Return to the 33 USCT
Letter from Rear-Adm. Dupont
Up the St. Johns River
March 6, 1863
War of the Rebellion Records
Flag Ship Wabash
Port Royal Harbor, S. C., March 6, 1863

Sir, ---I am informed by
Major-General Hunter that he is sending Colonel Higginson on an important
mission in the southerly part of his Department.

I have not been made acquainted with the objects of this mission, but any assistance that you can
offer Colonel Higginson, which will not interfere with your other duties, you are authorized to give.

Respectfully your obedient servant,
S. F. Dupont,
Rear-Adm. comdg. S. Atl. Block. Squad.

To the Senior Officer present at the different Blockading Stations on the Coast of Georgia and
Rear-Admiral Dupont