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Affidavit of Jane Floyd
over Adam Floyd's First Wife
National Archives - Pension Record
This document is a handwritten affidavit of Jane Floyd that arose in response to why she would testify that Adam Floyd had no 1st wife. (See Family Circular)  
She said he was not legally married to her. She was a wife from slavery times. In other documents we have discovered that slavery marriages were legal marriages
if they were maintained beyond the date of freedom either 1865 or the
Emancipation Proclamation. Unfortunately there is no document in this file that gives details
of this first marriage. The first marriage itself did not matter because the first wife died and there were no living children. The problem was the contradiction in
testimony.  This marriage continued up to the time of her death on January 3, 1878 well past either date above to be a valid marriage. The witnesses to her mark
were Philip Walkin and Paul Desmoll. J. W. Allen is the notary. Adam Floyd was a veteran of the 33rd USCT Company I.