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A Day in the
Life of St. Augustine,
July 13, 1850
Business Directory.
Magnolia Hotel. On St. George Street, north of the Public Square and one door north of the
Methodist Church.

Florida House. On Treasury Lane, North of the Public Square.

City Hotel. On Charlotte and Bay Street, a few doors South East of the Public Square.

Planters Hotel. On Charlotte Street and Treasury Lane, north of the Public Square

Boarding Houses
Mrs. M. Reid. On Charlotte Street, near the Barracks.

Mrs. Fatio. On St. George Street, a few doors South of the Court House and Public Square.

G. N. Papy. On Bay Street, corner of Bay and Garden Lane.

Doct. F. Weedon. Office at his Dwelling House on Bridge Street.

Doct. John E. Peck. Office on St. George Street, a few doors North of the Court House.

P. C. Zylstre. Chemist and Druggist. North East of the Public Square, opposite the middle basin.

E. B. Gould. Counsellor at Law -- office on Artillery Lane.

William A. Forward. Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery--office on the ground floor at the South
Wing in the Court House.

Public Officers
Post Office. P. C. Zylatra Post Master, on the corner of Bay Street and Public Square, North of
Market Buildings.

Land Office. Doct. William H. Simmons, Register of Public Lands--office in the Court House.

Theo. T. Russell. Receiver, office in Court House.

A. Alvarez. Keeper of Spanish Archives, office in the Court House. (Owner of the
House - Today's Oldest House)

Judge of Probate. (G. Humphrey's Judge,) office in the Court House.

Peter B. Dumas. Clerk Circuit Court, office in the Court House.

Rafael B. Canova. Sheriff and Tax Collector, office in the Court House.

Collector of Customs, James R. Sanchez, office at his Dwelling House on Bay Street.

Inspector of Customs. Drs Howard, office in Howard Buildings, Market square.

I. H. Bronson. Judge U. S. Court Norther District of Florida, office in the Court House.

G. R. Fairbanks. Clerk U. S. Court, office in the Court House.

Deputy Marshal. George I. Zehubaur, office in the Court House.

Ordnance Department
Capt James R. Hanham. Ordnance Store keeper, office on St. George street, a few doors South of
the Dry Good store of S. M. Wakeman. Persons desirous of visiting the Fort will make application to
Capt. Hanham.

Justices of the Peace.
George L. Phillips Justice of the Peace, and Notary Public, office on Bay Street, North of the Middle

F. J. Quincy. Justice of the Peace, office at his Store.

City Officers.
Mathew Solano, Mayor.
C. Bravo
A. Rogero
P Benet
M Medecis

Clerk of the City Council, Charles Haager, office in the City Council Room

City Marshal and Clerk of the Market, F. P. Ferrsirs

F. P. Ferrsirs, and J. A. Strischkg.

Burroughs E. Carr. Wholesale and Retail, dealer in fine quality Family Groceries of all kinds, No 2
East side Charlotte Street, North of the Public square.

George Burt. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, West side of Charlotte street, a few doors
north of Treasury Lane.

Seth M Wakeman. Wholesale and Retail dealer of Dry Goods and Groceries. Grocery store on the
ground floor of the City Hotel -- Dry Good Store, corner of Picolata and St. George street, opposite
the Court House.

Misses S. N. Pinkham. Dealers in Fancy Goods &c. opposite the Planters Hotel on East side of
Charlotte street.

Pedro Benet. Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, &c. corner of Cuna and St. George street.

Manuel Crespo. Dealer in Family stores Provisions &c. corner of Charlotte and Bridge streets.

F. J. Quincy. Watch maker and Jeweler, on St. George street, nearly opposite office of Dr. Peck.

Thos. Nelson. Retailer of Boots, Shoes, Caps, &c. east side of Charlotte street, corner of Charlotte
street and Treasury Lane.

Lawrence Andreu. Tailor, Charlotte Street, near the shore of George Burt.

John Usina. Book maker, Charlotte street near the City Hotel.

Joseph Lopez. Manufacturer of segars, shop in Howard's Building

G. N. Papy. Dealer in Dry Groceries and Provisions, Charlotte street, a few doors South of the City

Messrs. Munson and Nelligan. Cabinet makers, corner of Market square adjoining the Council room.

John Manucy. Black Smith and Gun Smith, near the North Gate of the City.

Billiard Table, Bowling Alley. Ora Howard, Howard Buildings, Market square.

Bowling Alley, Liquors and Refreshments, by F. Bridiers City Hotel.

Philip Gomez. Retailer of Liquors, Refreshments &c., Charlotte street, opposite Bridier's Bowling Alley.

Stage Office
Office of the Picolata Mail Stage. Bridier's City Hotel.

Roman Catholic Church. North side Monument square.

Episcopal Church. South side Monument square.

Presbyterian Church. On St. George street, South of the square.

Methodist Chapel. St. George street, near the Magnolia House.
Florida House
New York Public Library
Episcopal Church, St. Augustine
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