"One more valiant soldier here,
One more valiant soldier here,
One more valiant soldier here,
To help me bear de cross.
O hail, Mary, hail !
Hail!, Mary, hail !
Hail!, Mary, hail !
To help me bear de cross."

Spiritual recorded by Thomas Wentworth Higginson which he attributed to the St. Augustine members
of the 1st South Carolina.

The 33rd USCT Regiment (or the 1st South Carolina Regiment) was filled with ex St. Augustine and
St. Johns County slaves. The regiment was raised by General Hunter in May 1862. Col. James D.
Fessenden was the staff officer and aide to General Hunter that was in charge of this early regiment.
This was before approval from Lincoln and was abandoned. On August 10 the regiment was
dissolved except for Company A. In November 1862, the 33rd, was reconstituted under
Col Thomas
Wentworth Higginson. The regiment consisted of ten companies of about 86 men each. On January
1st, 1863 at the Camp Saxton Emancipation Proclamation Celebration the regimental colors were
given to the 33rd Regiment. The troops  were official and paid.

Regiment Record
Before muster, 3 companies on Expedition along the coast of Georgia and Florida on during
November 3-10, 1862. Spalding's, on Sapello River, GA, November 7 (Company "A"). Doboy River
Island until March 1863. Expedition from Beaufort up the St. Mary's River in Georgia and Florida
during January 23 - February 1. Skirmish at Township on January 26. Expedition from Beaufort to
Jacksonville, FL, on March 23-31. Skirmish near Jacksonville on March 29. At Beaufort, SC, until
January 1864. Expedition up South Edisto River during July 9-11, 1863. Action at Williston Bluff, Pon
Pon River on July 10. Expedition to Pocotaligo, SC, during November 23-25 (Companies "E" & "K").

Skirmish near Cunningham's Bluff on November 24. (Companies "C" and "K" at Hilton Head, SC, until
September, 1863, returning to Beaufort, SC; Companies "A" & "F" moved to Hilton Head, SC, during
January, 1864. Expedition to Jacksonville, FL, during February 6-8.They were present at Township,
Mill Town Bluff, Hall Island, Jacksonville and John's Island. Duty at Port Royal Island, S.C., District of
Beaufort, S.C., till July, 1864. Expedition to James Island, S.C., June 30-July 10. James Island near
Sessionville, July 2. Duty on Folly and Morris Islands operating against Charleston, S.C., to
November. Demonstration on Charleston & Savannah Railroad December 6-9. Devaux's Neck,
December 6. Tillifinny Station, December 9. Ordered to Folly Island, December 9. Near Pocotaligo
Road, December 20. At Pocotaligo, S.C., till February, 1865. Occupation of Charleston till March 8.
Moved to Savannah, Ga., March 8, and duty there till June 6. Moved to August, Ga. Duty there and
at various points in the Dept. of the South till January, 1866. Mustered out January 31, 1866..

On February 8th 1864 the regiment became the 33rd USCT.

The regiment was mustered out at Fort Wagner on February 9, 1866.

Officers of the First South Carolina Volunteers later 33rd USCT
Thomas W. Higginson - 51st Mass. Vols, Nov. 10, 1862; Resigned, Oct 27, 1864
William True Bennett - 102d U. S. C. T., Dec 18, 1864; Mustered out with regiment

Lieutenant Colonel
Liberty Billings
James D. Strong
Charles T. Trowbridge (Co. A)

Henry A. Whitney (Co. K)

William H. Donilson  (Donnelson)                    Niles G. Parker
George Dolly                                                   William J. Randolph (Co. C)
Miron Saxton                                                    Enoch W. Robbins
Robert Hamilton (D)                                         James L. Rogers (Co. F)
Alexander Heasley (E)                                     Wallace W. Sampson (Co. G)
Charles W. Hooper                                          Joseph H. Thibadeau (Co. D)
Abraham W. Jackson    (Co G)                        John M Thompson (Co I)
William James   (Co. B)                                    James H. Tonking
Eli C. Merriam                                                  George D. Walker
Levi W. Metcalf   (Co. G)                                 Nelson S. White

First Lieutenant
Henry A. Beach                                               Wm. H. Hyde
Luther M. Bingham                                          James F. Johnston   
George B. Chamberlain                                   James B. O'Neill     
Asa Childs                                                       James O'Niell
Charles I. Davis                                               Charles E. Parker (Co. B) (Co. E)
George Wm. Dewhurst                                    James Pomeroy   
Albert H. Ferrell                                               Wm. Stockdale
Jesse Fisher                                                    John A. Trowbridge   (Co. A)
Robert M. Gaston                                            Chauncey B. Webster  
Frederick P. Goodrich                                      James B. West    
Matthew T. Hall                                                 Ephraim P. White
Edward W. Hyde                                               Henry Wood

Second Lieutenant
Aaron B. Brown
Robert W. Davis
Wilbur Earl
Jerome T. Furman (killed at Wall Hollow Ga)
Frank M. Gould
Benjamin H. Manning
John M. Searles
Harry C. West

William B. Crandall
Seth Rogers

Assistant Surgeon
John M. Hawks
Thomas S. Minor
Edward S. Stuard

James H. Fowler

Methodology - Soldiers included in this roll are one in which I could identify the soldier saying that they were from St.
Augustine or a pension record identified them as from St. Augustine. Unfortunately for most of these men before the
war they were slaves and because of this their movements are difficult to track. If you were to include men who lived
in St. Augustine at one time or another before the war you have a significant increase. In this regiment Liberty Billings
made a trip to St. Augustine from Beaufort where he recruited about 100 soldiers for the 33rd only 29 are from his
recruitment trip. The three regiments of the 33rd,
34th and the 21st  USCT are regiments where St. Augustine can be
found, but the whole story is still not know.

33 Regt., Company A (also known as 1st South Carolina Regiment)
Corporal Stepney Fellins , Age 21, 5'8" dark blk curly St Aug Fl 15 Jan 63, St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs appt Corp'l
June 20 th 1863 reduced to the ranks R L O No. 16 9 Feb 1864,

Corporal Samuel Morant , Age 32 5'8" dark blk curly Nassau County Fla laborer 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3
rs app'd ?Corp'l 28 April 1865 reduced to the ranks 5 Aug '65

Corporal Nathanies Jackson, died October 24, 1896 buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery.

Joseph Cryer (pension records) age 45, 5'3" dark blk curly St Mary's Georgia Porter 15 Jan '63 Lt Col Billings 3 years
discharged May 14'63 for disability by order Maj Gen Rufus Saxton.
Certificate of Disability for Discharge, Slave
Marriage Ruling Bureau of Pensions

George Van Ness Jr . 45, 5'4" dark blk curly St Aug Florida field hand 15 Jan 63 Lt Col L Billings 3 yrs Discharged
March 3 63 for disability by order of Maj Gen Hunter

Handy J Goud , age 40, St. Augustine, 5ft 3 in, dark, black, curly, mustered in 01/15/1863 St. Augustine, Billings.

Albert (Alfred)  Manuel , 23 5'4" dark blk curly St Augustine Fl field hand 15 Jan 63 St Augustine, L Billings, 3 yrs
discharged for physical disability July 30 1864 by order Maj Genl Foster.
Bounty and Arrears Payment

Jeffrey Neriam (Nerriani), age 45, 5'9", dark, blk, curly, Florida laborer 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs.
Discharged Sept 24 68 for Disability by order Maj Gen Gillmore

Andrew Anderson, age 32, 5' 6" dark blk curly, St Augustine FL, 15 Jan 63, St Augustine, Lt Col L Billings, 3 yrs died
Feb  '63 at Camp Saxton in Reg Hosp of Congestion of lungs

August Getters, age 40, St. Augustine, 5ft 3 in, dark, black, curly, mustered in 01/15/1863, St. Augustine, Billings, field
hand. Discharged December 31, 1863 for disability by order of Major General Gillmore.

Handy Growles, age 40 5'3" dark blk curly St Augustine FL butcher, 15 Jan 63 St Augustine C F Trowbridge 3 yrs
discharged May 14, 63 for disability by order Maj Gen Hunter Deposition of Sally Growles for case of
Lancaster wife of Abram Lancaster,

Barritt Delancy , Age 35 5'6" dark blk curly St Augustine Fl 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs discharged for
disability Jan 2 '64 by order Maj Gen Gillmore.

Charles Panary , Age 26, 5'71/2 " dark blk curly St. Augustine FL 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs discharged
for disability 18 Jan 63 by order Maj Gen Hunter.

Jack Manual , Age 45, 5'7" dark blk curly St Augustine FL 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs discharged for
physical disability 30 June 64 by order Maj Genl Foster

George Vanness , Age 21, 5'8" dark blk curly St Aug Fl 15 Jan 63 St Aug L Billings 3 yrs

John Harrison , Age 27 5'7" dark blk curly St Johns County Fla field hand 15 Jan 63 St Augustine Lt Col L Billings 3
yrs, discharged for physical disability by order Maj Gen Q A Gillmore Comdg Dept South 21 April 1865.

Pompay McCloe, Age 40 5'8" dark blk curly St Johns County FL 19 Dec 62 St Simons by Trowbridge 3 yrs discharged
for physical disability boy order Maj Genl Gillmore 21 April 1865.

Charles Vanness - 22 5'7" light blk curly St John's County Fla 15 June '63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs Bounty and
Arrears Payment

James Williams - Age 29 5'8" dark blk curly St Augustine Fla 15 Jan 63 St Augustine L Billings 3 yrs discharged for
physical disability by order Maj Genl Gillmore 25 April '65

William Wilson - 30 5'8" dark blk curly St Augustine Fla 15 Jan '63 St Augustine L Billings 3 years discharged for
physical disability 21 April '65

Gabriel Meens - 19, 5 ft 5 in dark black curly, 1/15/1863 Bilings St. Augustine

Samuel Morant, 32, 5 ft 8 in, dark curly 1/15/1863 Billings St. Augustine

33 Regt., Company B
Sgt. David Hall
- Age 36, 5' 10 1/2", dark blk blk St Augustine FL, laborer 14 Jan 63 Camp Saxton Wm James 3 yrs
Appointed corporal 25 Aug 1863 promoted to Sarg't 1 Sept 1'64 (not free 19 Apr '61).

Corporal Alexander  Morran - Age 20 5'8" light blk blk St Aug laborer 12 Jan 63 Beaufort Wm James 3 yrs not free

Martin Nateel 21 6'1" light blue blk St Augustine Fl laborer 14 Jan 63 Camp Saxton Capt Wm James 3 years
wounded in foot in fight  21 Dec '64 near Pocaligo SC, discharged on surg cer of disability by order Genl Gillmore 8
May 65 (not free Apr 19/61)

Corporal Cato Baley - Age 26 5'10" blk blk blk St Aug FL laborer 14 Jan '63 Camp Saxton Wm James 3 yrs, died
November 20, 1901 and buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery,
Bounty and Arrears Payment, . General Affidavit
for pension clam of Jane Floyd wife of Adam Floyd, Bounty and Bounty Witness,

Thomas Ponshot - Age 16, 5'3 1/2" light blue blk St Augustine FL , waiter 14 Jan '63 Beaufort Wm James 3

Thomas Hernandez (also Richardson) (also Hanandos)  Age 20, 5' 10 1/2" blk blk blk St Augustine Florida black
smith 14 Jan 63 Camp Saxton Wm James 3 yrs joined from des 24 Oct 63 confined in  GH ;until 4 Nov 63 then
restored to duty without trial per order Genl Saxton (not free Apr 19/61) Died November 24, 1915 buried in St.
Augustine National Cemetery.
B. F. R & A. L. Claim,    Deposition of Thomas Hernandez for Case of Hester
Lancaster, widow of Abram Lancaster,

William Hewlin - 52 5'2" light blue blk Batanzia Florida clerk 14 Jan 63 Camp Saxton . Buried in St. Augustine
National Cemetery.

Wm James 3 yrs (not free 19 Apr '61)

Sabe Nateel , Age 20, St. Augustine, 6ft, light, blue, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in Beaufort by James. Not
free April 19, 1861; discharged December 8, 1865 while in hospital in Hilton Head in compliance with General Order.

Bounty and Arrears Payment
,  Certificate of Disability, Family Circular, General Affidavit from Capt Wm. James

Henry Groves 20, 5'10" light gray blk St Aug Fl , waiter 22 May 63 Beaufort Wm James 3 yrs not free April 19'61
discharged 8 Dec '65 in Genl Hosp Hilton Head

33 Regt., Company C
Sgt Charles  Herron
- Age 22, St. Augustine, 5ft 11 in, light black, black. Mustered in January 22, 1863 in Beaufort by
Randolph. Appointed Corporal June 16, 1865, promoted Sergeant October 26, 1865.

33 Regt., Company  D
1st Sgt James  Lang
-  23 5'6" dark blk blk St Augustine Fla waiter 12 Jan 63 Camp Saxton Capt J H Thibadeau 3 yrs
promoted from the ranks to be 1s Sgt 14 Jan '63 discharged for disability 31 Aug 65 at Charleston by order Maj Genl
Q A Gillmore

Corporal Philip Clement - 20 5'5" light blk blk St Augustine FL 12 Jan 63 Camp Saxton by Thibadeau 3 yrs appointed
corporal July 14, 63 reduced to ranks for disobedience of orders 23 July 65, St. Augustine , Florida, about 23 when he
died , Occupation: Waiter or servant , Works for: An Officer , Wife: Never had a wife , Father: George Clement dead ,
Mother: Sarah Parmenter , Brothers: None , Sisters: Mary Hampton. He enlisted at Camp Saxton SC January 12 1863
, Age at Enlistment: 20 . When he enlisted he was a farmer. Died at about 23 years old.

Corporal Emannel Sanchez , 20 5'5" light blk blk St Augustine FL 12 Jan 63 Camp Saxton Thibadeau 3 yrs appointed
corporal July 14, 63 reduced to ranks for disobedience of orders 23 July 65

Corporal James Sanches (pension records)  Age 29 St. Augustine, 5ft 9in dark, black, black. Mustered in January 12,
1863 Camp Saxton by Thibadeau. Appointed Corpl 1 April 1865

Corporal David Twine - Age 19, St. Augustine, 5ft 8in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863, Beaufort. by
J. Thibadeau, Appointed Corporal December 01, 1863

Harrison Carrion  (aka Harrison Carrison- Age 17 5'8" blk blk blk St Augustine 12 Jan 63 Camp Saxon Thibadeau 3
yrs, Born in St. Augustine would later reside in Charleston, South Carolina Complexion: Brown , Occupation: On
enlistment - waiter, Long Shore Man , Wife: Margaret, Daughter: Rebecca ,  Father: March , Mother: Rosa Lee dead ,
Sister: Victoria . He had enlisted at Enlisted at Camp Saxton SC 12 Jan 1863 , Age at Enlistment: 17 at the time of the
Civil War war Occupation: Waiter. Musician.

Philip Adams - born in St. Augustine, married to Elizabeth Adams, child Josephine Wilson, married
He enlisted at Camp Saxton, Beaufort SC, January 12, 1864, occupation: cook, discharged July 13, 1864 for disability,
age at enrollment -  Age 56. 5ft 8 in black, black, black. Discharged for disability at Folly Island July 30, 1864 by
Foster. Cause of disability was ruptureDied before January 26, 1869. Elizabeth Adams was also born in St.
Augustine, complexion brown, occupation cook and washer. Her father was Titus Seabrook and mother Elsie
Seabrook. She had three brothers: July, Bill & Solomon

Philip Clemment - Age 20, St. Augustine, 5ft 5 in, light, black, black, Mustered in January 12, 1863 at Camp Saxton
Appointed Corporal July 14, 1863; reduced for disobedience of orders July 23, 1865. About 23 when he died. Father
was George Clement, mother Sarah Parmeter, sister Mary Hampton. Listed as a farmer on military enrollment.
Worked as a waiter or servant.

Charles Fowler , Age 20, St. Augustine, 5ft 6in, mulatto, blue, black. Mustered in June 8, 1863 in Beaufort, by
Samilson. Died April 6, 1917 and buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery.

Issac Johnson   ,25 5'10" blk blk blk St Augustine FL farmer 19 Oct 62 at St Helena, Col T W Higginson

George King  (killed in Action) Age 18, St. Augustine, 5ft 7in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in
Beaufort. Killed in action near Pocotaligo December 20, 1865

John Lee (killed in Action)   Age 32 5'10" dark blk blk St Augustine FL farmer Jan 63 Beaufort, Thibadeau, 3 yrs killed
by a shell  in action on James Island SC 2 July 64

Samuel Osborn Sr 45 5'10" blk blk blk St Aug Carpenter, 12 Jan 63 Beaufort Thibadeau 3 yrs. Died December 20,
1915 buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery.
Samuel Osborn Jr. - Age 20, St. Augustine, 5ft 6 in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in Beaufort by
Thibadeau.. Buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery. Died 3/31/1890

Morris Winlay (Wintly)  Age 44 5'9" blk blk blk Washington NC farmer January 12, 1863 in Beaufort by J Thibadeau 3
yrs Discharged January 31, 1866, buried on the grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios. Documents listed  
Officers and Comrades List, Funeral Expenses, General Affidavit of Slave Marriage, Marriage License

Joseph Williams Age 50 5'10" blk blk blk St Aug Fa wagoneer 12 Jan 63 Beaufort Thibadeau

Drummer: Paul Wilson  - Age 15, St. Augustine, 5ft 4in, black, black, black. Mustered in December 19, 1863 in
Beaufort by Thibadeau. . Buried on the grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios

33 Regt., Co. E
Fortune Simmons
- Age 18, St. Augustine. 5ft 4in, dark, brown, black. Mustered in January 16, 1863 in Beaufort by
Alex Neasly 3 yrs.

33 Regt., Co. F
Sgt Simon Sanches
- Age 22, St. Augustine. 5ft 4.5 in, mulatto, gray, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in St.
Augustine by Billings. Corporal March 20, 1863; Sergeant October 1, 1863. Mustered out January 31, 1866.
License - Simon Sanchez to Jane Johnson, General Affidavit of Marriage Jane Sanchez to John Cook, Adoption of
Sanchez Children by Louis Whalley, Marriage License John Warren and Florence Sanchez, Bounty,

Sgt Henry Davenboat , Age 39 5'11" dr br brown blk St Aug , waiter 6 Feb 63 St Augustine Lt Col Billings 3 yrs
appointed Sergeant 10 Feb '63, reduced to rants 23 Nov  '63 discharged for disability Savannah Ga 13 April '65 by
order Maj Genl Q A Gillmore

Sgt  Abram Lancaster - 26 5' 8 1/4" lt br dr br blk St Aug Engineer 12 Jan 63 St Aug Lt Col Billings appointed corporal
1 Feb '63 appointed Sergt 17 Nov 65 R O No 106 2 Dec 64 Reduced to ranks Feb 65. Died July 20, 1904 buried in St.
Augustine National Cemetery
Bounty and Pay Arrears, . Military and Medical Record,  Statement of Abram Lancaster,
General Affidavit of Domingo Pappy, Statement of Domingo M Pappy May 13, 1893, Statement of Domingo M. Pappy
Oct 21, 1893   General Affidavit of James Hill for Hester Lancaster,   Marriage license for Abram Lancaster and
Hester, Family Circular,  Affidavit of Aurna Smith, Superintendent of Flagler Hospital, Surgeon's Certificate, Proof of
Disability statement of Scipio Miller for Abram Lancaster,   Deposition of Thomas Hernandez for Hester Lancaster ,  
Deposition of Sally Growles for case of Hester Lancaster,  General Affidavit of John Williams in support of Abram
Lancaster,  Deposition of Abram Lancaster,  Deposition of Emma Johnson, Deposition of Thomas Williams,  
Deposition of Domingo Pappy,  Deposition of George Lancaster, Deposition of Israel Farraber,  Final Determination
in the Widow's Pension of Hester Lancaster , Bounty and Bounty Witness

Sgt John Mills - Age 19, St. Augustine. 5ft 7in, brown, black, black. Mustered in November 12, 1862 in Beaufort by
Garton. Sergeant November 12, 1862; reduced to ranks. Deserted August 04, 1863; died a deserter August 23, 1863
Coonsan Island, South Carolina, buried on Coonsan Island. Wife - Selina Mills on Little I care Mr Demett Supt

Grantville Barber, Age 52, St. Augustine, 5ft 8.5 in, dark, dark, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in St. Augustine by
Billings. Discharged for disability April 14, 1865

James Hills - Age 18, St. Augustine. 5ft 4.5 in, brown, brown, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in St. Augustine by  
L. Billings. Discharged for disability March 2, 1863.
General Affidavit of James Hill in support of Hester Lancaster

Richard  McKinney - Age 20, St. Augustine. 5ft 7in, black, brown, black. Mustered in January 12, 1863 in St. Augustine
by Billings. Field Hand.

Benjamin Papina - Age 19 5 ' 4 1/2" dr br dr br blk St Augustine FL field hand 12 Jan 63 St Augustine Lt Col Billings 3
yrs dishonorably discharged the service with loss of all pay and allowances by sentence of GCM No 122 26 Nov 1865

William Papina - Age 20 5' 4 1/2 in dk br dk br blk St Aug Fla drover, 12 Jan 63 St Aug Billings 3yrs

Alfred Brown 39, 5 ft 3 in dark dark black 12/03/1862 Higginson

Moses Johnson , Age 21 5'1" dr br bk bk Augusta Georgia 12 Jan 63 St Augustine Col Billings 3 yrs Corporal 29 Nov
63 reduced to ranks No 42 27 April 64

Josiah Stripling - Age 28 5' bk bk bk Bullver GA barber 12 Jan 63 St Aug Lt Col Billings 3 yrs

Drummer: John Williams - Age 15, St. Augustine. 4ft 10in, brown, brown, black., Waiter, Mustered in January 12,
1863, St. Augustine, by Billings  
General Affidavit of John Williams for Abram Lancaster

33 Regt., Co  G
Corporal Benjamin Martin
- Age 19, St. Augustine. 5ft 7.5 in, black, black, black. Mustered in November 20, 1863 in
South Carolina by Metcalf. Appointed Corporal December 6, 1862
Deposition of Benjamin Martin case of  Scipio

Corporal Andrew Murray (died in service) St. Augustine. 5ft 3in, black, black, black. Mustered in November 11, 1862
in South Carolina by Metcalf. Appointed Corporal November 17, 1862. September 11, 1863 in a party that attempted
to sever the Rebel telegraph communication between Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia party was
surprised and all captured except himself and another man he rejoined his company Bounty Claim:
George Atwood,
September 5, 1870, George Atwood, October 3, 1870, George Atwood, October 8, 1870, Marriage certificate of Patty
Murray to second husband, Letter to Claim Division Nov 26, 1870; Pension:  Marriage Renewal

Corporal James  Ash - Age 20, St. Augustine. 5ft 8in light, gray, black. Mustered in December 19, 1862, South
Carolina by Metcalf.  His occupation was carpenter. Appointed Corporal December 6, 1863. Mustered out March 31,
1866, Died November 10, 1920.
Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and  Family Information

Robert Pollete (died in service) . Age 21, St. Johns County. 5ft 7in, black, black, black. Mustered in November 11,
1862 at Port Royal Island by Metcalf. Died March 29, 1863 at Jacksonville, Florida

Marian Martin

Edward Haywood -
Bounty and Payment Arrears

Edwan Hems - Age 18 5'7" light blk blk S Augustine Fl waiter, 9 June '63 L W Metcalf 3 yrs

William Morris - Age 24 5'9" light brown blk St Aug cook 30 Sep 63 Metcalf 3 yrs died 25 Feb 64 at Beaufort SC of
typhoid fever(died in service) buried in Beaufort National Cemetery MORRIS, WILLIAM Section: 30
Grave #: 3078, Date of Interment: FEB 25 1865 , Rank - Regiment - Unit - Company: PVT USCT 33 CO G
Receipt of
Application for Pension for Family, Widow's Claim for Pension, Declariation of Guardian Henry G Judd,  Family Bible
Record, Deposition of Frank Higgins, Deposition of Nancy Madison, Deposition of James Bythewood for Minors,
Increase for Widow's Pension
, Witnesses at Marriage, Witnesses for Children's Birth, Nancy Mattison statement,
Bythewood Guardianship of Children
,  Wedding - T. S. Haughton and Elizabeth M Haughton,  James Clement
Summary. Deposition B - Ellen Middleton, Deposition D - William H. McGill, Deposition F - John Morris, Deposition G
- Mary Wilson, Deposition H - Dennis Cooper, Deposition I - Alice H. Morague, Deposition K - Sarah Morris,
Deposition L - Elizabeth M. Haughton
, Declaration of Sarah Morris Jordan

Scipio  Miller -  Statement on Proof of Disability for Abram Lancaster,   Declaration for Original Invalid Pension,  
Statement of John Welters, Surgeon's Certificate, Circular completed by Henry Harker, Circular Completed by Paul
Anderson, Deposition of Benjamin Martin,

John W Wellers alias for John Williams, St. Augustine  (see pension of Abram Lancaster) Statement of John Welters
in support of the pension of Scipio Miller.

33 Regt., Co I
Sgt James White
(died in service) Age 20 5' 4 1/2" nearly black blk blk St Aug waiter 15 Jan 63 Tinking 3 yrs
appointed Sarg't Aug 1 '64  died in Gen Hospital at Charleston SC Nov 1865 (former slave of  Fras. Laresa??> Clerk
St Augustine

Corporal Adam Floyd - Age 39, St. Augustine, 5ft 4.5 in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863 in South
Carolina by Tonking, former slave of  Cecella Marle Appointed Corporal August 9, 1863. Buried at St. Augustine
National Cemetery. Wife Jane Floyd died June 7, 1928 buried in same grave. Worked at Fort Marion under
Bell.      Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, General Affidavit of Adam Floyd,  Deposition of Adam Floyd,
Deposition of
William Vandyke,  Family Circular, , Deposition of Nathaniel Jackson, Summary for Adam Floyd Special
Examiner, General Affidavit for Jane Floyd,  Undertaker's Statement for Adam Floyd., Marriage License for Adam Floyd
and Jane Gethers,  Deposition of Daniel Mickler, Family Circular, General Affidavit of Cato Baley for Jane Floyd,  
Affidavit of Jane Floyd over Adam Floyd's first marriage, General Affidavit of Joshua Hagaman, Widow's Pension
Award Sheet

Corporal William Vandyke Age 17 5'8" yellow blk blk St Aug waiter, 15 Jan 63  yrs appointed Corp'l 3 April 63 (former
slave of Mrs Domingo Lopez, St Augustine,
Deposition of William Vandyke for Adam Floyd

Corporal Bran Wilson - Age 46, St. Augustine. 6ft 1in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863 in South
Carolina by Tonking. Appointed Corporal April 4, 1863

Corporal Nathaniel Jackson -Unknown  resided  in Federal Point from 1859, moved to St. Augustine May 1861,
Enrolled January 15, 1863 by Billings in St. Augustine, Mustered in January 31, 1863.in Beaufort after being
pronounced fit by Dr. Hawks.  Mustered out January 31, 1866 Folly Island, S. C .(In 1862 he worked for five months at
Fort Marion under Col. Bell) He married Sallie Jackson February 14, 1864 in St. Augustine with Rev. J. W. Brinkerhoff
Deposition of Nathaniel Jackson in support of Adam Floyd,  (Marriage Certificate),  (Burial Permit)

Corporal John Robinson, died March 27, 1890 buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery.

Joseph Mitchel - age 25, St Augustine. 5ft 6.5 in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863 in South Carolina
by Tonking, former slave of Core Dupont planter St. Johns River

Domingo Stevens (died 1879 pension of Adam Floyd)

William McKenna - Age 19, St. Augustine. 5ft 10in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863 in South
Carolina by Tonking

Peter Parker

Joseph Hammon
- Age 23, St. Augustine. 5ft 4.5 in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863, in South
Carolina by Tonking. Discharged May 8, 1865 on Surgeons certificate of physical disability.(former slave of Virgil
Dupont, planter St Johns Co FL). When troops moved from Beaufort to Savannah he was left behind and placed in
charge of the men who were left in the hospital at Beaufort  by Captain W. H. Donnelson.

Moses Meunger - Age 20 5'7" blk blk blk Lotchmouth Co FL Teamster 15 Jan 63 Tonkey 3 yrs late slave of John
Mollerson, St Augustine Fl

Thomas Wallace Age 33 5' 4 1/2 " blk blk blk Dorchester Co SC lineman? 15 Jan 63, tonkiny 3 apr late slave of Core
Dupont, Planter, St Augustine Fl.
Inability Affidavit, Proof of Disability, Widow's Declaration for Pension  Notary
Statement, Bounty and Arrears Payment, Bounty and witness for Mother of Richard Johns (Bounty),

Redmande Lamkins

Archie Hunter
- Age 20, St. Augustine. 5ft 8 in, light, black, black. Mustered in June 17, 1863, South Carolina by

James Robinson (died in service) - Age 22, St. Augustine. 5ft 5in, black, black, black. Mustered in January 15, 1863,
in South Carolina by Tonking. Drowned while on duty in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina December 8, 1865.

Drummer: Haywood Edward - Age 18, St. Augustine. 5ft 4in, dark brown, black. Mustered in July 27, 1863 in Beaufort
by Danilson.

Drummer: Henry White , Age 21 5'5" blk blk blk St Aug waiter 1 March 63 drummer from 1 Mar 63

33 Regt., Co  K
Corporal William  Woods
- Age 18,  5'1" dark blk blk St Aug Fla , waiter, 1 Nov 62, Hilton head by J H Fowler 3 yrs
appointed Corp'l May 1st 1865

Charles Cyrus   Age 19 5'5" dark blk blk St Aug brick master 1 Nov 52 Hilton Hd H A Whitney 3 yrs

George Harris - Age 25 5'8" dark blk blk Wagoneer Nov 62 Hilton Head Whitney e years discharged Aug 14 1864 at
Coles Islands S C by reason of physical disability

Ben  Parker - 40, St. Augustine, 3ft 6in  brown, black, black, Whitney 1/12/1863, Bounty and Pay Arrears,

Information on Officers
Brigadier General William True Bennett - (Oct. 1, 1836 - Mar. 10, 1910 ) Served in the Civil War mostly as an officer
leading Union African-American soldiers. First commissioned as a Captain in the 1st United States Colored Troops,
he gained advancement to Lieutenant Colonel of the 102nd USCT. After spending time as the Chief of staff for Brig.
Gen. John P. Hatch, he was promoted to Colonel and commander of the 33rd USCT. He was brevetted Brigadier
General, US Volunteers on May 25, 1865 for "meritorious services at the Battle of Honey Hill, Fla."  After the War he
became a well-known lecturer and world traveler. During the Spanish-American War he served as a Red Cross Field
Agent. He is buried at Los Angles National Cemetery. (from Russ Dodge on Find a Grave)

Lt Col. Liberty Billings  - Born in Saco, Me; enrolled at age 40 residence Concord, N.H. appointed Lt. Col Nov. 1, 1862
mustered in to date Nov. 1, 1862; discharged July 9, 1863. Died October 12, 1877 in Fernandina, Fl.

Captain Trowbridge. The brawn & health of an Englishman' a prize fighter by nature & an abolitionist by grace. Ideas
and sentiments gradually super induced on a course organization. Having commanded black troops earlier than any
of the rest, and taken them at their lowest, he does not feel the respect for their personal feelings that we do, mimics
their own dialect to them, calls them "boy," patronizes them & in general seems like a good natured overseer, who
will resent every tyranny but his own. --A mason by trade & a "brick" himself; too ponderous to be quick, bur
irresistible; as indomitable as a steam engine & as incapable of being hurried. Lived in Brooklyn N. Y. where he was,
undoubtedly, foreman of a fire company, though I never heard anyone allude to it. (Higginson,
War Journal)

Captain Thomas William James. An Englishman by birth, a Welshman by nature neat, prompt, faithful, choleric,
accurate, thorough--mounting guard over his company like a lioness over her young; as incapable of caring for the
rest of the regiment as Calhoun or Randolph for the rest of the Union, would go without his breakfast & see a whole
army do the same, rather than that his worst drummer boy should have only half rations of sugar to his coffee. Always
at sword's points with every other Captain; always in high favor with his Colonel & the Surgeon. His company the
second best in the regiment because he thinks of it and labors for it every waking moment. (Higginson,
War Journal)
from the 101 Pennsylvania, Oct. 18, 1862; mustered out. Died June 5, 1915 in Youngstown, OH.  After the War he
became commander of the GAR, Department of Florida. He first enlisted in the Union army April 17, 1861 and was
mustered in as first sergeant of Company D, Tenth Illinois infantry, serving in this regiment for three months. When
the Tenth Illinois was discharged Mr. James re-enlisted for the three years' service, and served as sergeant in
Company C, 100 Pennsylvania volunteers until October 19, 1861 when he was promoted to captain of Company B,
33 USCT. He served with this regiment until March 31, 1866, when he was mustered out with the regiment at the
expiration of its term of service. He was the commander of the O. Mitchell GAR post in Jacksonville for 3 terms.

Captain Alexander Heasley, a Pennsylvanian & a thoroughly equable, invariable, and average man, one whom I
always find in every emergency or non emergency in precisely the same place, whom I can scarcely conceive of ever
blaming or praising. I have never perceived that it made the slightest difference in his aspect or intonation whether I
sent him on some dangerous expedition or left him in camp to guard Knapsacks. His person has the same
unobtrusiveness & neutral coloring with his mind; you would not notice him if he were in the same room with you. Yet
there is nothing stolid or indifferent in all this, he is moderate even in his moderation. (Higginson,
War Journal)

Captain Alexander Heasley (Co. E) (from Susie King Taylor - Reminiscences of My Life in Camp  with the 33d United
States Colored Troops Late 1st S. C. Volunteers
) - died in Augusta, Ga., where he was shot and killed by a
Confederate. After his death Lieutenant Parker was made captain of the company, and was with us until the regiment
was mustered out  

Captain Alexander Heasley enlisted on August 31, 1861 as a Corporal. On 8/31/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. PA
100th Infantry. He was discharged for promotion on January 31, 1863. He was then commissioned into "C" Co. US
CT 33rd Infantry. He was Mustered Out on July 20, 1865. He was promoted to Capt. of Co. "C", 33rd USCT Infantry on
January 31, 1863. He survived the war only to be killed by a bushwhacker in Augusta, Georgia, thirty days after he was
mustered out, on August 30, 1865. He was 26 years old.

Captain Whitney -- a tall slender young man with fair hair, mildish face, and character not quite formed; has
inclinations after culture has Byron & a guitar, knows a few ladies & wishes to know more. I have never quite
understood how he coped with his company, which is the only rough one in the regiment, made up of sailors &
quartermaster's men. Yet he does it, very tolerably, and they did in Florida, the best fighting we have ever
accomplished, though there is not a Floridian among them. (Higginson,
War Journal)

Captain Levi W. Metcalf - the model captain of our model company; yet one can see in him only a quiet, good
looking, gentlemanly young man, with an air of culture and refinement, which he acquired on a traveling
confectioner's cart in Massachusetts. Where he got his secret of perfect and unerring success, I do not know--he has
a first-lieutenant even superior to himself and his company is of better materials than any other. But these do not
explain that universal superiority shown at every point--drill, discipline, equipments, sanitary arrangements, company
writing--which all concede to Company G. It must lie largely in the Captain. (Higginson,
War Journal) (Captain Metcalf
was a first Sergt in company C of the 8th Maine before being promoted to Captain by General Saxton. He enlisted
Nov. 11, 1862 and mustered out with his company.)

Captain George Dolly - The antipodes of the last named; our one thoroughly rough diamond, a Maine lumberman,
scarcely able to write his name, coarse, swearing, not without a tendency to drink; --yet a decided favorite of Dr.
Rogers from the first glance, even to me, though strange to say, I never hear him swear. But there is a kernel of true
and kind manhood below, and he is very faithful to his men in all essentials and they to him; though a neat &
satisfactory company it will never be.
War Journal)

"Another Lieut. expressed the opinion to our rough and ready Capt. Dolly, that "these niggers" never would fight much.
Dolly in his fearful way, said: "You damned fool; these soldiers have already fought more bravely than you ever will,
you who have lived a couple of years on Uncle Sam without earning a cent for him." The Lieut. did not think it safe to
reply. I fancy Dolly. He is a vandal, but generous and brave. His men love him and fear him. His orders are somewhat
terse, when in battle. I happened to be standing by him when he gave the command, "Cease firing, but if they fire
again give em hell."  Seath Rogers,

At last the officer in charge of the gun, a hardy lumberman from Maine, got the stern of the vessel so far round that he
obtained the range of the battery through the cabin windows, "but it would be necessary," he coolly added, on
reporting to me this fact, "to shoot away the corner of the cabin." ...So I bade Captain Dolly blaze away, and thus we
took our hand in the little game, though at a sacrifice. Higginson, Up the Edisto,
Army Life in a Black Regiment.

George Dolly was as 2nd Lieut in the 8th Maine when he was promoted to Captain by General Saxton. He enlisted in
the 33rd on Nov. 1, 1862 and resigned October 30, 1863.

Captain William  J. Randolph - William Randolph enlisted on August 31, 1861 at Lawrence County, PA as a 1st
Sergeant. On August 31, 1861, he mustered into "F" Co. PA 100th Infantry. He was transferred out on September 10,
1862. On September 10, 1862 he transferred into US Army Signal Corps. He was discharged for promotion on
January 1, 1863. On January 31, 1863 he was commissioned into "C" Co. US CT 33rd Infantry. He resigned on
1/29/1864. He was promoted to Captain on September 10, 1862. Capt. as of January 31, 1863 (Co. C 33rd USCT
Infantry). Randolph was born in North Sewickley, PA on Feb. 5, 1816. He died in May Day, Kansas on April 17, 1905.

Our oldest Captain, with streaks of gray in his beard & of sincere fanaticism in his brain; a physician originally & a
man of ideas & eloquence; could march on bayonets himself with a joy to eager for him to make his men march
steadily with him. Too unmethodical to be efficient, too fussy to be thoroughly respected; a grandmother instead of a
father to his men. He came out of the "Roundhead Regt." of Pennsylvania, but he dates back to the original
Roundheads himself. In Jacksonville when a prisoner whom he had taken asserted that he was promised a trial by
Capt. Randolph, the latter heard the claim with unfeigned amazement. " I promised him," quoth he "nothing, except
the Day of Judgement & Periods of Damnation!" (Higginson,
War Journal)

Capt. James H. Tonking. Pretty, precise, prim, priggish--an Englishman with all national attributes left out except an
intense love of forms and neatness. His company alone wears white gloves at Dress Parade, & they are always
spotless. Full of little punctilios, without an atom of tact, he drives his best men into insubordination by perpetual
teasing. Perfectly courageous, but with a kind of coolness more irritating than any excitability. I have myself seen him,
under fire, stop his mens firing an put them through the manual exercise in order to keep them cool. So utterly does
he fail of his effects that his is the only company in which I should fear a panic. He has a few qualities which if they
could be unscrewed & used separately would be inestimable. But he is a man of outsides.  (Higginson,
War Journal)

He enlisted from the N. Y. Vol. Engineers on November 17, 1862 and resigned July 28, 1863.

Capt. James S. Rogers. (Captain Rogers is the nephew of the Surgeon Seth Rogers)
A great sunny force in the regiment, with his handsome young face, great dark eyes always rolling, great white teeth
always smiling; enjoying every moment, revelling in his men as a girl in her paper dolls; the only Captain who can
frolic with his men, ---who all adore him. Perfectly fearless, perfectly buoyant, almost boyish, he is a favorite
everywhere. Sometimes he forgets or neglects duties, but it is always because preoccupied with some other duty.
Accomplishes more every day & with less effort, than any other Captain. I have had a glimpse, but very seldom, of
corresponding depths of depression and gloom. (Higginson,
War Journal)

Capt. Rogers performed a deed on the 8th ins't for which he will always rejoice. The causeway at the Ferry extends
out into the river within about 150 yards of the one on the opposite shore. There is no spot on the river so thoroughly
picketed by both parties, yet he went across at noon in a little "dug-out" and brought over two men who beckoned
from the rebel causeway. They were fugitive slaves, who had walked a hundred miles from the interior and had not
been discovered by the rebels. They are intelligent fellows and take on liberty as if naturally fitted for it. There was no
occasion to suppose that these men were not sent down there to decoy one to destruction, and I regard the crossing
in the face of an enemy, who, according to all rules of war, should have been hidden behind the bushes, as an
exceedingly daring thing to do. Had I been present, as was the Colonel, I should have protested against it. As usual I
find myself the most cautious man in the regiment. Now that it is done I am profoundly thankful but there was not
more than one chance in two hundred for him to escape death or capture. (Dr. Seth Rogers,

[Jacksonville] The presence of black soldiers infuriated the city's slaveholders. Captain Rogers met one of them
when a soldier in his company told him that a Jacksonville resident owned one of the soldier's daughters, "and he
would like to get her if possible. I had him pilot me to the house," Rogers wrote. "The lady was at home and before I
had a chance to state my mission she said: "I know what you are after, you dirty Yank. You are after that nigger's girl.
Well, she is safe beyond the lines where you can't get her. I expected you Yanks would want to steal her so I sent her
off yesterday. You are too late." Rogers tried to explain the effects of the Emancipation Proclamation to the woman.
"Well, you'll have to fight your way out there before you can get that wench,' she said. 'Is this your child?' I said as a
flaxen haired boy came toward me. 'Yes, he is, and what of it?'" Rogers told one of his soldiers to take the boy to the
guardhouse and keep him there until the girl returned...The next day the woman returned, bringing with her the
soldier's daughter. "The soldier's heart was made glad, the white child was exchanged for the black one, and with
another blast at the nasty Yankees the haughty 'lady' returned to her home. (Looby,
Complete Civil War Journal, J. S.
Rogers typescript , Dobak,
Freedom by the Sword

He enrolled from the 51 Mass on December 6, 1862 and resigned on Oct. 20, 1863.

Capt Joseph H. Thibadeau - Our youngest Capt., and was our best lieutenant. Promotion almost spoiled him,
because his ambition is intense & he has no patience; a Canadian Frenchman by birth, with all the excitability of his
race, but in its most dangerous from a speechless irritability that locks itself inside. At every disappointment he shuts
his lips & grows dogged. Incurs censure deliberately and refuses to defend himself. Of the most daring courage, but
allows his men no rest, nor himself either, so that all he accomplishes is done with an immense expenditure of
force. He never smiles in dealing with his men, rarely praises, is habitually sarcastic, & when exhausting himself on
their part creates in them the impression of perfect indifference.

Capt Thibadeau had been part of the Eigth Maine where he served as a Sergant Major before being promoted to
Captain by General Saxton. He was promoted to Captain on on January 10, 1863 and mustered out with his company.

Captain Thibadeau died in December 13, 1903 at 61 years old in the St. James Hotel in Washington, D.C. by
committing sucide. He lived in Falls Church Virginia. He wrote that he had no money, requested that his funeral
expenses be limited to $10 and that he would be buried in Arlington cemetery. He was the father of Joseph F.
Thibadeau the superintendent of the Atlanta post office and Louis Thibadeau clerk to the United States Army
Paymaster. He also had several other children. He had lived in Atlanta where he was connected with the Western
and Atlantic Railroad. He was also the supervisor of the U. S. Census for the fifth district in 1890. In Washington he
worked as a clerk in the Paymaster General's office. He is buried at Site 1452 at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Captain Robert Hamilton- He originally was a drill master in Hunter's Regiment as a soldier from the 100th
Pennsylvania. He enlisted on December 20, 1862 as a Captain. (He was recruiting soldiers as early as November 1,
1862.) On December 20, 1862, he was commissioned into "D" Co. US CT 33rd Infantry. He Resigned on January 9,
1863. Plaque Number B-49 on the African American Civil War Memorial

Lieut. James O'Neil - informed me today that during the eight year in Texas Utah, and in the present war, he had
never seen anything half so daring as our trip up the St. Mary's. He is one of our best officers and has seen much
service. (Seth, Letters)

Chaplain James Fowler - Our Chaplain is a great worker, and has a good influence over the soldiers. . . . Mr. Fowler,
who was, not long ago at Cambridge. [James H. Fowler, an ordained Unitarian minister, was a dedicated abolitionist
before the war. He was educated at Dartmouth and Harvard Divinity School. His brother, Thomas D. Fowler, also an
ordained Unitarian minister, became chaplain to another United States Colored Infantry regiment (
War Time Letters
from Seth Rogers, MD

Our belligerent Chaplain is armed with a revolver on each side and a Ballard rifle on his back. He keeps so
persistently on the advanced picket line that I could scarcely persuade him to conduct the funeral service of a poor
fellow who was shot the other day. Today he got on the track of some cavalry and infantry, and was certain of
surrounding and capturing them, if he could only get permission from the Colonel. His hatred of slavery is so intense
that his prayers are of a nature to keep his powder dry. (Dr. Seth Rogers

Chaplain Fowler is the connection between Higginson and Saxton's selection of Higginson. He writes in a letter that
"General was well pleased with the suggestion and promised to write you at once. We hope you will appreciate the
demands of the movement at this time and make the sacrifice whatever it may be....We have over 500 men in camp
already, some of them already distinguished for immortal deeds....Rev. Mr. Billings formerly Unit Minister Concord &
Chaplain of NH 7th is Lieut. Col. True to the Cause Dr. J. M. Hawks thorough and true antislavery of Manchester N. H.
is Surgeon. They are anxious that you should  come and be our leader. As for myself I should be sadly disappointed
should anything keep you away.... (
War Letters of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Vol 53)

Dr. John Milton Hawks - My first assistant surgeon is Dr. Hawks [John Milton Hawks] of Manchester, N.H. He is a
radical anti-slavery man, somewhat older than I, and has a large medical experience and in addition has been
hospital surgeon at Beaufort during several months. He has been rigidly examined by three regimental surgeons
from New England and they have given him a very flattering certificate of qualification. I consider myself fortunate in
having a man so well fitted for the place. The men and officers like him and I fancy will take to him quite as much as
to me. (
War Time Letters from Seth Rogers, MD) After the war he would spend time in Florida where he would assist
in the founding of Freemanville - Port Orange.

Lieut. Colonel John D. Strong - At length a white soldier struck a black man, not of our regiment, and the poor fellow
appealing to us, we wheeled our horses upon the rabble, and Major Strong [John D. Strong], with drawn sword
pursued the offender, with the point of that instrument a little nearer the fellow's back than seemed wholesome. I
have rarely seen one more thoroughly frightened. The effectiveness was magical, no more audible sneers. But
wasn't it good to march our regiment proudly in front of those mansions where two years ago chivalry were plotting
something as strange, but quite unlike. (
War Time Letters from Seth Rogers, MD)

Major Henry Augustus Whitney - He was enrolled at Beaufort, South Carolina on 13 October 1862 as a Captain in
the 1st South Carolina Volunteers (later) the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, in which regiment he was promoted to Major
in November 1864. He was born November 28,1841 in Phillips, Maine. He enlisted in August 15, 1861 in Wilton,
Maine as a Musician in the 8th Regiment of Maine Volunteers. He had resided in Farmington, Maine prior to
enlistment, and he had been a dental student. He was discharged from that service in July 1862, and was
discharged after his second enlistment on 2 February 1866 at Charleston, S.C.  He was six feet one inches in height,
140 pounds, with gray eyes, gray hair, and a medium complexion.

Henry  was married to Virginia Tiernan by Rector Putnam of St. Mark's Cathedral in Salt Lake City in  March 20,  1889.
He had not been previously married. He has two living children: Frank T.(?) Whitney, born November 22 1890; and
Virginia Whitney, born June 20, 1897. He died on March 16, 1921 at the Soldiers' Home in California.

Lieut Jerome Thurman - (from Susie King Taylor - Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33d United States
Colored Troops Late 1st S. C. Volunteers
)  The regiment remained in Augusta for thirty days, when it was ordered to
Hamburg, S. C., and then on to Charleston. It was while on their march through the country, to the latter city, that they
came in contact with the bushwhackers (as the rebels were called), who hid in the bushes and would shoot the
Union boys every chance they got. Other times they would conceal themselves in the cars used to transfer our
soldiers, and when our boys, worn out and tired, would fall asleep, these men would come out from their hiding
places and cut their throats. Several of our men were killed in this way, but it could not be found out who was
committing these murders until one night one of the rebels was caught in the act, trying to cut the throat of a sleeping
soldier. He was put under guard, court-martialed, and shot at Wall Hollow.

First Lieutenant Jerome T. Furman and a number of soldiers were killed by these South Carolina bushwhackers at
Wall Hollow. After this man was shot, however, the regiment marched through unmolested to Charleston.

Captain John Trowbridge, brother of Capt. Charles Trowbridge,  mustered into "F" Co. NY 1st Eng on December 11,
1861. He was discharged for promotion on October 13, 1862 at Fort Pulaski, GA. He was then commissioned into "A"
Co. US CT 33rd Infantry. He Resigned on 11/29/1864 Promotions: * Corpl 1/15/1862 * 2nd Lieut 10/13/1862 (As of
Co. A 33rd USCT Infantry). * 1st Lieut 1/1/1864 (Estimated date). [Source: Civil War Database]

1st Lieut Thomas Durham mustered into "F" co. NY 1st Eng on December 24, 1861. He Re-enlisted on March 1,
1864. He was Mustered Out on 6/30/1865 at Richmond, VA Promotions: * Corpl * Qtr Master Sergt 7/1/1863* Reg. Qtr
Master Sergt 1/3/1865 * 2nd Lieut 1/18/1865 (As of Co. E) * 1st Lieut 2/16/1865 (As of Co. M). [Source: Civil War

Captain William W. Sampson - promoted from Sergt. Company C, 8th Maine. 2nd Lieut 33rd, promoted to Captain on
Nov. 5, 1863 Mustered out with his company.

Captain Abraham W. Jackson - promoted from private, Company C, 8th Maine to Sergt Major in 33rd USCT, later
Captain of Company G. Resigmed August 15, 1865. He was born in Portland, Cumberland County Maine on April 7,
1842. He died April 24, 1911. His tombstone reads "Soldier, teacher, author, preacher" Doctor of Divinity "Inspiring
teacher, instructor, author, preacher of vision. He is buried in Wyoming Cemetery Melrose Massachusetts. Married to
Caroline Bradford Bigelow Jackson (Feb. 10, 1845 - September 1, 1936)

2nd Lieut. Asa Childs - promoted from private, Company C, 8th Maine.

Captain Charles E. Parker - promoted from 1st. Sergt , Company D, 8th Maine to 2nd Lieutenant in the 33rd USCT,
later Captain of Company A.

2nd Lieut. Charles I. Davis, - promoted from 1st Sergt Co H,  8th Maine.

Captain Eli C. Merriam - promoted from Corporal in  Co H, 8th Maine to 2nd Lieut in 33, later became Captain.
Promoted to Captain Sept 1865, Resigned Dec. 4, 1865.  Born Dec. 31, 1839, died August 1, 1913. Married to Jennie
E. Cunningham Merriam (1843-1866) and Addie M. Ranger Merriam (1858-1940)

Quartermaster Sergeant E. W. Robbins - promoted from private in Co H, 8th Maine. Promoted to Captain on Nov. 1,
1865; Mustered out with his company.

1st Lieutenant William Stockdole - promoted from Private in Co I, 8th Maine

1st Lieutenant E. P. White - promoted from Sergt in Co K, 8th Maine.

Dr. Wm. B Crandall - from 29th Ct., June 8, 1864, Musterered out.

Dr. Thomas T. Minor- from 7th Ct, January 8, 1863; Resigned, Nov. 21, 1864

Dr. E. S. Stuard, September 4, 1865, mustered out.

Captain George D. Walker, promoted July 28, 1863; Resigned, August 15, 1865.

Captain William H Danilson (Donilson), Started in the 48 New York (August 20, 1861-Feb. 18, 1863. promoted  First
Lieutenant in 33rd, later promoted to Captain in the 33rd July 26, 1863,  became Major of the 128th U. S. C. T in May
1865, then 1st Lt of 40th U. S. Infantry on July 28, 1866. (Listed as Danilson on the African American Civil War
Memorial, Plaque Number B-49). From 1869 through 1879  he was the first Indian agent at the Fort Hall Indian
Reservation in the Idaho Territory. and later built a bridge across the Snake. He died on Dec 24, 1893 at the age of
53. He and his wife Lucy were buried in the Grove City Cemetery, Idaho.

Captain John M. Thompson - Promoted Nov. 7, 1863, mustered out with company. Later 1st Lt. and Pvt. Capt 38th U.
S. Infantry.

Captain Abraham W. Jackson - promoted April 30, 1864 resigned August 15, 1865.

Captain Niles G. Pabker, promoted Feb. 1865; mustered out with company.

Capt Chas. W. Hopper,  Private, Company E, 1st Regiment, New York Engineers, for services as drill master in
Hunter's Regiment May 23 to August 10, 1862 $31. (would muster out N. Y. Engineers as an Artificer). Second
Lieutenant 33rd Regiment USCT would muster out a Captain.promoted Sept 1865.

Captain Nelson S. White - He started as a three months enlistment in company F of the 4th Mass Infantry. He then
became a member of the 24th Mass as a Sergeant in Company A. He started the 33rd as a 2nd Lieut. He was later
promoted to 1st Lieut. He was promoted to Captain Nov. 18, 1865 mustered out with company. As Captain he served
as Provost Marshal of Savanah Ga., and Charleston, S. C. He escorted exPresident Jefferson Davis through
Charleston to his ship to Fort Monroe from Charleston harbor.He moved to Canton Mass where he was a chemist by
the Evans Artificial Leather Co. and invented "White Electric Light." He died in 1884 at the age of 43.

1st Lieutenant Henry Axtell Beach, Enlisted August 5, 1861 at Rockland Ny and joined Co I 48 NY Inf Reg on August
16, 1861, a teacher in Hunter's Regiment came into the 33rd as a Commissary Sergeant promoted to Second
Lieutenant on April 11, 1863. First Lieutenant on January 1, 1864 mustered out at Beaufort NC on Sept 23, 1864.

1st Lieutenant Jesse Fisher, He was a Second Sergeant, Company E, 48th Regiment, New York Infantry and was a
drillmaster in the Hunter's Regiment, Plaque Number B-49 on the African American Civil War Memorial.

1st Lieutenant Robert  M Gaston, Corporal, Company F, 100th Regiment, PA Infantry, drillmaster, May 12 to
September 5, 1862 $6. (Joined Company F 33rd USCT as a Second Lieutenant, Promoted to First Lieutenant.)

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