Return to St. Augustine and the Civil War
21st Regt. USCT
and St. Augustine Members
Organized from 3rd and 4th Regiments, South Carolina Colored Infantry, March 14, 1864. Attached
to 3rd Brigade, Vogdes' Division, District of Florida, Dept. of the South, to April, 1864. Morris
Island, S. C., Northern District, Dept. of the South, to October, 1864. 1st Separate Brigade, Dept.
of the South, to February, 1865. Garrison of Charleston, S. C., Dept. of the South, to August, 1865.
Dept. of the South, to October, 1866.

SERVICE.-Duty at
Jacksonville, Fla., till April, 1864. Moved to Hilton Head, S. C., thence to Folly
Island, S. C., April 18. Duty on Folly Island, Morris Island and Coles Island operating against
Charleston, S. C., till February, 1865. Expedition to James Island, S. C., June 30-July 10. Action on
James Island July 2. Occupation of Charleston February 18. Garrison duty at Charleston and Mt.
Pleasant, S. C., till August, 1865, and at various points in South Carolina and Georgia till October,
1866. Mustered out October 7, 1866.

This regiment was created from understaffed regiments of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th South Carolina

Organized at Hilton Head, S. C., June, 1863. Attached to District of Hilton Head, S. C., 10th Army
Corps, Dept. South, to January, 1864. Barton's Brigade, District Hilton Head, S. C., to February,
1864. 3rd Brigade, Vodges' Division, District of Florida, to March, 1864.

SERVICE.-Post duty at Hilton, Head, S. C., till February, 1864. Moved to
Jacksonville, Fla.,
February 6-8, and duty there till March. Designation of Regiment changed to 21st U. S. Colored
Troops March 14, 1864.

Organized at
Fernandina, Fla., July, 1863. Attached to Post of Fernandina, Fla., Dept. South, to
January, 1864. Barton's Brigade, District of Hilton Head, S. C., to February, 1864. 3rd Brigade,
Vodges' Division, District of Florida, to March, 1864.

SERVICE.-Duty at
Fernandina, Fla., till January, 1864. At Hilton Head, S. C., till February, 1864.
Moved to
Jacksonville, Fla., February 6-8, and duty there till March. Regiment consolidated with 3rd
South Carolina Infantry to form 21st U. S. Colored Troops March 14, 1864.

Organization of Regiment not completed. Transferred to 3rd and 4th South Carolina Infantry.

Colonel -  
Milton S. Littlefield
Lieutenant Colonel -  Augustus G. Bennett
Major -  Richard H. Willoughby

Edgar Abeel
Mahlon E. Davis, Company A
Joseph W. Dickinson
Edmond R. Fowler
Nicholas Mitz
John L. Poppe
Brantley G. Read
Henry Sharp
Charles Silva
Henry V. Stonehouse

First Lieutenant
Charles S. Allen
Adolphe Bessie
Wm. G. Cornwell
Charles A Dow
William H. Fish
Sabin T. Goodell
Richard Gowers
Alexander Hay
George Hopper
John E. Jacobs
Adrianus Jansen
Henry M. Jones
Robert McLavy
Daniel George McMartin
Charles F. Richards
Thomas J. Robinson
George W. Wood

Second Lieutenant
Albert B. Ashley
Addison Blanchard
Charles F. Chase
Oscar L. Cook
George Durfee
Hiram O. Edgerly
Francis A.O. Grabner
Joseph B. Holmes
Prince Jenkins
Peter Meagher
James R. Rathbun
P.H. Warren

Surgeon - John M. Hawks

Assistant Surgeon
James F. Burdett
Nathan S. Roberts

Chaplain -  Erasmus K. Jones

Adjutant -  Edwin Slack

Members from St. Augustine and St. Johns County Florida

Methodology - Soldiers included in this roll are one in which I could identify the soldier saying that they were from
St. Augustine or a pension record identified them as from St. Augustine. Unfortunately for most of these men
before the war they were slaves and because of this their movements are difficult to track. If you were to include
men who lived in St. Augustine at one time or another before the war you have a significant increase. In this
regiment Liberty Billings made a trip to St. Augustine from Beaufort where he recruited about 100 soldiers for the
33rd only 29 are listed in the 33rd from his recruitment trip. The three regiments of the
33rd, 34th and the 21st  
USCT are regiments where St. Augustine can be found, but the whole story is still not know.

21 Regt., Company   A
Sgt. Alexander Clark -
Age 26, 6'0", sailor, enrolled 13 June 1863 at Fernandina. Brown complexion hazel eyes
black hair -
Bounty and Arrears Payment

Corporal Pablo Gray   - 30, 5'10 1/2", lumberman, 13 June 1863 Fernandina brown complexion hazel eyes
brown hair (Corporal buried on the grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios   (
Marriage certificate)  (Burial

Corporal Frank Pappy - Age 22 5' 3 3/4" brown complex, gray eyes brown hair St Augustine Waiter June 13 1863
Fernandina Fl (Corporal) Enlisted by Colonel Littlefield. Buried in Tolomato

Corporal Pablo  Rogers - Age 27, 5' 4 1/2 ", dark black black St Aug Waiter June 13 Fernandina, Bounty and
Arrears Payment,

Corporal Henry Hennyham - Age 28 5' 9 1/4", dark complexion brown eyes black hair Pablo Creek
Florida Boatman June 13, 1863
Fernandina Fl corporal transferred to Non com staff as Sergt Major on May 1

Hector Adams - Age 50, 5'6" , black, grey, grey, teamster, (born in Savannah Georgia) Discharged September
12, 1864 from Morris Island, SC on surgeon certificate of disability. Dept of the South November census - were
listed as formally owned by Cristobal Bravo (merchant) Rose Adams, age 45 and daughter Florida, 7 and son
Edward 8. enlisted by Colonel Littlefield. Hector died August 19, 1876 buried in Tolomato

Thomas  Williams - Age 22, 5' 7 1/2", black black black St Aug , Mason, June 13 1863 Fernandina.  Original
description On 3d SC list -- 21, 5'6 1/2 black black black St Aug Servant, June 24 1863 Hilton Head Lt Stonhouse
3 years transferred from Co # Mar 18, 1864 (
Deposition in the case of Hester Lancaster - Pension of Abram

Antonino Pappy - Age 18, 5'6", brown, hazel, black, St Aug Servant April 5, 1864 St Aug Fl Lt Govers, Bounty and
Payment Arrears, Statement in support of William Natteel,

Plato King - Age 45 5'6" dark complexion hazel eyes, black hair St Aug Florida Waiter June 13 1863 Fernandina
Discharged at Morris Island SC May 29 1864 on Surgeons Certificate of Disability

Edward F.  Langley - Age 28, 5' 9" Brown complexion Hazel eyes brown hair St. Johns Florida carpenter June 13
1863 Fernandina Col Littlefield 3 years. He was honorably discharged on Morris Island SC on May 12, 1866.
When he enrolled he was 28 years old, 5ft 10in.  He served a total of 2 years eleven months. He was born on
December 21 1835. He lived in Fernandina since June 1866. He had a wife and two children.
Declaration of Pension, Disability Affidavit, General Affidavit by Robinson, Robinson Testimony Additional
Information, Information Circular, Marriage License, Death Certificate, Charlotte Langley's Claimant Affidavit
undated, Charlotte Langley's Claimant Affidavit 2, Charlotte Langley's General Affidavit, Charlotte Langley's
Widow's Pension Application 1902, Charlotte Davis Report, Birth date of Child, Hearing Examiner Birth date of
Child, Charlotte Deposition 1908, Charlotte Deposition 1908 page 2, Charlotte 2 Deposition 1908,  Charlotte
Birth date for child, 1908, Ernestine Langley 1908 deposition,  Charlotte Death Certificate 1924, Charlotte
Funeral Home Bill,  Application for reimbursement 1924, William Natteel Additional Declaration for Pension Oct.
21, 1904

William Natteel  - Age 20 5' 10" dark, hazel, black St Aug waiter June 13 63 Fernandina Col Littlefield 3 yr, Bounty
and Payment Arrears, Invalid Pension Application, General Affidavit of Daniel Brown and Charles Brown
December 17,1889, General Affidavit by William Natteel, General Affidavit of James Growls and George
, Proof of Disability statement by Antonio Pappy,  Affidavit of Joshua Hagaman, Affidavit of John Rake,
Declaration for an Invalid Pension May 5, 1895, Declaration for Additional Pension 1904, Family Circular,
Declaration for Invalid Pension December 16, 1903

Richard Natiel -  Age  25, 5' 9 3/4 " dark complexion, black eyes Black hair, St. Augustine Florida chopper June 13
Fernandina Discharged on Surgeons Certificate of Disability at Morris Island SC May 29 1864.buried on the
grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios

William Pappy - Age 18 , 5' 5 1/2 " brown complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, St Aug Fl Waiter June 13 1863
Fernandina FL. Married to Rosalie Goff on March 6, 1871 by Rev. W. M. Sampson. (
Certificate of Pension for
Rosalie)  (Marriage License), (Burial Permit)

Lewis  Forester - Age 37, 5'7 3/4", from St. Johns County, carpenter, enrolled 13 June 1863 at Fernandina. Dark
complexion black eyes, black hair. (
Bounty and Arrears)

Simon Williams - Age 40, 5'9" dark black black St Aug Boatman June 13 1863 Fernandina, discharged at Morris
Island SC May 29, 1864 on Surgeons Certificate of Disability. buried on the grounds of the Mission of Nombre de

21 Regt., Company D
Corporal Thomas Jackson -
was appointed corporal on July 1st 1863, transferred from Co E on consolidation,
Age 21, 5' 6 1/2 " black black black St Aug Florida Laborer June 24 Hilton Head

21 Regt., Company F
Corporal Richard Simmons
Age 38, 5' 6 1/4" black, black, black St Augustine Florida, Farmer Aug 3rd
Jacksonville Lt Hopper discharged Aug 17 '65

21 Regt., Company  G
Hiram Campbell -
Age 28, 5'6" black black Black St Aug FL Laborer Aug 30 Hilton Head , credited to the State of
Vermont, never reported from recent depot

21 Regt., Company  H
Dick Cooper -
Age 18, 5'6" black black black St Johns farmer, Aug 16th 1864 Lt Hopper

21 Regt., Company  I
Sergeant Joseph Williams
- Age 50 5'10" blk blk blk St Aug Fa wagoneer 12 Jan 63 Beaufort Thibadeau 3 yrs

General Milton S. Littlefield - (July 19, 1830 - March 7, 1899)  from Ellisburgh, New York. Some time in the mid-1850's,
Milton moved to Jerseyville, Illinois where he opened up a law firm. He was a supporter of Abraham Lincoln in his political
campaigns. In 1861, Milton organized Company F, Fourteenth Illinois Infantry Volunteers and was elected Captain of this
same company. The regiment was organized for 30 days and was mustered into the service at Jacksonville, Illinois on May 4,
1861. On May 25, 1861, it was mustered into the service of the United States. The regiment remained at
Camp Duncan at Jacksonville where the troops were trained. On June 1861, the regiment was transferred to Rolla, Missouri,
where it joined forces under General John C. Fremont. They spent the winter at Otterville, Missouri. In February 1862, the
regiment was ordered to join forces with General Grant at Donelson, Tennessee. From there to Fort Henry, Tennessee where it
embarked and was transported by steamboat up the Tennessee River to Pittsburgh Landing. They were assigned to a position
in Peach Orchard where they came under attack from Confederate forces. The enemy was finally repulsed. The regiment took
part in the siege of Corinth during the month of May 1862. Captain Milton S. Littlefield was appointed Assistant Provost
Marshal for the city of Memphis per General Order No. 72, Hqs. Fifth Division, Memphis, August 14, 1862. Captain
Littlefield was mustered out of the 14th on November 27, 1862. He reenlisted and was sent Morris Island off the coast of
South Carolina as a Colonel, Commanding the Fourth South Carolina,Volunteers. This would later become the 21st USCT. He
commanded the 21st from March to November 1864. On July 24, 1863, Colonel Littlefield was also placed in command of the
54th Massachusetts. He was under
Col Montgomery's 4th Brigade. Before February 1864 he was commanding a training camp
outside of Jacksonville. On February 15, 1865 Milton S. Littlefield was confirmed a U. S. General. After the war he became
involved several Reconstruction Era scandals but was never convicted. He died in New York.

Lieut. Colonel August G. Bennett
In August, 1861, Colonel Bennett enlisted in the United States Army as a private in the Eighty-first New York
Infantry.  He was mustered as First Lieutenant, and was promoted to the Captaincy of Company B, within three
months thereafter.  He served in the Peninsular campaign under Gen. George B. McClellan.  His regiment lay at
Yorktown until January, 1863, and was then ordered South, and joined the Eighteenth Army Corps, Gen. J. G.
Foster commanding.  In April, 1863, Captain Bennett tendered his services to recruit a regiment of colored
troops, which was accepted, and he raised the Twenty-first Regiment U. S. (Colored) Troops, and was made its
Lieutenant-Colonel, but had active command of it through the three full years of its service.  Colonel Bennett
being in command at Morris Island when General Sherman was pressing General Hardy, after the latter had left
Charleston, Colonel Bennett arranged his forces for aggressive warfare, and demanded the surrender of that
city, which was granted to him on the eighteenth of February, 1865.  He declared martial law, and at once
assumed command of the city.  The Colonel was honorably discharged from the service April 25, 1866.

Colonel Bennett was born in Oneida County, New York, in 1836.  Being left an orphan in early childhood, he has
been self-dependent since nine years of age.  He attended school and grew to man’s estate in New York.  After
the close of the war he married Miss Mary E. Jones, daughter of the chaplain of his regiment, in March, 1867.  
They spent a little more than a year in South Carolina, then settled in Jersey City, New Jersey, remaining there
until they came to California.  Mrs. Bennett has been a promoter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
on the Pacific Coast, and has been three times chosen President of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
of San Jose, which has a membership of over 300.  Colonel Bennett has served in the San Jose City Council,
and is now a member of the Board of Education.  He has also held the office of Senior Vice-Commander of the
Grand Army of the Republic, Department of California, and has been Commander of Phil Sheridan Post, No. 7,
and of John A. Dix Post, No. 42, Department of California G. A. R.

Captain Mahon E. Davis
4 South Carolina Vol (became 21 USCT) b. Montipelier Vt, age 28, residence Lebanon, Vt, appointed Captain
June 13, 1863, mustered out April 25, 1866 - see 7th N. H. V.

Regimental Orders
This was a typical day in the regiment from Regimental Orders No 1 May 1 1863

The following will be the regular daily detail until further orders
Reveille and Roll call at 6 o'clock
Breakfast call 7 o'clock
Company Drill 7 1/2 to 8 1/2
Guard Mounting 9
Company Drill 10 to 11
Dinner Call 12
Sergeant's Drill 1:30 to 2:30
Company Drill 3 to 4:30
Dress Parade 5
Retreat Sunset
Tattoo and Roll Call 9 0'clock
Taps 9:30

Sgt Edwin Slack by order of A G Bennett Lt Col Comdg 3rd SC Vols

Regimental Order No. 2 Head Quarters 3rd Regt SC vols Camp Hunter Hilton Head SC May
2nd 1863 - Hereafter no enlisted man will be permitted to leave camp without a pass from his
Commanding Officer and approved at these Head Quarters

Fernandina Contributes to the Regimental Colors
The freedmen of Fernandina out of their own limited resources contributed to the regimental flag.

Fernandina Schools

Colonel Milton S. Littlefield (excerpted from On the Altar of Freedom Corporal James Henry
After Fort Wagner, July 24, 1863
...All the other company commanders are so severely wounded that it is feared some of them will
never be able to resume the field again, and it is to be hoped that the steps for reorganizing the
regiment will be speedily taken. It is due to what few officers we have left with us, to reward them
with a step higher up the ladder. Col. Littlefield of the 3d S. C. Regiment, has temporary charge
of the 54th. (...The temporary appointment of Col. Milton S. Littlefield from the 4th South Carolina
(Colored), whose own regiment had to few men to remain in service, was not popular in the
regiment or in Massachusetts from Emilio
, History of the Fifty-fourth)

Last Wednesday afternoon the companies were all formed in line in their respective streets, when
Col. Littlefield addressed each company separately to this effect: "I have been requested by the
paymaster to say that if the men are ready to receive Ten dollars per month as part pay, he will
come over and pay the men off; you need not be afraid though that you won't get your thirteen
dollars per month, for you surely will."...."all who wish to take the ten dollars per month, raise your
right hand," and not one man of the 54th Regiment raised their hand

August G. Bennett
Originally with the 81st New York Regiment. He was a Captain in the 81st from February 19, 1862
to November. 15, 1861. He was promoted to a Lieutenant-Colonel U. S. C. T. June 19, 1863.

Edgar Abeel
He was a 2nd Lieut in the 81st New York. He was promoted to Captain in the 21 U.S.C.T.. June
10, 1863. He was Born in Ohio, New York April 22, 1841. He enlisted October 28, 1861 in the
81st New York, Company C. He was Captain of Company D in the 21 USCT. After the war he
stayed in the St. Helena Beaufort County where he was registered to vote in 1868. He entered
the U. S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in 1911 in Bath, New York. He died
January 15, 1912. He was married to Elizabeth Bills Abeel. She died in 1933. He was born in
1841 and died in 1912 and was buried in Gravesville Cemetery, Russia New York. He married
Elizabeth Bills Abeel.

Captain Mahlon E. Davis
He was originally in the 7th NH. He was born November 23, 1834 in Walden, Vermont.  After the
war he resided first in Lebanon, Vermont. He died in 1885 and was buried in Glenwood
Cemetery, Houston, TX. He was 28 years old when he signed up. He was appointed Captain June
13, 1863 mustered in August 30, 1863mustered out April 25, 1866.

Charles A. Dow
1st Lt., Born in Plaistow, N.H. joined at the age of 23 residence Plaistow, appointed 2 Lt in the 21
on September 7, 1863 to date Sept 1, 1863; appointed 1 Lt. May 1, 1865, mustered as Adjt. June
21 1865, mustered out April 25, 1866, Died Oct 12, 1867 in Houston, Tx.

Charles F. Chase
Second Lieut. Co B. 3 S. C. Colored Vols (became 21 U.S.C. Inf.): b. Merrimack, New Hampshire;
age 25; res. Hollis; app. 2 Lt. July 10, 1863 mustered in July 10, 1863; discharged Dec. 25 1863.

Henry Sharp
2nd Lieut in the 81st New York. Promoted to Captain in the 21 U.S.C.T., June 10, 1863.

Brantley G. Read
2nd Lieut in the 81st New York. Promoted to First Lieut. 21st U. S. C. T., June 10, 1863.

Sergeant Walker's Revolt (Black Troops , White Commanders and Freedmen During the
Civil War
On November 19, 1863 Company A marched to the colonel's tent, stacked arms, and hung their
accouterments on the stacks. Colonel Bennett asked what was happening. Sergeant Walker
replies: "would not do duty any longer for seven dollars per month. Colonel Bennett told them
that "they would be shot down." Walker told the men to leave their stacked arms and go back to
their quarters.

At the court martial which followed Colonel Bennett testimony was that it was Walker who told the
colonel that the men would do no further duty. Walker commented on the quality of his company's
command neither Articles of War nor Regulations were read. It  was only on January 9, 1864 (the
day of the trial) that the Third South Carolina "being now relieved and allowed to drill its
appearance and discipline is becoming excellent."

Walker was found guilty and given a death sentence: H. Q. dist. of florida Feb. 28th, 1864 Genl
Orders No. 8 The sentence of the G. C. M. in the case of Sergt Wm. Walker, of Co. A 3 S. C. Vols
as promulgated in G. O. No. 29 H. . Dept. So. of Feb 6th 1864 will be carried into effect, & he will
be "short to death with musketry," at 9 o'clock, a.m. Feb. 29th, 1864 under the direction of the
Provost Marshal of the Dist. in the presence of the Brigade to which his Regt. is now attached. By
order of Brig. Gen. T. Seymour.

On February 20 the sentence was confirmed by Commander Gillmore. He was executed in
Jacksonville on March 1, 1864. The first firing party out of 11 shots only 1 hit him. He was finally
killed by the reserve firing party.

Colonel Higgison (formerly of the 1 South Carolina) said in a newspaper article that the officers
would have to continue: "as executioners for those soldiers who, like Sergeant Walker, refuse to
fulfill their share of a contract when the Government has openly repudiated the other share."

Superintendent of Black Recruitment in the Department of the South to the Provost Marshal
General of the Department of the South

Hilton Head, S.C.
June 3d 1864

Colonel I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a communication from you, dated June
2d, in which you ask me to state what I know of the mutiny, in the late 3d S. C. Vol. now the 21st
U. S. C. T. which accured last fall, at Hilton Head, S. C. that you can report upon the guilt or
innocence of those now in confinement at the Provost Guard House.

The conversation I had with Lt. Col. Bennett, in command of the Regiment, is all I knew of the
facts in the case: as I understand it is this: The 3d S. C. Vol was organized by Gen. Hunter, in the
spring of 63 as Fatigue men, with a promise that they should have $13 per month. The men
immediately placed in camp with inferior clothing, having no care, worked hard and with little or no
instruction; they were commanded by inferior officers, a portion whom have been dismissed from
service. : When the paymaster came to pay them they were offered but $7.00 & not knowing what
they were doing, supposing they could stop doing duty, as they had done when at work, if their
pay did not suite them; they stacked arms,l & refused to no longer be soldiers; as soon however,
as the worthless officers left & good officers took charge, & explained to the men, their obligation
all at once entered willingly to their duties: The Regiment is one of the best now, we have, & it
under Lt. Col. Bennett, The points I make are these:

1st The men were guilty of no crime, as they did not know they were doing wrong, consequently
no wrong was committed.

2d The partial manor with which these men were tried and the irregularities of the records, has
rendered it impossible for these men to have Justice: Humanity calls that they should be released
from their long confinement; & the best interest of the service will be promoted by having these
men in the ranks with muskets in hands, rather than being kept on public expense as they are.

3d Maj Gen. Gillmore ordered these men all be returned to duty, in January last, when the men
were consolidated with my own Regiment, hence they aught not to suffer from these long &
vexatious delays, & their pay should at least commence January 1 1864, but I urge as the colonel
of the Regiment, that they all be returned to duty with no stoppage of pay.

Hoping Col, that this matter may soon come up, I will close with the regret that I can furnish you
with no more facts. I wish to be understood as casting no reflections upon the Officers with the
Regt now, as they are good, faithful & efficient. I have the honor to be Col. Very Respectfully Yr.
Obt. Servt. M. S. Littlefield

Letter from Morris Island
Morris Island, S. C., April 22, 1864
the editor of the Oswego Commercial times:

Sir--We have perused your paper with uncommon interest since the veteran portion of the 81st
N. Y. Regiment went home on furlough. It may be forgotten by some that eleven of the original
members of that regiment volunteered about a year ago for three years longer service, in the 3d
South Carolina Infantry, now the 21st U. S. C. T. I here give their names and positions in the
regiment: Lieut.-Colonel August G. Bennett, Commanding Regiment, Captains R. H. Willoughby,
Henry Sharp, Edgar Abeel; Lieutenants B. G. Read, J. E. Jacobs, (Acting Adjutant,) N. Milz,
James Anderson, and Commissary Sergeant O. L. Cook. All these would have been home as
veterans but could not be allowed the gratification. Lieut. E. Slack, Adjutant, one of our number,
died in September last. He left the government of his own native country to enlist in our cause
and few, indeed, possess more zeal for the freedom of all mankind than he did; neither are there
any more brave in battle than he was.

First U. S. Army Troops reoccuping Charleston, S. C.
On February 18, 1865 as General Sherman marched north, the 21st USCT landed in the City of
Charleston South Carolina to begin guard duty.

Letter Requesting Teachers for the 21 U. S. C. T. - August 28, 1865
Captain James Anderson
post War
Col. Milton Littlefield
Department of the South
Inspectors Report of Schools
for the Freedmen's Bureau
Assorted Documents
Freedmen Aid Societies
Freedmens Bureau Assorted
Port Royal Experiment
St. Augustine and the Civil
33rd USCT
USCT in Florida
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