Act of Transfer of East Florida
July 10, 1821

Florida Territorial Papers
July 10, 1821

In the Place of St. Augustine, and on the tenth day of July eighteen hundred & twenty one, Don Jose Coppinger,
Coronel of the National Armies, and Commissioner, appointed by his Excellency the Captain General of the Island of
Cuba to make a formal delivery of this Said Place & Province of East Florida, to the Government of the United States of
America, by virtue of the Treaty of Cession concluded at Washington on the Twenty Second of February, Eighteen
hundred and Nineteen, & the Royal Schedule of delivery of the Twenty fourth of October of the last Year, annexed to
the Documents mentioned in the Certificate that form a heading to these Instruments in testimony thereof, And the
Adjutant General of the Southern Division of said States, Colonel Don Robert Butler, duly authorized by the aforesaid
Government to receive the same, We having had several conferences in order to carry into effect our respective
Commissions, as will appear by our official Communications, and having received by the latter, the Documents,
Inventories and Plans, appertaining to the Property and Sovereignty of the Spanish Nation, held in this Province, and in
its adjacent Island depending thereon, With the Sites, Public Squares Vacant lands, Public Edifices, Fortifications and
other Works not being private property, and the Same having been preceded by the arrangements and formalities that,
for the greater solemnity of this Important act they have Judged proper, there has been verified at four o'clock of the
Evening of this day, the complete and personal delivery of the Fortifications and all else of this aforesaid Province, to
the Commissioner, Officers and troops of the United States, and in Consequence thereof having embarked for the
Havana the Military and Civil Officers and Spanish Troops in the American transports provided for this purpose, the
Spanish Authorities having this moment ceased the exercise of their functions and those appointed by the American
Government having began theirs --- Duly noting, that we have transmitted to our Governments the Doubts occurring
Whether the Artillery ought to be Comprehended in the Fortifications' and if the Public Archives relating to private
Property ought to remain, and be delivered to the American Government by Virtue of the Cession; and that there
remains in the Fortifications until the aforesaid resolution is made the Artillery, Munitions and implements, Specified in a
particular Inventory; awaiting on these points and the others appearing in question in our Correspondence, the Superior
decision of our respective Governments and Which is to have Whatever may be the result the most religious compliance
at any time that it may arrive, and in Which the possession that at present appears given Shall not Serve as an obstacle
--- In testimony of Which and that this may at all times Serve as an expressive and formal receipt in this act. We the
Subscribing Commissioners, sign four Instruments of this same tenor in the English and Spanish Languages at the
above mentioned place.

In faith whereof I certify that the preceding act was executed in presence of the illustrious Ayuntamiento [Editors note:
the council of a municipality], and various private persons assembled, and also of various military and naval officers of
the United States of America. St. Augustine, 10th July, 1821

Juan de Entralgo
Notary of the Government and Secretary of the Cabildo.
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