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Cathedral Parish Records
African-American Baptisms
St. Augustine Florida
*George Collett (slave born January 27, 1835), parents George Cosey and Nancy

*Jane Lucia (slave) born 7th July, 1833, parents George Sively, A. Catherine

Marceline (slave) born 18 April 35, Parents Marcelinio and Tamayara

*William Edward (free), 7th of August 1836, and born 9th July of that year.

Mary and Theresa, slaves of Mr. Hernandez, 5th May 1836.

Augustine, Letibia?, Luciniana, slaves of Mrs. Anderson were baptised the 15th May 1836

Jane, slave of Mr. Gue was baptised 7th May, 1836.

Marchihus, slave of Mr. Downing was born the 18th April 1836, on the 9th of Oct 1838 baptised.

Joseph, slave of Mr. Royne Leonardy, born at St. Augustine the 5th of June 1838, son of Louisa.
Slave of Mr. Leonardy.

*Clavineda Clarke, born 1 Dec. 1841, daughter of George and Phiby Clarke sponsors John
Clarke and Sophia Tish baptised 15 Nov, 1841.

*William, born 19th Jan, 1841 son of Regina Alvarez, Baptized 14 January 1841.

*Luisa Mickler born 16 January 1840, daughter of Louis and Jane Mickler baptised 10 January

*Flora Mickler, slave of Mickler born 15 Dec. 1843.

.Lucy Josephine child of Harriet, slave of Mrs. Evertson, 10th April, 1844.

*Cathoon Duval, child of Cathoon Duval and of Susan Hager, slave, 25 June, 1843.

*James Clark of Frances Clark and Jane Alvarez, free on 25 Feb 1843.

*Charles Clark, child of William Clark and of Louisa Clark on 28th Dec, 1843.

*Sepy Washington, legitimate child of James D. English and Mary Fish both free born on the 15
August 1843.

*James D. English child of James D. English and Mary Fish born free 15th August 1843.

*Sophia Williams, child of Sampson Williams and Harriet Fish both free born on the 25th June,

*Marta Nasaria daughter of Thomas Solana and Isabel Benet both slaves born on 28 July 1843.

*Lasara Francis, born 17 Dec, 1843

Agness Rebeca, daughter of George Taylor and Polly Sanchez both slaves born on the 5th Sept

*Catherine Sibel baptised 11 Feb 1844, daughter of Victoriana Sibel free born on 31 Dec, 1843.

*Sarah Lisa Lang, baptised 22 September 1843 daughter of William Lang and Catherine
Fernandez both freeborn on the 13 April present year.

*Philip Benjamin Watson, baptised 6 September 1843 legt child of Benjamin Watson and Mary
Reyes, slaves born on the 14 August 1843.

*Mary Coleman 12 August, 1843, daughter of James Coleman and Sarah Finigan both slaves born
25 June 1843.

*Eloy Fontaine baptised 14 May 1843, daughter of Eley, slave of R. S. Fontaine, born 1842.

*Joseph Fontane baptised 30 January 1842, Joseph son of Eley, slave of R. S. Fontane.

*Nonly Smith, son of Betty slave of Mary Smith born on 1 December 1843.

*Carlos Santos, baptised 3 November 1843, born October 5, child of Peter Solana and Harriet
Whitman both slaves.

Ellen Francis, daughter of Bebz,m born on the 14 September, 1844.

Henry Thomas, Rosa, Ferncia? 3 Feb, 1845.

*Mary Laura born 25 December 1843, daughter of Archibald Cole.

Henry, son of Mary, slave of William Anderson, baptised 4 Feb 1844, born 8 August 1843.

*Carolina Dora Sanchez, 15 Sept 1844, 5 or 6 years old, Tomso, Slave of John Martin 22 March

*Catherine Verancio Triay, free colored woman, baptised 25 May 1845.

*Maria Proctor, born and baptised 6 February 1845, slave of Clara Gracesque,

*Juan de Dios, born 8 March 1845 slave of Antonio Casnova.

*Felicia Isabel of color born and baptised 10 July, 1845, slave of John M. Fontane.

*William Charles of color, born 5 January, 1845, slave of Col Gole.

*Francisco Pablo of color 2 March 1845, baptized, slave.

*Leona Lacritian, born April, 1845.

*Benjamin Franklin 14 April, 1845.

*David Moreno, 4th of May 1845, baptized.

*Jacob Casimiro, color son of Sily, slave of Antonio Canova, born 4 March, 1845.
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