Twombley, the housekeeper, has many friends among the guests of this and former years, to whose
comfort she has contributed. The head waiter, has been connected with the Alcazar for three years.

Benefit held for Maine suffers 2/26/1898
Favorite Guest - Thomas Edison

Swimming Pool
45 feet from the pool floor to glass roof
pool 120 ft long 50 feet wide
depth 3 to 12 feet

February 19, 1900
Casino Tomorrow Night.
Master Jamie Crippen, contralto, a dainty, polished little gentleman of 11 years, who has sung in
hundreds of concerts with Roney's Boys, and has established himself as a favorite in the affection of
thousands. He will be heard at the Casino Tuesday evening, with Roney's Boys and Blatchford

February 22, 1900
Dewey Pictures and Washington Ball to be Given There Tonight
This morning at the Casino the orchestra played National tunes, and an unusually large crowd was
there all morning.

Tonight one can go the two Georges for fifty cents, twenty-five cents per Jawge. That is to say, from
eight until nine in the evening there will be moving pictures of the naval and land parades incident to the
Dewey celebration, after which a Washington Birthday Ball will be the attraction. The ball room is
being lavishly decorated in evergreens.

February 23, 1900
At the Casino.
Dewey Moving Pictures and Washington Birthday Ball.
The Casino presented an unusually beautiful appearance last night. Around the pool stood potted
palms, and large Japanese lanterns of unique design shed soft light over the water. Above the pool five
great American flags hung in billows. The stairs were banked with cedar lighted with myriads of tiny
red, white and blue incandescent lights, and opposite the entrance to the ball room one was dazzled by
an illuminated design, lettered with Washington in incandescent lights, alternately red, white and blue;
the background in wild smilax and a festoon of the same beneath. The stage was arranged for the
portrayal of the moving pictures reproducing the familiar success of the Dewey parades which lasted
from eight until nine o'clock, after which the ballroom was devoted to the Washington Ball until half
past twelve. A program of sixteen numbers, each bearing an improvised and appropriate title was
rendered. A great many were present and the evening was in every way a delightful one, the music
being up to the usual standard of excellence. The very artistic decorations will remain over tonight,
when an especial dance program will be given.

February 26, 1900
The Casino tonight.
Manager Taylor has arranged for special dance programs tonight and tomorrow night, the only
remaining evenings before the beginning of Lent, next Wednesday being Ash Wednesday. The dance
program will continue from 8:30 until 11 o'clock for these two nights, and every one will have an
opportunity of spending two more evenings in dancing. The regular price of admission will obtain.

February 27, 1900
Lamar, the little son of Mr. J. D. Rahner, is among the Casino patrons who have recently mastered the
art of swimming. He is able to strike out for himself now without the assistance of Mrs. Scott, his

March 3, 1900
The Casino Company.
The Casino Company, a musical, dramatic and social organization, has just been organized for the
purpose of producing plays and entertainments for recreation and charity. The company has adopted a
novel plan, which will enable any recognized organization, church or charitable society to realize
money, without any responsibilities or risks. The company's plan is to sell blocks of tickets to any
worthy organization, and allow them 25 cents on every ticket sold through them. The members of this
company, which consists of some of the best amateurs in St. Augustine, have prepared for production
the three act farcical comedy by W. S. Gilbert entitled "Tom Cobb, or in Love With a Soul." This will
be presented at the Casino on the evening of Friday, March 9. Tickets will be sold at 50 and 75 cents
each, and reserved seats are now on sale; the diagram being on exhibition at the Casino office. The
Casino stage has been enlarged and special scenery painted for this play. It is the intention of the
Casino Company to give a series of entertainments and plays from time to time throughout the season.

It would be advisable for such organization as come within the scope of the above outlined proposition
to communicate with the Casino company under the management of
Mr. A. M. Taylor, where all
particulars may be learned.

Casino Bowling Alleys.
At the Casino Bowling Alley three prizes will be awarded for the month of March: A large "Stein" for
the best score made during the month, and a wee, blue mug for the best cocked hat score made in the

The tournament for the
News Herald challenge cup is now on. This cup was won in 1896 by John
O'Connor, in 1897 and 1898 by William Carcaba, and last year by Donald Dunham.

To further encourage ladies who go in for bowling, a hat pin contest will be inaugurated by Mr. Taylor
for those making a certain score. He has several attractive hat pins, some with a coon head design and
others with coat-of-arms of the State.

* * *
Water sports at the Casino tonight will embody some good high diving exhibitions and fancy swimming.

March 5, 1900
Casino Water Sports.
The Water sports Saturday night were witnessed by about 500 people a larger crowd than they have
ever before attracted. Dancing, as usual, was the amusement with the majority of the young people.

March 9, 1900
Informal Reception at the Casino.
An informal reception was given at the Casino last evening by Mrs. H. S. Houston of the Florida
House in honor of Miss Pearl Houston of Holyoke, and Mr. R. H. Chapin of Springfield, Mass. A
very enjoyable evening was passed in dancing.

March 10, 1900
The Casino Company.
"Tom Cobb, or In Love With a Soul" Presented Last Night.

It was the unanimous verdict of the large audience which attended the performance of W. S. Gilbert's
farcical comedy that the play was well rendered. The numerous bursts of applause and the continuous
ripples of laughter throughout each act testified to the opinion of the spectators. The amateurs who
participated in the play proved themselves to be no novices in the histrionic art and acted with ease
and vivacity.

Mrs. R. P. Kettle, as "Caroline Effingham," was perfect in her part, and sustained her reputation as a
painstaking and accomplished actress. Miss Rosa Hoey in a small but important part, "Mrs.
Effingham," demonstrated her undoubted ability in a character part, and her make-up was extremely
good. Miss Estelle Hayden, as "Matilda O'Fipp," was the dutiful daughter of "Colonel O'Fipp," a part
splendidly portrayed by J. Clifford R. Foster. Mr. Foster's make-up was very fine, and his acting as
usual, good. Geo. Brown played the part of "Tom Cobb" in an artistic manner and had the sympathies
of his audience throughout his changing fortunes. As "Tim Whipple" Mr. W. A. Riley played the
semi-villain's part very well, and at the opening of the second act sang "Without Thee" in good voice
and with exquisite taste, evoking a round of applause, Mr. Charles E. Kettle as "Mr. Effingham" an
aged man, but hale and tough as hickory, was inimitable, while Mr. Harry Robertson as "Bulstrode
Effingham" was too droll for anything, and raised the biggest laugh of the evening. The "Washington
Black" of James Coxetter was all right and his make-up perfect.

The enlargement of the Casino stage and the preparation of the specially painted scenery is a great
improvement, which, together with the excellent music of Prof. LePaige's orchestra, puts the Casino on
the footing of an opera house.

It is to the untiring effort and instruction of Mr. A. M. Taylor that the success of this little comedy is in
large measure due, and it is hoped, if only for the benefit of the few who did not attend last night that
the play may be repeated.

March 12, 1900
The Smith-Gorton company, who made such a hit here in the earlier part of the season, will give
another performance at the Casino tomorrow night, in which their specialties will be of a different
character. Mr. Smith will repeat his impersonation of Elizabeth Caddy Staton, which took so well
before, and in addition a one-act play will be given, the well-known farce; A Happy Pair. Reserved
seats at 50 cents are now on sale at the Casino.

* * *
The Ponce de Leon waiters will give their twelfth annual cakewalk at the Casino Thursday night.

March 13, 1900
These Famous Entertainers Will be at the Casino Tonight.
Those who were fortunate enough to hear Smith and Gorton, the famous entertainers, when they were
at the Casino some weeks ago, will be delighted to attend their performance tonight, which will consist
of their inimitable impersonations, sand etching, clay modeling, etc., and in addition a one act play
entitled The Happy Pair. This will be well worth seeing.

March 15, 1900
Alcazar Ball.
The ballroom at the Casino never looked more beautiful than it did last night on the occasion of the
Alcazar ball. The entrance was through a bower of aromatic cedar and palm branches and stately
potted palms stood irregularly around the spacious room. The balusters were thickly trained with wild
smilax, and the opening arches overlooking the pool were trellised with long fronds of the coconut
palm brought from Miami. Wreaths and festoons of delicate greenery adored the white walls and were
massed in corners. Gigantic punch bowls were embowered in a grotto fashioned of gray Spanish
moss, studied thickly with pink roses, and, embedded in festoons, wreaths and mossy grottoes, on the
vine-robed balusters and in green recesses were thousands of miniature colored incandescent lights
which shed a soft glow over the scene of enchantment.

The cornices of the windows were draped in pink and green. One wing of the room was converted
into a supper room where fifty little tables each accommodating from six to eight persons, were
arranged on heavy rugs. Between four and five hundred invited guests were present among whom
were many beautiful women robed in handsome gowns. An original order of dances consisting of
twelve numbers was contained in a dainty program of blue and silver, and with exquisite music and the
floor in perfect condition, no detail was lacking which goes to made an ideal ball.

March 17, 1900
The twelfth annual cakewalk of the Ponce de Leon waiters at the Casino last night was a pronounced
success. There was a regular crush. The first part of the program consisting of some singing and
dancing did not amount to much, with the exception of some good buck dancing which was done for a
$5 prize. This was won by Wragley, to the satisfaction of everybody.

The cakewalk itself, which began about ten o'clock was the main thing, of course, and the contestants
included some very clever steppers. After a short time it became evident which was the favorite couple
in line and the decision of the judges a warding the cake to couple number fourteen met with general
approbation. The cake is the large and much ornamented one which has been on exhibition at the
Casino for the past several days, and was won by the Valencia bell-boy and his partner, a dusky belle
of Jacksonville. A couple of two steps and waltzes were participated in after the award by the entire  
and some very graceful dancers were seen.

March 19, 1900
Special program of music, swimming and dancing at the Casino tonight.

March 21, 1900
The fruit exhibit in the Alcazar is redolent with orange blossoms brought up today from Rockledge,
and the waxy blooms nestling amid green leaves are much admired by visitors.

March 23, 1900
Tom Cobb Tonight.
Successful Farce to Be Repeated at the Casino by Original Cast.

A large number of seats have been sold for the second presentation of Tom Cobb, or In Love With a
Soul tonight at the Casino. This farce, which made such a hit on the evening of the 9th instant, is the
funniest, most laugh producing play ever seen on the Casino boards, and bids fair to be even more
largely attended than before.....

Curtain up promptly at 8:30, and down for the last time at 10:30. Incidental music by the Casino
orchestra under Prof. LePaige. Reserved seats 50 and 75 cents.

Cakewalk at the Casino.
By the Alcazar Waiters It was Highly Successful.
The cakewalk of the Alcazar waiters at the Casino last night was a fine affair, and attracted a crowd of
over seven hundred people. The concert which began the entertainment was quite good, better than
that of a week ago with the exception of the song and dancer attired in a green and red suit, who was
very tiresome. Grace and Annie in wing dances were excellent, as were the three Jones brothers in
musical specialties.

The cakewalk which began about 10 o'clock, included seven couples all of whom were good walkers.
After a close contest of almost an hour's pacing, the first prize, $7.00, was awarded couple number
one, Jim Jones from Jacksonville and Lillie a tiny dark town belle attired in pale blue. This little thing is
not over seven years old, and her antics were very cute. She and her partner, a shining coal black
man, received vociferous applause. The second prize, $3.00 was won by Samuel Lee and Mabel, a
graceful couple, and the third prize, the cake, was the reward of Campbell and Annie, the latter
another small walker. The floor manager was F. Garvin who is deserving of much credit in arranging
this very successful entertainment.

The Alcazar waiters have challenged. The waiters of the Ponce de Leon to a competition walk to
come off next week, which will be the last cakewalk of the season.

March 24, 1900
Special program of water sports at the Casino tonight, consisting of height and distance leaping off the
springboard, high diving from the balcony, tub races, shooting the chutes, greased pole climbing, etc.

Water Sports at the Casino Tonight.
Manager Taylor is decorating Mr. Flagler's private box in the Casino in honor of Admiral Dewey, who
is expected to witness the water sports tonight. Special music has also been arranged.

March 26, 1900
There was a large crowd at the Casino Saturday night to witness the usual water sports, which were
up to their general standard in way of excitement and amusement. In anticipation of a visit from
Admiral and Mrs. Dewey, a private box had been draped in American flags, and a song and chorus,
composed specially by Professor Le Paige for the occasion, had been rehearsed by a score of trained
voices embracing some of the best talent in the city. Owing to fatigue incident to their journey and
reception in Jacksonville, the Admiral and his wife did not make a public appearance, and the crowd
at the casino was disappointed on that account, but the chorus was sung anyway, and enthusiastically
applauded. The composition has not only a rousing and catchy air, but is good music without any
trashy characteristics, as is not always the case with patriotic songs, and it rang very true and strong
Saturday night.

December 16, 1909
Hotel Alcazar Opens for Season of 1910 Tomorrow
With the formal opening dinner tomorrow night from 6 to 8 o'clock the doors of the palatial Alcazar
hotel will be thrown open for the winter season of 1909-1910. Manager Wm. McAuliffe has
everything in readiness for the opening and the season is expected to be one of the best in the history
of the hotel.

Mr. McAuliffe has been in the city several weeks superintending the work of preparing this great
hostelry for the coming winter season. Everything possible has been done to have everything better
arranged than ever before at the Alcazar for the coming season. All of the East Coast Hotel
Company's magnificent hotels are popular but it is planned to make this one on the most popular of all
and Mr. McAuliffe is working with this end in view.

Invitations have been sent out to the opening dinner and many citizens or St. Augustine people will be
present as the guests of the hotel. Tourist travel is daily increasing in volume and the hotel will
doubtless have many guests as soon as the doors are opened.

Mr. McAuliffe is himself a man of wide experience in hotel work and is well known and popular
among many of the regular winter visitors to the East Coast. In carrying out his plan for making this
one of the best seasons in the history of the Alcazar he has associated with him a staff selected from
among the best and most experienced attachés of the leading hotels of the country.

The staff is as follows:
Chief Clerk, Frank T. Kealing; cashier and bookkeeper, H. G. Loud; mail clerk, H. A. Brooks; night
clerk, W. E. Wilson; chief steward, Stephen C. Meigher; chef, Frank C. Travers; housekeeper, Miss
Margaret Crocker; assistant housekeeper, Miss Fannie C. Augur; head waiter, W. H. Wilkinson;
head bellman, Geo. W. Boykin; head porter, Daniel L. Reardon.

The wine room will be in charge of S. P. Sheridan. Prof. E. W. Prouty, formerly of the Poinciana, has
been engaged as leader of the orchestra. The orchestra will as usual be of the highest class and its
music will be a pleasing feature of the Alcazar during the new season. Prof. John F. Conroy will have
charge of the Casino and will hold it up to its accustomed high standard. The barber shop will be in
charge of Geo. W. Murray.

December 31, 1909
Dance at the Hotel Alcazar.
The management of the Hotel Alcazar will give a New Year=s eve dance in the spacious ball-room of
the hotel that will be enjoyed by its many guests, and many of the residents of the city.

January 3, 1910
Dance at the Hotel Alcazar.
A notable event announcing the commencement of St. Augustine's social season was the New Year's
dance given in the parlors of the Hotel Alcazar Friday evening by the management of the hotel. As the
dancing continued until past midnight those participating danced the old year out and the new year in.
The music, which was of the best, was furnished by the Alcazar orchestra and as the floor was perfect
for dancing the affair proved most delightful. This function was enjoyed by Manager McAuliff's many
guests in the hotel, and a large number of invited friends. This is the first of a series of pleasurable
affairs that will be given at the Hotel Alcazar during the season.

January 4, 1910
Change in Orchestra.
Prouty's orchestra at the Hotel Alcazar will henceforth be under the direction of Mr. E. J. Quiory of
Worchester, Mass. Mr. Quiry has played in the orchestras of a number of large hotels in the leading
summer resorts of the North, and has a wide experience as an orchestra leader. Mr. Prouty, who has
been here since the opening of the Hotel Alcazar, has left for Nassau to assume the leadership of the
orchestra at the Hotel Colonial there.

Dance at Alcazar.
A delightful informal dance was enjoyed last evening in the parlors of the Alcazar Hotel by a number of
guests in the hotel, and many young people in the city. The management of the Hotel Alcazar plans to
give one of these enjoyable affairs on Thursday evening of each week throughout the season.

January 15, 1910
Casino Will Open Monday For 1910 Winter Season
The Casino will open for business on Monday, January 17th, at 9 a.m. The guests and patrons will find
it more comfortable than ever before as it has been thoroughly painted and the baths and gymnasium
have been put in first-class condition. There will be music from 11 to 12 o'clock. The usual water
sports and dancing will occur on Saturday evenings.

It will be in charge of Prof. John F. Conroy, a well known athlete and author, who has been physical
director and fencing master of the municipal gymnasium of Boston, Mass., and also the Roxbury Latin
School for the past ten years.  He is a Harvard graduate and professor of Hygiene and Massage; has
been awarded the Congressional Medal by the United States and the Carnegie Medal for bravery in
saving life. He has published several books relating to the art of swimming and of saving life and also
on physical culture.

He is ably assisted by Mr. Gustave Anderson and Mme. Edith Stromblad, both of whom are experts
in hydro therapeutic and Turkish treatments and graduate operators of the art of massage. Mr.
Anderson has devoted the past eight years to the hydrotherapy and Turkish bathing and has operated
in some of the famous Turkish baths in the country as well as in the Massachusetts General Hospital of

The lady patrons of the baths will find in Mme. Stromblad a very fine operator of the hydrotherapy
baths and massage. She is a graduate of Sanders Institution of Stockholm, Sweden, and New York.
She has made massage a life study and will be remembered by patrons of the north shore of
Massachusetts as she has treated there for a number of years.

Hours for ladies will be from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and for gentlemen from 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. Classes in
physical culture for both ladies and gentlemen will be a special feature. Prof. Conroy will be in charge.

February 16, 1910
Dinner Party
Among the dinner parties given recently at the Alcazar grill was that at which Mr. And Mrs. Paul A.
Sorg, of New York City, entertained a number of friends complimentary to Mr. And Mrs. Sherer, of
London, England, who have been guests of the Hotel Alcazar for the past six weeks.

February 23, 1910
Washington Ball A Brilliant Event
Given by Management of Alcazar
Delightful Event
Beautiful Decorations and Two Orchestras Features of Notable Affair.

Foremost among the social affairs that celebrated the birthday of George Washington was the grand
ball given in the Casino by Mr. Wm. McAuliffe, manager of the Hotel Alcazar. This was one of the
most brilliant social functions given in St. Augustine in years, and was enjoyed by hundreds of residents
of the city, and a large number of visitors from the various hotels.

The magnificent ball-room had, with the aid of artistic decorations, been transformed into a bower of
beauty. The great arches were draped with red, white and blue bunting, while large American flags and
hundreds of tiny ones arranged in most attractive designs adorned the walls. A large picture of the
Father of Our Country draped with our nation=s colors, and illumined by many tiny varicolored
electric lights occupied a prominent place in the hall. Southern smilax, that most graceful of all vines,
twined the pillars, and the effect of the glossy green leaves in contrast to the white columns was
exceedingly lovely. In the alcove, where punch was served during the evening, quantities of smilax
were used most artistically in draping the walls and arching the windows.

The beautiful ball-room thus adorned was a most lovely setting for the number of beautiful women who
thronged the room. The display of exquisite evening gowns rendered the brilliant scene like a great
parterre of gorgeous flowers, and this was illumined by the soft radiance from myriads of electric lights
of the colors red, white and blue.

The Ponce de Leon, under the direction of Professor Shaw, and the Alcazar orchestras, led by Mr. E.
J. Quiry, furnished the delightful music for the dances, and dance followed dance in rapid succession
until eleven o'clock when a delicious course supper was served the guests in the spacious dining room
of the Hotel Alcazar. An hour later dancing was resumed and continued until the wee small hours.

The dance cards bore on the covers excellent likeness of our first President. In dainty lettering the
cards contained beside the program of dances the names of the patronesses and members of the floor
committee, and formed very pretty souvenirs of this brilliant ball.

The patronesses, who are the leading society ladies of the city, and visiting guests of the Ponce de
Leon and Alcazar hotels, were:
Mrs. Andrew Anderson, Mrs. W. N. P. Darrow, Mrs. R. N.
Dickman, Mrs. G. M. Fletcher, Mrs. G. W. Gibbs, Mrs. L. J. Jopkins, Mrs. C. F. Hopkins, Mrs. J.
E. Ingraham, Mrs. W. A. Knight, Mrs. Albert Lewis, Mrs. Thos. A Lawton, Mrs. H. Marcotte, Mrs.
N. M. McCoombs, Mrs. Geo. F. Miles and Mrs. Murray W. Seagears.

The committee in charge was composed of Messrs.
J. D. Ingraham, chairman; C. F. Hopkins, Jr., W.
E. Moncure, C. L. Lyon, and Whitefield Cohen.

Mr. McAuliffe entertains most royally and the hundreds of guests enjoying the hospitality of the
Alcazar management last evening are most appreciative of the delightful evening of pleasure accorded
them. Mr. McAuliffe and the members of the floor committee who so ably co-operated with him were
the recipients of a deluge of congratulations.

Among the guests were:
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander, Mr. And Mrs.
Butler, Mr. And Mrs. A. V. Benson, Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Bickford, Mr. And Mrs. E. L. Barnes, Mr.
And Mrs. Clarence Bevan, E. Ben Carter, Miss Cole, Mr. And Mrs. J. W. Estes, Mr. And Mrs.
Edwards, Miss Edwards, H. H. Floyd, Mr. And Mrs. J. B. Floyd, Mr. And Mrs. Wm P Genovar,
Mr. And Mrs. C. F. Hopkins, Mrs. A. L Hunt, Mr. And Mrs. J. E. Ingraham, Mrs. John Boyd
Kellogg, Miss Kellogg, Mr. And Mrs. W. A. Knight, Mr. And Mrs. E. I. Leighton, Mr. And Mrs. W.
A. MacWilliams, Miss Donald Allen, Capt. And Mrs. Marcotte, D. P. Morse, Mr. And Mrs. Eugene
Masters, Miss Masters, Mr. And Mrs. Geo. F. Miles, Mr. And Mrs. A. V. Monson, Mrs. A. T.
McMillan, Misses McMillan, Mr. And Mrs. McCoombs, Mr. And Mrs. G. S. Meserve, Mr. And
Mrs. J. T. Petter, Miss Petter, Mr. And Mrs. H. B. Rouse, Miss Shepard, Mr. And Mrs. A. M.
Terwilligar, Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Webb, Miss Emily Wilson, Mrs. Alanson Woods, Mrs. And Miss
Edwards, Lt. Col. H. G. Cavanaugh, Rear Admiral and Mrs. Winslow, Mrs. I. M. Arndt, Mr. And
Mrs. I. W. Hamilton, Mrs. J. Camp, Miss M. E. Huston, Miss A. N. Blair, Mr. And Mrs. C. W.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Beaumont, Mr. W. B. Kingham, Mrs. M. Kingham, Mrs. G. H.
Schimpff, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Guthrie, Mrs. E. P. Savery, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Waldon, Mr. and Mrs.
M. M. Wood, Major Saml Mahon and daughters, C. B. Contrell, Miss Mary Price, Mr. and Mrs. J.
L. Robinson, Mrs. Samuel Wait, Mrs. W. G. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Seeley, Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
Boutwell, Miss Butler, J. C. Branta, W. P. Boger, Mr. and Mrs E. K. Barrett, Whitfield Cohen, Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert N. Casson, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Callaway, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Clarke, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Canfield, Russell Dale, Joseph Dunn, Ethelbert Dyson, F. O. Dunham, Pierce Evans, Geo.
L. Estes, Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Estes, W. B. Edminister, Gen. And Mrs. J. C. R. Foster, Misses Floyd,
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Farris, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Forward, Misses Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Hoatson, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Howatt, Miss Hunt; Misses Hopkins, G. C. Hopkins, Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Henderich, C. F. Hopkins, Miss N. S. Hawkins, Howard Hawkins, Carl Hawkins, J.
D. Ingraham, Miss Kathleen Ingraham, Geo. W. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Kirtland, Miss
McLaughlin, Miss McWilliams, A. E. McCoy, Dr. Moseley , Robert Meserve, Clifford Noda, Misses
O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Penna, A. E. Pilgrim, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rahner, W. J. Renfroe, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Snow, Jack Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spear, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spencer,
Eugene Segui, Miss Edna Stanley, Miss Thornton, Miss Anges Usina, Miss Elsie Usina, Percy Van
Ness, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Walker, Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Worley, Dr. Geo. Young, Miss Bamberger,
Miss Landis, Mr. and Mrs. D. Scoffum, Mr. and Mrs. Porter Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wakelin,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Russell, Mrs. A. Dupont, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey, Miss E. R. Curtis, Mr. and
Mrs. E. R. West, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Waterhouse, Mrs. Hackett, Dr. J. B. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. G. F.
Miles, Miss E. L. Borden, Mrs. P. H. Gardner, M. K. Jones, W. T. Knox, E. L. Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Dusenberg, J. R. Collins, J. W. Wilson, R. Kenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Bursill, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Hallgood, Mr. and Mrs. R. Turner, Mrs. W. Barney, Mrs. Stromborn, Miss Chambers, W. H.
Chambers, Col Murray, Mr. and Mrs. C. King, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Keiser, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cox,
Mrs. Koethon, Mrs. Berry, Miss McMillan, C. W. Henking, Mrs. Chew, Joseph Wagner, John
Wagner, Mr. J. H. West and party, E. J. Sokoll, Miss Sokoll, Mrs. And Miss McCauley, the Hon.
Mr. Justice and Mrs. Riddle, Mr. and Mrs. L. Brown Belfield, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Brokaw, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Casserly, Mrs. C. W. Silcox, Miss Robson, Mrs. J. H. Sanders, Miss Helen Sanders, Miss
Eisie Walker, H. B. Welborne, Mr. and Mrs. Huber, Mrs. H. R. Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. T. R.
Savage, F. L. Thompkins, Mrs. H. B. Stough, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hills,
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Mecham, Misses Atwater, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hawes, Mrs. H. L. English, Miss
J. Stockrell, Mrs. M. W. Hazeltine, Miss J. Hazeltine, R. T. Pettibone, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wood,
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Stierell, Mrs. G. B. Sanford, M. E. Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Seagers, Mr.
and Mrs. R. H. Putman, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H. Neal, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Dickey, Miss MacDonald,
Miss Dorothy O=Neil, Miss Florence O'Neil, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bean,
Geo Van Nostran Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McClave, Mrs. H. H. Benedict, Mrs. E. M. Treat, Miss
Rack, Miss A. R. Shephard, Miss E. E. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Myers,
Mrs. H. E. Wells, Mr. and Mrs D. E. Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. Remson Derick, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. B. Tobias, Mr. W. Hooker Atwood, Mrs. Wilson L. Smith, Mrs. E. E.
Daniel, Rev. Dr. Geo. C. Houghton, Mrs. E. Sackett, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Riser, Miss Grace
Riser, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cox, Miss Georgia MacMillan, T. E. McMullen, Miss McMullen, James
E. Fitch, W. E. Dee, Dr. M. C. Baine, A. W. Boyden, J. W. Miller and wife, Mrs. E. B. Mix, Miss L.
H. Woodworth, W. Bodek, Thos. W. Short, Chas. Strand, Miss E. J. Caldwell, Miss L. B. Hosley,
B. M. Caldwell, Col. And Mrs. Geo. D. Post, Mr. And Mrs. Harry L. Brown, Miss Cruchfield, Gen.
R. L. Hoxie Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Milton, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Dennis, Mrs. Irwin, D. L. Taylor, J. J.
Maher, Whitman Taylor, M. Hart, F. J. Noland, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Farnam, Mrs. Wm. Monypeny,
Mrs. R. L. Beckwith, W. S. Weed, Mrs. J. V. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ogden, Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Budd, Mrs. C. C. Williams, Franklin Cox, H. R. Reed, J. B. Wilbur, Madam Wilbur, Mrs.
W. L. Brown.

February 25, 1910
Local Notes
Crowds of people are daily enjoying the baths at the

February 26, 1910
At the Casino.
At the Casino the following program of water sports has been arranged for tonight: Fancy diving. Prof.
Conroy; shower dive by boys, egg race, front and backward somersault from the balcony by O. OP.
Goode, candle race, trapeze dive forward by Harry Evans, one length of tank for juniors; trapeze dive
backwards by N. Leonardi, tub race, trapeze flying squirrel dive by N. Leonardi, relay race with four
boys on team, rafter dive by Sam McDaniel.

March 1, 1910
Delightful Tea.

Among the pretty social affairs occurring last week was the very delightful tea at which Mrs. Murray
W. Seagears entertained a number of friends in honor of Dr. James R. Angell, president of the
University of Michigan, who is a distinguished guest of the Hotel Alcazar. The roof garden of the Hotel
Alcazar was the scene of this pretty tea. With its number of potted palms and ferns and lovely flowers
this proved an ideal setting for the delightful affair. At the daintily appointed table, centered with an
exquisite arrangement of carnations, Mrs. G. M. Fletcher poured tea.  Among the guests were Dr.
James R. Angell, Mrs. A. C. Angell, Admiral and Mrs. Schley,
Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs.
Hewson, Mrs. Kellogg, Miss Kellogg, Mrs. Marcotte, Mrs. Dickman, Mrs. Saunders Lewis, Mrs.
Gen. And Mrs. Hardin, Mr. and Mrs. Meigs, Mr. Lightfoot, Mr. Norris Williams and Gen.

March 8, 1910
Water Sports at the
Among the many attractions that St. Augustine offers the winter visitor is the Casino with its
ever-varying program of water sports. A large assembly witnessed these Saturday evening as
presented by Prof. Conroy and the water brownies. A number of thrilling feats were performed and
were greeted with enthusiastic applause by the spectators. Among these were the shower dive from
the balcony, backward dive from the balcony and the trapeze dives. The candle race in which each
contestant endeavored to swim the length of the pool holding a lighted candle in his mouth was
watched with much interest. The tub race created much merriment and the winner in this received
much applause.

After the water sports the usual Saturday evening dance was enjoyed by a large number of those
present. The Casino floor is perfect for dancing, the music furnished by the Alcazar orchestra under
the direction of Mr. E. J. Quiry is unexcelled and as each dance is attended by many young people
these are numbered among the delightful affairs of our winter season.

March 10, 1910
Barn Dance at Casino.
The Elks after much endeavor have arranged to hold the annual barn dance at the Casino next
Tuesday evening. There will be many new features this year. It is announced that the Liar will make
another truthful appearance at the affair.

March 23, 1910
Grand Concert and Cakewalk.
Tonight the Casino of the Alcazar will have a splendid attraction in the great colored entertainers from
New York, who have been entertaining the entire season at the Royal Poinciana Hotel at Palm Beach,
Fla. This aggregation will give one of their grand concerts and cake walks. This affair will be a
delightful treat for the people of St. Augustine who have never seen these clever performers, who for
years have pleased thousands of people. Don't miss it, as you will later regret doing so. The opening
begins at 8:30 o'clock. Seats are on sale at the offices of the
Ponce de Leon and Alcazar Hotels.

April 5, 1910
Mr. Wm. Kenney, accompanied by his wife, arrived at the Hotel Alcazar yesterday from Kingston,
Jamaica, where Mr. Kenney has been manager this winter of the Myrtie Bank hotel. Mr. Kenney,
who, it will be remembered, was assistant manager of the Hotel Alcazar last year, will be assistant
manager of the Hotel Mt. Washington at Bretton Woods, N. H. this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Kenney
will spend a short time here to break the monotony of the long journey home.

April 8, 1910
Dance at Alcazar.
The last of the pleasant informal hops to be danced this season in the parlors of the Hotel Alcazar was
enjoyed last evening. This floor is perfect for dancing, the music, furnished by the Alcazar orchestra, is
unexcelled, and these Thursday evening dances have been a delightful feature of social life at this hotel
throughout the season. They have given pleasure not only to Mr. McAuliff's many guests in the hotel
but to a number of young people of the city who were invited to attend the delightful affairs.

April 11, 1910
Alcazar Closes Tomorrow After Splendid Season
After one of the most successful seasons in many years the palatial Hotel Alcazar will close its doors
for the winter of 1909 10 tomorrow morning after breakfast. Within a few days all of the members of
the hotel staff will have left for the North and all will be quiet about the great building.

Mr. William McAuliffe, the genial manager, will probably leave Wednesday for Bethlehem, N. H.,
where he will spend the summer at his hotel, the Sinclair. Mr. McAuliffe has made a host of friends
among the people of St. Augustine as well as among the tourist throngs this winter and under his
management the hotel Alcazar has enjoyed a most prosperous winter. He has been very popular with
the tourists and all hope that he will return next season.

Mr. McAuliffe has had a most capable staff associated with him at the hotel and all have aided him in
successfully holding the hotel service up to the very highest standard. The members of the staff will be
located in various parts of the North during the summer months.

Mr. F. T. Keating, the chief clerk, goes to Lennox, Mass., where he will be assistant manager of the

Mr. H. G. Loud, the cashier, will return north. Mr. H. A. Brooks, the assistant cashier, will also go
north but he has not decided definitely where he will spend the summer. Mrs. Brooks, who has had
charge of the newsstand during the winter, will accompany her husband.

Mr. Frank Ames, the night clerk, will be at the Waldorf in New York city.

Miss M. A. Bigelow, the stenographer, will spend the summer at Sunapee Lake, N. H.

Mr. S. C. Meagher, the steward, will hold the same position with the United States Hotel at Saratoga,
N. Y.

Mr. F. C. Travers, the chef, will act in the same capacity with the Hotel Sinclair at Bethlehem, N. H.

Mr. Dan Reardon, the head porter, will be head porter at the Oriental at Atlantic Beach.

H. W. Wilkinson, the head waiter, will return north and G. W. Boyies, the head bell man, will return to
his home in Virginia.

April 16, 1910
Members of Orchestra Leave.
Members of the Alcazar orchestra left St. Augustine for the North this morning, Mr. Edwin J. Quiry,
the leader, going to Worcester, Mass., Mr. Jos. Steller to Albany, N. Y., and the Messrs. Elliott,
Welling and Vose to Boston.  All expect to return next season. During the past winter the music
provided by the orchestra was one of the most popular features at the Alcazar and was often highly
complimented by the guests of the hotel.

* * *
Mr. Conroy, who has had charge of the Casino during the past winter, Mr. Frank Ames, the night
clerk of the Alcazar, and Mr. W. F. Babbett of the Alcazar news stand, left for the North yesterday.

April 25, 1910
Mr. McAuliffe's Father Dead.
News was received in St. Augustine Saturday of the death that morning of the father of Mr. Wm.
McAuliffe at Haverhill, Mass. Mr. McAuliffee, who managed the Alcazar during the past season, is
somewhere en route North, and an effort was made to communicate with him to notify him of his
father's death. He has many friends in the Ancient City who will regret to learn the news.

Under the management of Mr. William McAuliffe. Opens Saturday, Dec. 7, 1912; closes Monday,
April 14, 1913.

Under the management of Mr. William McAuliffe. Opens Saturday, December 6, 1913; closes
Thursday, April 2, 1914.

Thursday Evening Dance (St. Augustine Evening Record, February 7, 1912)
Tomorrow evening the Alcazar management will give the usual Thursday evening dance in the parlors
of the hotel. These dances have been very popular duing the season and the younger set together with
many of the guests of the Alcazar have accepted the invitation of the hotel management to be their
guests on these evenings. Music is always furnished by Shaw's Boston orchestra, playing at the
Alcazar this season, and the floor is in perfect condition for dancing.

Visitors at St. Augustine (The Sun, February 18, 1914)
Good weather, out of door sports, social affairs and various other amusements have been enjoyed by
the visitors at St. Augustine this week. The George Washington Charity Ball of the coming week,
which is to be given by the Alcazar management in the
Casino on Wednesday evening as a hospital
benefit, is expected to be one of the events of the social season. The patronesses are
Mrs. Andrew
Anderson, Mrs. Thomas Lawton, Mrs. George Fletcher, Mrs. Murray Seagears, Mrs. Martin Hardin,
Mrs. Joel Lyman, Mrs. O. C. Fuller and Mrs. R. N. Dickman.

Dean Alexander West of Princeton University is a guest at the Alcazar. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sherman,
Miss Helen Sherman, Miss May Sherman, Mrs. L. J. Warren, Mrs. F. L. Brown and T. Harold
Brown of New York are Alcazar guests.

January 4, 1915
Alcazar Grill Will Open For the Season Tonight
The big event of tonight will be the opening of the grill of the Hotel Alcazar which at 6 o'clock tonight
will throw open its doors to patrons. Many people have been anxiously awaiting the commencement of
gaiety at the popular grill, and it will be good news that the opening date is set for this evening.

Manager Wm. McAuliffe of the Hotel Alcazar made a big hit with the grill last season. It being one of
the most popular recreation and amusement pieces in the city during the season. Before last winter the
grill was patronized probably little by any save guests in the big hotel. However, when the grill opened
last January with the greatly enlarged and improved accommodations, and practically new location, it
instantly sprang into popularity. It was the scene of many pretty social affairs, including teas, dinner
parties, and late theatre parties, the patrons including not only guests of the hotel, but members of the
cottage colony, residents in the city, and visitors located in other hotels.

The "Neapolitan Trio," furnishing entertainment on the cabaret order, were entertainers in the grill last
winter. They were exceptionally good and have been re-engaged for the season. Many will be glad to
hear Madame Mercedes again, as her musical talent made her a favorite with frequenters of the grill
last year. The Neapolitan Trio will be the entertainers tonight at the opening, and in addition Mrs. H.
Gladding Smith and Mr. Ormond will appear in several exhibition dances.

February 22, 1915
Charity Ball at Alcazar Great Social Event Tonight
The beautiful Casino of the Hotel Alcazar will tonight be the scene of the largest social event of the
season, the big charity ball, given under the direction of Wm. McAuliffe, manager of the hotel.

Preparations have been going on all day for the big affair. A force of decorators have been busily
occupied in transforming the ballroom into a veritable fairyland, using every art to enhance the beauty
of this already magnificent hall.

Dancing will commence tonight at 9 o'clock, and the music for the program of numbers will be
furnished by the combined orchestras of the
Ponce de Leon and Alcazar hotels, numbering more than
twenty pieces.

At 11 o'clock supper will be served in the beautiful main dinning room of the Alcazar, where tables will
be arranged for the several hundred guests.

January 26, 1917
Clock Golf in Alcazar Gardens
Thursday afternoon in the palm garden at the rear of the Hotel Alcazar the clock golf course was in
requisition for a most interesting putting match arranged under the direction of Miss Flora Voorbees in
charge of entertainment. There was a number of spectators, too, who watched the progress of play.
Mrs. Louis McLain had the low score of 33 among the ladies and won the pretty little silver cup
offered for the lady making the best record. Mrs. H. Headerson of New York was a close second to
Mrs. McLain her score being 34. Leopold Wickland of New York and Howard Gilmore tied for first
place among the men with a score of 28. They then played off the tie which resulted in Mr. Gilmore
winning the men's cup.

New Manager at Tennis Courts (St. Augustine Evening Record, February 22, 1917)
The management of the Hotel Alcazar has secured the services of J. B. Lockwood as tennis
professional and manager of their tennis courts for the remainder of the season. D. L. Hilton of New
York, who had assumed charge of the courts early in January, returned recently to New York, and
Mr. McAuliffe lost no time in sending for Mr. Lockwood to fill the vacancy. Mr. Lockwood is well
known to tennis enthusiasts in St. Augustine, having taken charge of the Alcazar courts last season.
The courts are open to play for visitors in St. Augustine, and it is probable that several tournaments
will be held at a later date. Mr. Lockwood will also oversee the play on the
Ponce de Leon tennis

Hotel closes 1932.
1946 Advertiseme
Alcohol .25 and Cologne rubs .50  Salt rub .50
pulleys, weights, parallel and horizontal bars and punching bags.

Hotel purchased by Lightner Museum of Hobbies in 1947

National Historic Register
On February 24, 1971 the Alcazar Hotel was placed on the National Historic Register.
Carrere and Hastings Line Drawing
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Historic American
Buildings Survey or Historic American Engineering Record, Reproduction
Number (Ex:"HABS,ILL,16-CHIG,33-2") Note in picture above the front of
the building never completed.
Alcazar Bridge
Alcazar Courtyard Decoration
Alcazar Courtyard Decoration
Alcazar Park Construction
New Ponce de Leon Background
Library of Congress Photo
Alcazar Park
Casa Monica and Alcazar
Alcazar Courtyard Walkway
Alcazar Garden Today
More Alcazar Garden
Fountain looking toward Lightner
Alcazar Fountain with PDL in
Alcazar Back
Alcazar Washington Day Program
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New York Public Library
Alcazar Floor Plan
1st Floor
Library of Congress
Alcazar Hotel
2nd Floor Plan
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Alcazar Hotel
3rd Floor Plan
Library of Congress
1895 Tatler

Woman's Exchange,
  Alcazar, St. Augustine, Fla.

Fresh homemade Cake, Candy and Pastry on hand Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, Lunches put up to order.

Orders for Preserves, Jellies, and marmalades of tropical fruits, either wholesale or
retail, promptly filled.

Orders for plain sewing and mending promptly executed.


Griffiths, in the Alcazar, are displaying many exquisite hats and bonnets adapted to
different types of faces, ages and conditions. Miss Hutchinson is thoroughly capable
to advise purchasers of the suitability of the purchase, they also display novelties in
collars, veils, flowers, etc.


The shoes at the Surprise Store are as comfortable in price as they are in wear.
The Tatler
Alcazar Hotel

The Alcazar, St. Augustine, Fla.
William Henry Jackson,1843-1942
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Date Created/Published: c1894.
Hotel Alcazar, St. Augustine, Fla.
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Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher
Date Created/Published: c1900.
The Court, Alcazar Hotel, St. Augustine, Fla.
Related Names:  
Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher
Date Created/Published: c1904.
Material Information
Title:  St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida, 1888
Series Title:  Insurance maps of St. Augustine, Florida
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Creator:  Sanborn Map Company
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William McAuliffe managed the Sinclair Hotel, White Mountains in
Bethlehem, N. H. with rooms for 300. He was also the President of the
18 hole Bethlehem Country Club there.