A Day in the Life
of the
City of St. Augustine
June 24, 1854
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from the Ancient City June 24, 1854

Inspector of Customs - James A Mickler
Isaac. H. Bronson - Judge of U.S. Court Northern District of Florida, office
in the Court House
George R. Fairbanks, Clerk U. S. Court, office in the Court House
Deputy Marshal, George L. Zehubaur, office in the Court House

Justices of the Peace
Reuben Pinkham - office at this residence South of
St. Francis Barracks
G Humphreys, Notary Public - office in the Court House

City Officers
Mayor - Gad Humphreys
John M. Fairbanks
John D. Usina
Rafael B. Canova
Andrew Papy

Clerk of the City Council - E. J. De Medices, office at the Council rooms
City Marshal and Clerk of the Market, Michael Neligan

M. R. Andeen and F. C. Humphreys

M. R. Andreu - Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, corner of George
and Picolata streets, market square

G. E. Carr Wholesale and Retail, wholesale and retail, dealer of fine quality
family groceries of all kinds, liquors & e. No 2 East side Charlotte Street,
North of the Public Square.

George Burt, Dealer in Staples and Fancy Dry goods, West side of
Charlotte street, a few doors South of Treasury Lane.

Seth M Wakeman, Wholesale and Retail dealer of Dry Goods and
Groceries an Wakeman's new stores in front of the market.

F. Bridier, Dealer in Groceries, ground floor of the City Hotel

Misses S & N Pinkham, Dealers in Fancy Goods & e. opposite the Planters
Hotel on east side of Charlotte street.

N. Rogers, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, & e. corner of Guns and St.
George street.

F. J. Quincy. Watch maker and Jeweler, on George street, nearly opposite
office of Dr. Peck.

Thos. Nelson. Retailer of Boots, Shoes, Caps, Hats and Dry Goods, east
side of Charlotte street, corner of Charlotte street and Treasury Lane.

Lawrence Andreu. Tailor, Charlotte street, north room joining the Post

John Usina. Book maker, Charlotte street near the City Hotel.

Michael Nelligan. Cabinet Maker, Charlotte street opposite Magnolia

Bavtola Oliveras. Black smith and Gun Smith near the North Gate of the

Bowling, Liquors and Refreshments by S. Miranda, Magnolia Retreat.

Philip Gomez. Retailer of Liquors, Refreshments & e., Charlotte street,
opposite Bridier's Bowling Alley.

Stage Office
Office of the Picolata Mail Stage. Bridier's City Hotel. (See also Picolata)

Roman Catholic Church. Northside Monument Square.

Episcopal Church. South side Monument square.

Presbyterian Church. On St. George Street. South of the square.

Methodist Episcopal Church. St. George street, near the Magnolia House.

Magnolia Hotel. On St. George Street, north of the Public Square and one
door north of the Methodist Church.

Florida House. On Treasury Lane, North of the Public Square.

City Hotel. On Charlotte and Bay Street, a few doors South East of the
Public Square.

Planters Hotel. On Charlotte Street and Treasury Lane, north of the Public
Square, annexed to the Florida House.

Boarding Houses
Miss Fatio. On St. George Street, a few doors south of the Court House
and Public Square.

G. N. Papy. On Bay street, corner of Bay and Garden Lane.

Doc. F. Weedon. Office at his Dwelling House on Bridge Street.

Doc. John Peck. Office on St. George Street, a few doors North of the
Court House.

Mrs. P. C. Zglatra. Chemist and Druggist, Charlotte Street.

E. B. Gould. Counsellor at Law -- office on Artillery Lane

B. A. Putnam. Attorney and Counsellor at Law, office, Picolata street.

George R. Fairbanks. Attorney and Counsellor at Law -- office in the Court

Public Offices.
Post office. Lawrence Andreu, Post Master, office opposite Gen.
Hernandez, Charlotte St.

Surveyor General's Office, John Westcott, Surveyor General on Hospital
Street, corner of Artillery Lane and Hospital Street.

Land Office --- J. M. Gould, Register of Public Lands --- office in the Court

Francis P. Ferreira. Receiver, office in Court House.

Judge of Probate (G. Humphrey's Judge,) office in the Court House

Savannah and Florida For Palatka, E. F.,
Touching at Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary's, Jacksonville, Middleburg,
(Black Creek) and

The new and superior steam packets
St. Johns. Capt. James Freeborn,
Wm. Gaston, Capt Thomas Shaw, will leave Savannah for the above
places as follows: The
St. Johns on Thursday morning, 15th inst.,
at 10 o'clock, and
Wm. Gaston on Tuesday morning, 20th inst., at 10
o'clock, and will continue to leave at the same hour every Thursday and
Tuesday thereafter--the latter boat carrying the U. S. Mail. For freight or
passage, having handsome state room accommodations, apply on board,
or to
J Gunby, Agent in Savannah,
Bisbee & Canova, Agts.
The St. Johns will go to St. Augustine every 4th trip, commencing (leaving
Savannah) on the 29th inst.

Choice Groceries
The Sch. Madagascar now discharging five days from New York. The
usual variety with a large assortment of Groceries, crockery, hardware,
boots, and shoes, woodware, tinware, having been purchased directly by
the Subscriber, they will be disposed of at a advance in original packages
or retail. Families purchasing supplies in quantities can be accommodated
at the lowest trade prices I offer.

Bags Coffee and Sugar 5 Boxes sugar, 25 boxes Candy, 10 chests tea, 5
boxes chocolates 15 bbls
pilot bread
George Fairbanks
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